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Derrick on Zach's eviction
  • Derrick:Before the TV went live, he gave all of us hugs, and was like, "Love of y'all, do not hug me when I'm leaving, do not give me a hug." He's like, "But I like all you guys, I love all y'all. Give me all hugs, I can't wait to hang out with y'all."
  • Nicole:Did he shout out his family? I'm just curious.
  • Derrick:Think he did, I think he did shout out his family.
  • Frankie:And his instagram.
  • Derrick:And his instagram again, ranceypants, you know.
  • Derrick:He's like, "I hate everyone here" ... Like I said, he got up on the table and before she even finished he was throwing froot loops at us and got off the table, and walked out and dumped the bag of froot loops before he walked out. Didn't hug any of us.
  • Nicole:That's awesome.
  • Derrick:And that was his character. And he lived up to it 'til the last moment.

I’m just gonna leave this here for whoever still thinks the mess that happened 2 weeks ago was completely Frankie’s fault.

I have heard some people describe Derrick as “boring.” Watching him is a little bit like watching someone play the World Series of Poker: The action all internal, the emotions all repressed behind a quiet veneer. The anti-Derrick brigade might argue that there is no great Derrick moment from this season. Look no further, I say. Derrick has achieved the impossible: He weaponized Victoria.
—  Entertainment Weekly

Zach, Donny, and Hayden give Derrick a Holla

Just watch all of their reactions. They all miss Zach. :’(

Day 90- Derrick has still never been on the block

and never will be. This week was the last week he could be nominated.

90 DAYS AND NOT ONCE BEEN NOMINATED. not to mention for at least half the summer he had 2x the chance of being nominated because of the BOB twist. This will be the last time I’m making this post.

So please, just give him the money.

Oh and to the cast of Big Brother 16 who let someone go this long without being nominated…

One thing before I go to bed

The HG’s need to pay extra special attention to the fact that Derrick is playing for the 5K instead of the HOH. At this point in the game, if he’s not playing to win HOH’s, he’s too comfortable in the game. They need to open their eyes a little bit and be like, why in the world does Derrick feel so safe that he won’t even compete for HOH?