Things I have to do today even though I'm sick

• go to the store and stock up on cheap food bc I got my last paycheck and who knows when I’ll get another job

• fucking pack up my room for moving day

• read something

• try to eat even tho everything tastes off

• try to finish this damn list and not lay in bed all day



>>> I’m sad to say that my beautiful summer has come to an end. Today I took myself to the North Shore one last time, and from the top of Waimea jump rock, I wrote a list of all the big lessons I learned/relearned this summer (there are blotches on the page bc it was a little rainy haha). Fittingly, it’s the last page in my grid insert. Flight leaves tomorrow night! Until then I’ll be packing and moving out of my room again.

Cheers guys! This means actual study posts coming soon! hehe

ALSO TO MY 64 NEW FOLLOWERS, THANK YOU!!!! I appreciate each and every one of you. <3 Please, feel free to introduce yourself to me/talk to me about anything!

Cameron Dallas Imagine- Holidays

Hey guys, this is my first imagine so I don’t know if it’s going to be cool but I don’t know, I will try to do it the best I can.
I’m sorry if I write something wrong, but English isn’t my first language.


You were in California. You are from London and your parents and you flew to California for Holidays. You were in an amazing hotel, you loved it! You were going to spend 2 weeks so you were so happy, you always dreamed about it.
You came to the hotel at 10 a.m. You went to the room(by the way, it was so so big and beautiful) and packed out all your clothes. Your parents came in and you hugged them
“thank you so much for this, it means a lot. I love you guys” you said almost crying.
“ i know y/n, we know this is your dream, and you deserve it. We love you too” my mom answered with a big smile.
“Now your mom and I must go to the house of one friend. We are sorry hun bc we are going to leave you alone today, but you can stay here in the hotel. There are three restaurants in the first floor, so don’t worry about the food. We’ll be back at 8 p.m. I think. Tomorrow, we’ll do everything you want, I promise” your dad said opening the door.
“Okay, see you later” you said with a fake smile.
“If you need something, call us” your mom screamed when the door was almost close.
You were a little sad. Your parents aren’t one of those who stay with you all the time. You are a strong girl who doesn’t have all the attetion of your parents. They work a lot, so you don’t have many memories with them.
You breathed slowly with your eyes closed, and continued packing out.

At 12 a.m., you decided to go to the pool, it was a hot day. You got your favorite bikini and went downstairs. The hallway was so bussy, the hotel was one of the more famous in California. When you finally were in the pool, you instantly got inside. You had your sunglasses on, so you almost couldn’t see. You weren’t swimming, you were just in one of those mats that the hotel gave you. There was music. You were singing softly ‘fancy’ by Iggy Azalea.
“I’m so fancy, you already know…♬♪”
“Hey” you heard a voice from a guy.
“Hey…” you answered opening your eyes.
You couldn’t almost see, but you knew he was a hot guy. You knew it bc his voice was masculine and he had a good body.
He was standing next to you, out of the pool.
“So.. wasup?"he asked. You knew he was smiling, just with the sound of his voice.
"Nothing, I’m here, in the pool… and you?” you asked laughing.
He laughed too. His laugh was so cute. You couldn’t help, but smile.
“Watching you” he answered
*okay good conversation* you thought.
“mmm by the way, my name is Cameron”
*Omg, wait. He can’t be Cameron, you know, Cameron Dallas, he just can’t be!*you thought nerviously.
You were a fan from the magcon boys. You weren’t the biggest fan, but you liked his vines a lot. You weren’t that fan who spends all the day tweeting them for nothing and going to everywhere and anywhere just for a pic, you liked to spend the time in other things. At least, you weren’t your best friend y/f/n, she spends all the day just in them.
“Omg, are you Cameron Dallas?” you asked exausted.
“Yeah I’m him” he answered laughing.
“Omg, that is crazy. I love magcon!”
You didn’t want to look like a crazy fan, well you weren’t, so you just acted normal.
“And why are you here?” you asked going out of the pool.
Cam followed you.
“ I’m with all the guys, look” he pointed all the guys from magcon.
You looked and you saw Nash, Hayes, Matt, Jack G, Jack J, Shawn, Carter, Aaron and Taylor. They were laughing and jumping to the pool.
“We came this night, we are going to spend here like 2 weeks. Tomorrow and the next day we have the tour and then we are going to be here for holidays. It’s going to be so funny!”
“Cool, I’m going to be here 2 weeks too!’
You got your towell, and rolled in your body.
"Wow, that’s so cool! do you want to meet the guys?”
“Sure!” you said emocionally.
*y/f/m will never believe this* you thought so happy.
You crossed the pool with cam. You were so nervous.
“Hey guys! Look I met… what is your name?” he asked touching his hair.
*God I love when he do that*
You really loved when he do that. But, who don’t really like it?
“ Ohh I’m y/n” you said smiling to all the guys.
Well, not all the guys. You looked and you saw that Nash and Matt weren’t there.
“Ohh that is a beautiful name” he smiled with that amazing smile that all his fans love so much.
You couldn’t help, but smile too! You felt your face red.
“Thank you…”
“Mmmm… Well so…?” Jack G asked.
“Well so she is…” he couldn’t finish the word bc Nash and Matt came running so fast and they just threw him into the pool.
The bad thing is Cameron fell over you, so you fell too.
You tried to put your face out of the water. You coughed bc you swallowed many water. Cameron picked you up bc you couldn’t touch the ground.
“Wow I’m so sorry, y/n” he said trying to pull you out of the pool.
“Don’t worry” you said coughing.
Nash pull you finally out of the pool and smiled you.
“God I’m so sorry"he said a little worried.
Cameron jumped out of the pool and threw Nash into the pool too.
"Are you okay?” he asked you helping you to stand up.
“Yeah, it was funny”
All the guys laughed and you couldn’t help but smiled.
“Nice to meet you, y/n” he said smiling with his big and cute smile.
“Nice to meet you too, Cameron” you said smiling with your best smile.


I hope you guys liked it. Please if you read it, tell me your opinion, I want to know what you think. If I don’t have at least 10♥ I don’t know if I will continue with this story.