BBCA was DGHDA’s distributor. Max Landis says that AMC is still in. If the numbers are big enough, there’s a chance the show could be picked up by someone else! But the numbers need to be really big, you guys! The show hits Netflix in some places in January. Unfortunaly, not where I live. So I don’t know how to help.

If you live somewhere that’s getting season 2 on Netflix, please do all that you can! Watch the show and rewatch it. Again and again and again! Tell all your friends! Talk about it online! Get it trending! We need to save this show!

If you care about Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and want to see the show live on, share this! Tell us who your favorite character is; how long you’ve been watching; what the show means to you! Save Dirk Gently!

Things that keep me up at night (DGHDA edition)

  • Do you think the Rowdy 3 had to keep Vogel on like a leash or at first? He seems hyper and less focused than the others
  • Do you think Martin is the leader because he was the first captured? Meaning he was tortured longest
  • If Bart was brought in as a kid…..did baby Bart kill people?!
  • Farah Black…..just….yes…
  • Concerned for Amanda being at risk for an eye infection from sleeping with 3 months of caked on mascara and eyeliner
  • Is….is Amanda the one doing Vogels hair? If so where is the footage?!
  • Where is the kitten shark?
  • Where has Ken been going to the bathroom if he can’t leave the taxi?
  • I really want Trost and Bart to talk about their boyfriends
  • Also I want a scene where Bart learns what “being gay” is and being super chill about it and or also asking Dirk if Todd is his boyfriend too. “We should go on like a-ah triple date ‘er somethin. Since ya practically my best friends an all…”
  • Is Ken in charge of Blackwing now?
  • Dirk crying when he told Riggins that he has friends and he’s a real detective like he’s trying to convince a disapproving father
  • How itchy is Todd’s blue and white hoodie?
  • “Your family misses you, Gripps.”