Song: Fool
Artist: .bitterpill
Year: 2017
Why it’s Dope: Strong percussion that is quick and active, minimalistic production that is intimate, bold, and focused, interesting synth textures that weave in-and-out of the tune’s foreground, and an intriguing song progression that side-steps the traditional pop structure.

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so, another year has come and gone (well, nearly!) and it’s now time for my annual follow forever that includes a lot of amazing, spectacular, and long-known friends as well as blogs that i couldn’t imagine my dashboard being without. i love all of the blogs that i follow, but i have bolded some blogs that i am particularly fond of this year. even if you aren’t on this list, though,  know that i value you and enjoy your companionship and mutual followship. 

2017 was an oddly stagnant, but transformative year for me. i graduated from college. i began dating the love of my life. i asked the love of my life to marry me and she actually said yes. i had my first “big boy” office job, even though it ended up being temporary. i crossed the five year line of being on testosterone. i got a new car…. after getting into my first car accident ever, but still. i even lost some weight and started taking my ADHD seriously. i turned twenty FOUR this year. 

through all of it, y’all have been here to offer me reassurance, guidance, and “matt, you done fucked up”ance among other advice and words of encouragement. i’ve been on tumblr since 2008 and while there are more than a few problems with this so-called “hell site,” it’s still something i’m glad i signed up for nearly a decade ago. 

with all of that said, i wish each and every one of you happy holidays, a strikingly smooth transition into the winter season, and a bright and joyous new year and rest of 2018. 

season’s greetings!

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Side effects being friends with me include gaining extensive knowledge of tv shows you don’t watch or care about.

So you’re going to a Halloween party

It’s the weekend of Halloween. You have your wig. You have your outfit. You have your youth. It feels…eternal. It feels like you’re gonna live forever.

You fools. You complete and utterly ghoulish fools. Nothing lasts forever. Hold on to the memories while you can. Take some damned pictures, slap on some stickers, and then post ‘em to your Tumblr.

Just tap the photo post type

It’s the blood-red icon.

Choose the photo you want to use

Try not to show your friends you took so many pictures of pumpkins. It’s weird.

Smash that sticker face

There are limited edition Halloween stickers made by Tumblr Creatr Laurène Boglio (@boglio) in there now. They’re scientifically proven to make your photos 10% spookier.*

Put that jack-o-lantern on your photo

You’re obsessed with pumpkins. It’s so fitting. You can rotate and scale the size of your stickers. Put ‘em anywhere. Make ‘em any size. Cover your weird friend’s face with the pumpkin, if you want.

Feeling this

A gravestone can liven up any picture. A touch of tasteful alien is an amuse-bouche for the eyes. Your dreadful photo is now an All Hallows’ Eve masterpiece. Congratulations, you fleshy, mushy, sinewy skeleton.  

Matt: … Pidge?

Pidge: (breathless) Matt?

(In unison, they both slowly rise to their feet, never breaking eye-contact. They stand apart for one moment before collapsing into each other.)

Pidge: (crying) Oh, my gosh! Ever since the Kerberos Mission they- they said that you were dead, but I knew you weren’t! I knew- I never- Mom and I never gave up hope, I swear, we never stopped looking for you- Matt.

Matt: (voice catching) I can’t believe you found me. It doesn’t- it doesn’t seem possible. I… I missed you so much, Pidge I can’t believe you’re-

Pidge: (tasers him with her bayard)



You don’t fear change. You fear the unknown. If you knew the future would be great, you’d welcome the change to get there. Well the future IS great. Proceed

Joe Viatale

lance: alright keith. this is our moment of truth. this is what we’ve been training for. this is our everest. this is our destiny. and we will not fail. are. you. ready?

keith: (nods determinedly)

lance: hunk, are you prepared to serve as our witness?

hunk: you know it dude. i’ve got your backs.

lance: then here we go.

lance: (deep breath)


lance: VOL

keith: TRON!

lance and hunk:


fangirl challenge - [9/50] romantic relationships ♡ kat and adena
“What I really wanted to say was was just how amazing you are. You’re courageous and thoughtful and honest, and you’re the only person I’ve ever met who, you know, completely throws me off my game. And I think I really like you.”