some gift art snajis.
one on the left is from genderfluidsanji‘s hella cool astral au and the right one is a bday gift for kumiko-sama-chan 
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ooh!! Gemma youpreciousdarling tagged me to do the oldest / newest selfie on your phone thing!! The first one is the first full face selfie featuring a hat from a garage sale (origin: moms closet) and was taken day after I got my phone, second one is a mirror selfie in the door of don Oliver’s gym I took walking on my way 2 church (and it’s not technically full faced but I haven’t taken proper selfies for ages!!)
I TAG!! uncacti flowurdust florels and pistachiou indulge me in this one thing PLS

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it amazes me how people constantly have different boyfriends…like seriously in my nearly 19 years of life I haven’t even had one

like not even one boy has been interested

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to have a list of finished Annie/Jeff fics you'd recommend? I feel like I've read all accessible ones without creating a livejournal account

well i’m pretty new to the community fandom so i can’t imagine i’ve read any that you haven’t – especially since you’ve exhausted livejournal fics (wow!) – but here’s a sampling of my favorite jeff/annie fics so far:

hope this helps! like i said i’m new, so i’m sure i’ve left a lot of classics out. i encourage anyone who would like to add on to do so!! :D

108 word ficlet

“Emma? Emma, it’s me, Regina.” Regina cautiously approached Emma from behind, willing for her to turn around.

“I know who you are, Regina. The darkness may have taken my sanity but it didn’t take my memories.”

Regina ignored her sass and shook off her fear, ‘It’s just Emma, relax.’

“Emma, won’t you turn around? Look at me.”

Emma’s heart started to pound-she didn’t know how she would react once she looked Regina in the eye. Slowly, she turned to face the brunette. When their eyes met, something changed; the hole that had been forming in Emma’s heart didn’t seem as big.

‘I think I’m going to be okay.’

I hate talking personal probs here but my mum just entered in my room and started arguing with me accusing me to do anything of my day but being on my laptop. I tried to tell her I don’t only “be on my laptop” and showed her  my notebook where I started working on projects but she kept yelling at me for all of the reasons you could ever imagine.

She left and came back yelling at me bc I didn’t tell her what I was doing so I made her so worried for my future and stuff. She made me feel so guilty, I feel just so horrible. 

Oh by the way it’s almost 3am, she came into my room at 1am bc I was still awake.