I just got off of work, and saw the truck stopped at the entrance to Fearman’s. I ran over with 2 bottles of water, and went through 1 right away between 3 pigs. They were panting heavily and foaming at their mouths. With 30+ degrees today, these trucks reach extremely high temperatures inside, and these beings are suffering. #vegan #love #compassion #bethechange #bbq #bacon #pork #govegan

My brother, #royceepants and I at The Salt Lick. I gotta say, I’ve had WAY better #BBQ elsewhere and that saddens me because “The Lick” used to be my jam. I still like their sauce though. (at The Salt Lick Round Rock)

Man, I’ve been enjoying our #bbq this #summer! My #favorite by far from our #garden is the #lemonbasil. My goodness it’s #delicious. On #chicken, in #salads, in #sangria. PLEASE try #traderjoes pre made #mariaole #imported sangria from #France. #Seriously! Add #grapefruit, #peaches, lemon, #lime, #basil. #Parfait! #Light, #refreshing and sooo #summertime! 🍹🍴🍋🌿🌻🌺 (at Sherman Oaks, California)

18 Genius Ways To Use Leftovers From A Barbecue

1. Slice up grilled steak and turn it into a summer-appropriate poutine.

Recipe here.

2. Make breakfast pastries by soaking hotdog and hamburger buns in syrup and lightly baking.

Sprinkle with sliced almonds for a salty crunch. Recipe here.

3. Turn corn on the cob into crispy pan-fried fritters.

Simply coat the corn in seasoning and fry in a pan. here.

4. Crumble up burger meat, and mix with ketchup and worchestershire sauce for a reinvented sloppy joe sandwich.

Breathe life into your leftover burger. Recipe here.

5. Eggplant can be cooked into a brilliant shakshuka recipe for brunch.

Shakshuka what yo mama gave ya. Recipe here.

6. Put grilled onions into a bacon brie sandwich for a gourmet lunch.

Because leftover onions can sometimes taste funky when eaten on their own. Recipe here.

7. Don’t let pulled pork go dry; stuff it into a meat-layered grilled cheese.

Recipe here.

8. Cornbread can be turned into croutons simply by cutting cubes and baking for 10 minutes.

Throw these in soup or salad for an added crunch. Recipe here.

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