A few narrative commonalities I’m getting pretty tired of:

  • The popular girl is the prettiest girl in school, but she’s obviously a rich bitch and controls everyone’s lives
  • The entire movie’s plot hinging on dudes having guns and using them better than other dudes with guns
  • Main character’s friend’s girlfriend is unstable and irrational for comedic affect
  • Our friend is a loser, so to “cure” him we’re going to objectify women 
  • The fact that every mom looks about 25 and every desirable, single bombshell looks like a teen (like wtf and we wonder why people prey on young women smh)
  • Everything outside of white culture is a joke or something needing saving by white people
  • Just….everything dealing with gender/sexual 

“What do you know… She can laugh.” Finn Collins


im reverting back to my horse phase oh no. orcs and their horse pals 8′’) 

The Signs As Types Of Books
  • Aries:spine-tingling thrillers
  • Taurus:twentieth century feminist literature
  • Gemini:comics or graphic novels
  • Cancer:any kind of poetry
  • Leo:classic twentieth century American literature
  • Virgo:victorian novels
  • Libra:trashy romance novels even though they won't admit it
  • Scorpio:psychology books to get inside people's heads
  • Sagittarius:comedy or satire
  • Capricorn:mysteries so they can try to figure out who did it before the ending
  • Aquarius:dystopian novels
  • Pisces:fantasy and mythology

Selfies With Your Bias: Kai-Jin Edition

Tagged by cumgodkai & snowjjong. I’ve also been tagged to do Selfies of 2015 by many (I forgot who specifically) and I’m going to substitite that with these

Ahhhh Thanks so much for tagging me. You can tell I had way too much fun with this one but look at how cute we are ^_^ let KaiJin be a ship =D… I had sooooo many Kai pictures to choose from so I picked my top 6. The pictures have captions when you click on them


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**This is open to anybody else who wants to do it as well. If you see it, you can do it (whether i follow you or not ^u^)***