Texture pack update!

Lapis, emerald, redstone, diamond, gold and iron blocks. I did do gold and iron different but they didn’t fit well with the rest of the textures so I just made them a recolour of the other ones

Also Iron door, and gravel (which I did ages ago but not sure if I actually posted that)

and particles! Bubbles, smoke, torch flame, etc

Oh and a house so I could get a good idea of how the textures fit together and if I needed to change or alter any

Now to tackle the 294857895734895734 flowers and plants….oh joy


So like I said earlier I’ve been distracting myself this last week by making a texture pack. It’s far from done, I haven’t even done leaves yet or anything. But here’s some screenshots of some of the things I’ve done so far.

Not sure about the door, I might redo it, and the quartz block will be redone since I don’t like it. But oh well

Sorry for the long post btw


So my internet seems to be working agian, but I took the opportunity to do some more textures in the downtime.

I think I did over 10 textures in one day O_o. Also bear in mind some of them were more than one texture per item. like beds for example (not sure why they’re different colours in the screenshot, the actual texture is all the same colour), which was about 5 different textures. So yeah a lot of work lol

I haven’t done the crafting bench yet as you can see, also Dorton wanted her face on the cake…so…umm…yeah XD Have a Dorton cake lol

Oh and I also did the particles (torch flames, smoke, bubbles, notes, villager emotes, spell text, etc)

So in total I did the following -

Brewing stand
carrots (growing/farming)

Sorry for the long post!


So it seems when it comes to leaves that less is more.

I redid the oak leaves, made them smaller and made sure there were lots of gaps in them (like in the default texture)

The top picture is the newer texture and the bottom is the old one for comparison

I think the new one looks much better!


I changed the bedrock since I didn’t like the previous one. It still looks a little repeated but at least it’s a lot less trippy than the previous one. Sorry the pic is a bit dark though.

I also did Podzol, Mycelium and Snow a few days back. Not sure if I posted them already but here’s a better look at them anyway.

I still need to finish the other leaf blocks though, I just really hate them >< So fiddly and tedious haha

Thanks for everyone whose shown interest in the texture pack! I’m really suprised people actually want to see it finished and use it themselves O_o

I’m nowhere near done yet but I do try and get at least 2 to 5 textures done a day, depending on the complexity of the block. I’ve also never made a texture pack before so I’m still learning how things work and how to do certain things (like the colour and foliage maps, animated parts, etc)

Here’s a list of my progress so far:

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