Finally finished my dog alphabet challenge that I’ve been doing on my spare time.  I hope you all enjoyed the dog and bird pairings.  It was interesting seeing how diverse they are in regards to shape and size :)

Featured dogs: (Sorry, no dogs for Q, U, and Z)

A - Alaskan Malamute

B - Beagle

C - Corgi

D - Daschund

E - English Springer Spaniel

F - French Bulldog

G - Great Dane

H - Havanese

I - Ibizen Hound

J - Jack Russell Terrier

K - Kai Ken

L - Lakeland Terrier

M - Mastiff

N - Norfolk Terrier

O - Old English Sheepdog

P - Pekingese

R - Rottweiler

S - Shar Pei

T - Thai Ridgeback

V - Vizsla

W - Whippet

X - Xoloitzcuintli

Y - Yorkshire Terrier