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You must choose one. Live for decades menstruating one week every month with super heavy flow, cramps, acne, etc. OR. Live for centuries with a 24 hour fertility period once every ten years with horrible pain that can only be treated with drugs or a full day sex marathon with some hot guy you barely know.

Question: Do the options for hot guy I barely know include John, Zsadist, or Blay and Quinn?


While I was reading the Beast (became a fan last year in October. ) my minde just went “Why couldn’t there be a female character who is just so flirtatious and starts to just hit on the Brothers Shellan’s etc.? ” So of course like any other daydreamer i made an entire scenery inside my head where its just like.
Female: “Wow Beth, you look amazing! Could you turn around a little bit? ”
Beth:“ Thank you?! And sure” *turns around*
Female: *smirks and whisper* nice…

And later on the girls notice and just goes along with it and the Brother are just to stupid to realize until later on…

All the Brothers:!!!!!



Wrath and Beth
Rhage and Mary
Zsadist and Bella (Nalla)
Butch and Marissa
Vishous and Jane
Phury and Cormia
Rehvenge and Ehlena
Qhuinn and Blaylock

Home Cooking

Beth paused halfway down the staircase and listened. The house was quiet.

Too quiet.

Usually the tv was on blast with one of Lasiters soap operas or trash talk shows that he was addicted to. There would also be the clinking of balls where Butch was hustling one of the Brothers in a game of pool.

There was also no rattling of bottles from the bar, no arguing in the library, no fighting in entry and no sounds of eating from the dining room.

Way too quiet.

Beth arched a brow in question and proceeded the rest of the way down the stairs to investigate. The last time it had been this quiet …. well, actually, it had never been this quiet in the house before. That, more than anything else caused the most alarm.

Just as Beth reached the bottom of the stairs she caught sight of a group of doggen milling around in front of the door that lead to the kitchen. The oddity itself caused Beth to come to a standstill, as the doggen were never not doing anything. They were always cleaning, serving, cooking, prepping …. just always doing something.

Beth started forward and just as she opened her mouth to ask what was going on, Mary came through the kitchen door. The door swung back and forth, giving peeks at what looked to be a national disaster that had decimated the kitchen.

Mary looked absolutely exasperated, as if she had reached her melting point and was going to explode. That in itself was another red flag that something was very wrong. Mary had the patience of a saint (pretty much a job requirement with a mate like Rhage), and anything that overset that female’s chill factor was something to pay attention to.

Mary answered Beth’s question before she could even ask it.

“Bella is trying to cook again.”

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