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As campaign strategies go, basically saying “I mean, how bad can I be, really?” is at least a novel approach…

//annoyed because an ‘unbiased news show’ is promoting insect fear.

There are so many things I could be annoyed at. But no. I get annoyed at the dim news presenters talking about how gross, disgusting and scary “Flying Ants” are. At least acknowledge their ecological importance and encourage the public research surveys that you were supposed to be talking about.

Also, you asked the entomologist you were interviewing if they also disliked ants… uhh? She’s researching them. I’m pretty sure she likes them.
Native Americans plan to make history in the US election - BBC News
Participation in the 2016 US presidential election by Native Americans is breaking records. What does it mean?

It it vitally important that Native Americans have representation so they can fight for the issues that affect them personally in government rather than having to go through a congressperson who is not Native American and so does not understand these issues firsthand.  

The Native Americans running for office this year are:

Carlyle Begay ® House of Representatives, Arizona 1st [Navajo]

Kayto Sullivan (D) House of Representatives, Arizona 1st [Navajo]

Shawn Redd ® House of Representatives, Arizona 1st [Navajo]

Victoria Steele (D) House of Representatives, Arizona 2nd [Seneca]

Denise Juneau (D) House of Representatives, Montana [Mandan-Hidatsa- Arikara]

Chase Iron Eyes (D) House of Representatives, North Dakota [Lakota

Markwayne Mullin ® House of Representatives, Oklahoma 2nd [Cherokee]

Tom Cole ® House of Representatives, Oklahoma 4th [Chickasaw]

Joe Patookas (D) House of Representatives, Washington 5th [Colville]

If you vote in one of these districts, please research the candidates and consider voting for them.  If you live outside of these districts, please consider donating money.

At least 38 people are dead and 150 missing as rescuers search for survivors from a magnitude 6.2 earthquake in central Italy.

Earthquake leaves at least 38 dead in central Italy - BBC News

A magnitude 6.2 earthquake has struck central Italy, leaving at least 38 people dead and 150 missing, as rescuers search for survivors.

Many of the dead were in Accumoli, close to the epicentre, and a short distance away in Amatrice, which was largely reduced to rubble.

The village of Pescara del Tronto was levelled to the ground and the number of dead was expected to rise.

The quake hit at 03:36 (01:36 GMT), 100km (65 miles) north-east of Rome.

Thoughts and Prayers Healing Energy Send …
‘I have never felt sexual desire’
Some people still find it hard to believe that not everyone wants sex with another person - but the Asexual Pride movement is growing fast.
By Simon Parkin

“Dore agrees that there is huge variation. “Asexuality is very much not a binary state,” he says. “There’s a whole spectrum. Someone might identify as grey-asexual or grey-A if they have lower sexual attraction than most people, but they can experience it sometimes.” There are also different romantic orientations, he says. An asexual person can be heteroromantic (falling in love with someone of the opposite sex), homoromantic (feeling love for someone of the same sex), biromantic (experiencing love for both sexes) or aromantic (craving love and intimacy from no one), to name a few. Some may enjoy non-sexual forms of physical intimacy – like cuddling – while others may find it disturbing.”

Have I told you guys how much I love BBC News?
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