A Night At The Pool

Bella smiled at her daughter as she shifted her from arm to arm and picked up the bag that was on the floor and put it over her shoulder. Just as she she was about to walk out of the bedroom Zsadist came through the door to the hallway and stopped dead in his tracks.

“What are you wearing?” Z asked with a deep frown and his brows dropping real low as he looked at his mate. It looked like she was wearing a bra and panties but they were of a different material and looked different from the lace she usually preferred to wear.

Bella arched a brow and looked down at herself before looking back at him. “A bikini.” Bella said simply as she gestured at the navy blue bikini top and bottom that she was wearing.

“What is a bikini?” Zsadist asked as he stared very hard at his mate, not liking that she looked to be leaving the room in such a state of undress.

“It is a swim suit.”

“Swim suit?”

“You know, to go swimming in? Swimming. At the pool.”

“The pool?”

“The pool in the back yard.”

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So I was sitting in bed relistening to The Shadows, and I was thinking about Nalla. If something were to happen to her, she’d have (stating blood family only) her father Zsadist (a black dagger warrior), her uncle Phury (a black dagger warrior, and her other uncle Rehvenge (a sympath–also kinda sorta has half-lineage of a black dagger warrior thanks to his mom being a fallen Chosen–and all-around bad ass) coming after whoever that unlucky bastard was.

That got me started thinking about how all the characters were related, and I made this “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” like tree line.

Most everyone in the brotherhood/mansion is related through marriage or blood of some kind. There’s two bigger branches. And honestly, the WARDen has already hinted that Xcor’s father was Tohrment’s father, and if so the branches are already connected, but I didn’t want to add that until it’s in a book. I didn’t connect LASH THE DOUCHE with Qhuinn because they’re not technically related, since Lash was adopted and is the son of evil.

But then I thought if Nalla and Wrath Jr. were mated eventually that would also bring the two bigger branches together. (AND GOD HELP ANYONE WHO TRIED TO HURT HER because she’d have just family-wise (blood relation or being married to a blood relation)–because of course they’d all go after whoever hurt her regardless–Wrath, Wrath Jr.–because he’d be all grown up–John Matthew, Xhex, Zsadist, Phury, Butch, Payne (being mated to Manny–the king’s other unknown blood relation and Butch’s half-brother–would go, but I’m not sure whether to include Manny since he’s not really a fighter), and Rehvenge all coming after the idiot.)

Poor Rhage though. I couldn’t figure out how to connect him and Mary to either branch, so that when they do merge they can all be related but I just couldn’t do it.

Granted I left other characters off because this was a quick, hurried rush job and maybe I missed a connection. I just wanted to make sure all the brothers were included at least.

STILL NEED TO ADD: Assail and his cousins, Sola, the other Chosen, Lassiter, other parents, Abalone, Paradise, Luchas, and others…

ARRRG! And of course, I just noticed a mistake. Madeline should have a line through her name, too. So, technically should Doc Jane and perhaps Mary. I’ll have to fix that in my next one, and I’ll have to think of something special for Doc Jane and Mary as they are special cases.

brotherhoodconfessions: This doesn’t really count as a confession but….


“Uncle Rwooster!” Nalla exclaimed as she ran to Rehvenge who had just walked through the mansions front door and into the colorful foyer, the Moors and Xhex coming right behind him. Rehvenge and his crew had been called over to meet with the King, and since he was headed to the mansion he had called ahead to let Bella know he was coming so they could spend a little time together before his meeting. Bella and Nalla had been waiting him in the foyer. Bella smiled as she looked her brother over, Rehv was dressed like he always was, high end suit, a pair of nine millimeters peeking out from under his sable coat and his red cane. Along with his trademark mohawk and amethyst eyes.  

Rehv ignored the chuckles behind him, although he did give his sister a rueful look as he knelt down to lift Nalla into his arms, his cane clattering to the floor as he fitted her against his chest. She was in a little dark green sun dress that brought out her canary yellow eyes that were currently shining with love and laughter. Her blonde, brown and red curls pulled up high into a ponytail. Nalla really did look like the female version of her father, only softened with Bella’s elegant bone structure.

Bella smiled mischievously at her brother as she gave Xhex and the Moors a wave of greeting, which they returned.Rehvenge was surprised to see how dressed up Bella was. A sapphire cocktail dress that hugged her curves and a pair of black stilettos that easily topped her out at 6'5", her mahogany waves were pinned up high on her head, showcasing her swanlike throat. She was a knock out.

“Bock Bock” Nalla said in a giggle as she lifted her hand to pat the short mohawk that he usually sported. Rehvenge gave an exasperated sigh, but tilted his head down so the little girl could have better access to his hair.

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  • john matthew:hey everybody it's da-- i mean john matthew here. take a look at this birthmark that i was born with. check out this bracelet i carved in the old language which i somehow already knew. hey is that my GOOD OLE SISTER? 'cause i have this medically inexplicable condition where i pass out and sometimes try to start speaking when i see her. if any of you can read lips, i'm gonna be silent-screaming stuff about protecting her. haha how weird is it that my dad never even told you guys i might exist even though this entire series is founded upon darius asking wrath to babysit beth from beyond the grave?????
  • everyone:*interacts with a supernatural deity on the regular that is capable of resurrection*
  • everyone, including john matthew:well golly gee willikers what a series of astounding, unrelated coincidences this is