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Fae and Jimmy’s big announcement!

Hello dear friends, Fae here, Jimmy and I have some exciting news for you all! We have been hard at work these last few weeks studying up for something big that will be happening in our lives.

Yes that is right, Jimmy and I are going to be big brofur and sisfur to a two legged sibling! We are very excited, but a little unsure about with this means. Momma and Daddy seem to be very happy though so that must mean it is a good thing!


a quality beagle booper! (submitted by emmypupcake)
End Secrecy at Cruel Beagle Testing Facility
A university is withholding information about lab-tested animals, apparently to avoid public scrutiny over its taxpayer-funded testing on helpless dogs. Demand that it release this information so that taxpayers know what horrible experiments their money is being used for.

Little Pip can be so rude. (Beagle/Italian Greyhound?)  (submitted by mbrainspaz)

((possibly loud))


Pro tips for an effective long brick

My IM training has been sub-par this year due mostly to my travel schedule but also because Beth isn’t doing IM FL with me so I don’t feel as much pressure. But I have been trying hard to stay on track with the weekly long ride - this week the schedule called for a 4 hour ride followed by a run.

I was very, very tempted to just bail out after finishing the ride.  I was tired and I knew Beth was likely upstairs napping with Scout after her early morning run. I really wanted to join her but my shoes got in my way.  I purposely put my running stuff on the garage steps so I’d have no excuse to go inside  Not doing the run would have forced me to admit that I was just too lazy to get it done. Too lazy to run a measly lap around the subdivision.  So I did it and was happily surprised by my 8:00/mile pace for the two miles.

Best of all, Scout was happy to join me for a nap a little later in the afternoon.

So, today’s pro tips are:

  1. Plan ahead to eliminate your excuses.
  2. Never skip the post-workout nap with a beagle.