I like the rain but I was hoping to go into Pasadena for some macaroons and Glendale to visit zgallery but when we out outside, it was pouring like crazy.  So basically, we got up, got dressed for Aidan’s usual gymnastics class and now we’re right back at home…  I’m in sweats and a tank right now but this was my outfit of the “morning”.  

So I’m on a real strict “healthy” food plan and right now I am craving a soda sooo bad. I might have to go out and grab some junk food and a few movies for my inside day today.. Major cheat day… (shhhh)

I hope you have a safe day today and tomorrow…  


Tip of the Day: Colors and Polka dots are very in this season… mix and match and have some fun… Pattern mixing can be a real fun this season.. but be careful and not look like a paint splatter.. 

** I know my blog is very new… but I wanted to take this time to thank those of you who are following me whether you are on or off Tumblr…  If you can’t ask or comment me on Tumblr, please feel free to email me personally….  Lots of love!