Special Tour

mexfan12 said: hola! CC bueno para el modernAU yo pensaba que tal vez Xibalba a compañara a su hermano al museo por alguna razón de su trabajo y que allí ambos conocen a Catrina y a Celeste Y tal vez la Catrina se anima y le da un tour a Xibalba por el museo

Finally, here it is! Hope you like it

He didn’t even realize he was staring until he saw the boy -he looked like the human, ponytail-clad representation of a brown retriever- looking at him in a mixture of curiosity and amusement; only until then did Xibalba pick up his jaw and look away, embarrassed.

The woman -Catrina, he repeated in his head, feeling as thought each syllable was followed by a bell chiming, Catrina was her name- was as oblivious as humanly possible to the display before her, eyes set on the inventory Chamuco had handed her, absently doing a pout-like, loop-sided gesture he couldn’t help but devour through the corner of his eyes.

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