you’d think writing funny relatable textposts is easy but it’s more like; should I type in bold or italics to epxress my point? are there too many words, is this boring? Should I Use CAPSLOCK All the TIME? do i need?? more question marks??? to show!!! how?!! serious??? i am??? or…… more like …. leaving space ….. or mroe spelinf mistakes to shwo i dont give a fcuk but i do ….. and should i finish it like this or should i just kinda

Hey my babes, I reached my first follower goal and thought I would do a follow forever ​♡ I want to thank all of the lovely people i have met on here who have made my life 10x better, all through different fandoms and random meetings~ I love you all~ (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

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At what age is the passion for a story, for almost any kind of story, merely as a story, the most intense? – in childhood. But that also is the age at which poetry, even of the simplest description, is least relished and least understood; because the feelings with which it is especially conversant are yet undeveloped, and not having been even in the slightest degree experienced, cannot be sympathised with. In what stage of the progress of society, again, is story-telling most valued, and the story-teller in greatest request and honour? – in a rude state; like that of the Tartars and Arabs at this day, and of almost all nations in the earliest ages. But in this state of society there is little poetry except ballads, which are mostly narrative, that is, essentially stories, and derive their principal interest from the incidents. Considered as poetry, they are of the lowest and most elementary kind: the feelings depicted, or rather indicated, are the simplest our nature has; such joys and griefs as the immediate pressure of some outward event excites in rude minds, which live wholly immersed in outward things, and have never, either from choice or a force they could not resist, turned themselves to the contemplation of the world within.

there is… a lot of Arabic poetry that’s not narrative in form… like a lot

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coffiend-jackalope  asked:

1) I don't know how to phrase this exactly, but could you tone down the hate for Hilary? At least until the election is over? You have a lot of followers, and a lot of them could be voting. I'm scared to death people are going to decide she is as bad as Trump, which she is most definitely not. I'm disabled, and I'm terrified that the man who will openly mock a disabled person is going to be in a position to cut social security and take what minimal income I have. Pence has already voted to...

2) do that. I’m also trans and queer. Trump wants to undo marriage equality, keep conversion therapy legal, keep trans people out of the bathrooms that match their gender, and so on. Clinton is for equal rights. Clinton is also for police reform. How far she’s willing to take that, I don’t know. But she’s no Trump. I’m privileged enough to be white, but I have two younger brothers who are black, one is severely mentally ill. I’m already scared for them now, but I dread what could happen if a…

3) white supremacist becomes elected. I could go on and on. Basically, Clinton is nowhere near as dangerous as Trump. I don’t know how much influence you have, but it makes me terrified when people talk about them like they’re on the same level because the vote can’t be split. As many people as possible have to vote Clinton, or a lot of us are going to be in danger. Life threatening danger. You guys might feel the effect in Canada, but you won’t get the full blow. We will.

Sorry for sending 3 asks. If it were any other election with any other candidates… But it’s not.

Hi @coffiend-jackalope,

I appreciate your concern and welcome your perspective on this. However, I will not change my tone as I do not believe I have in any way said or suggested they are equally as horrible or that people should just give up and NOT vote (I just said they were both horrible, which is TRUE). Basically, I would NEVER say they are equally as bad because I believe the same things as you, that the vote is more important now than ever since they are both horrible options, but one (Trump) is just soooooooooooo much worse. 

That said, this is my blog and I am allowed to express my frustrations with the election on it. And given that I have not transgressed onto the territory of suggesting people shouldn’t vote or that they are equally as bad, I think your messages might have been a bit premature. Not only that, I don’t believe I have all that much influence anyway (I hardly get any notes at all lol). BUT, whatever influence I may have is now in your hands since I have publicly shared your messages and agreed with your position. I hope that this is enough to help you to feel better, friend, because I think you’re a pretty awesome person and I sympathize with your concerns :) 

Okay, so we got ghosts (betting it’s the Darkhold), Ghost Rider, the new director is former superhero Jeffrey Mace, Life Model Decoys, and Daisy on the run. 

With all that, how the hell is the Punisher going to fit in all this? I only ask because there’s a rumor that he’ll show up at some point in the season. I mean, the story arcs are already disconnected so to bring in a street-level hero into all of this madness without a strong reason is kind of confusing.

A way I see this working is that Daisy tells Robbie to take her to see Micro, her friend in the Rising Tide. Then, coincidentally, the Punisher shows up looking to recruit Micro for his one-man war on crime. So he’s not part of the main story, it’ll be more of a one-off (like when Flash crossed over with Supergirl). 

Not complaining about any of this by the way. I need my Punisher fix until he gets his own M-rated Netflix series.

The bizarre and the beautiful! 10 weird creatures pictured living under a remote Scottish island

Researchers have discovered a bizarre and beautiful world hidden away in the underwater caves of a remote Scottish island.

Fascinating wildlife like anglerfish, blue-rayed limpets and sea slugs were all found lurking in the depths of St Kilda.

Here are just some of the strange and stunning marine life found living there…

A Yarell’s blend fish peers out of the sea cave to see what’s happening. 

(Pic: SWNS)

The striking blue colouring of a juvenile anglerfish gives it a psychedelic look

(Pic: SWNS)

A multicoloured lion’s mane jellyfish shelters small commensal fish among its tentacles. 

(Pic: SWNS)

A sea slug  at the entrance of a sea cave is much more eye-catching than your typical dry-land slug. 

(Pic: SWNS)

A common starfish lies back on jewel anemones like it hasn’t got a care in the world. 

(Pic: SWNS)

Sea anemones Sagartia elegans look like flowers decorating the underwater caves. 

(Pic: SWNS)

A small edible crab cancer pagurus sits amongst bryozoans, hydroids and colonial ascidians. 

(Pic: SWNS)

Yet more psychedelia in the form of yellowy green and purple jewel anemones.

(Pic: SWNS)

A velvet swimming crab emerges from a crack to see what the fuss is about.

(Pic: SWNS)

A grey sea slug is a stark contrast to the radiant pink jewel anemones. 

(Pic: SWNS)