hearing about zayn and knowing i was in that fandom a few years ago makes me value dan and phil so much more. like, dan or phil could turn around tomorrow and say "sorry…I wont be making anymore videos. I put too much pressure on myself, and its causing me a great deal of stress. im done" and i would be devastated…

.just remember what we have and what we could lose. they mean a lot to us. lets just make them happy, okay? no more drama, no more silly little fights, no more spamming their mentions on twitter with stuff about late videos

lets make their lives BETTER by just being there. being their support. lets do it for them, okay?

trc aesthetic headcanons:

  Pale Grunge Blue & Noah

“It was not just a touch, an action. It was a simplification of both of them: They were no longer Noah Czerny and Blue Sargent. They were now just him and her. Not even that. They were only the time that they held between them.”