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The shark attack survivor who loves sharks

"I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a shark with its jaws dislocated. It’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen. And it’s charging at you."

South African lifeguard Achmat Hassiem lost a leg in a shark attack off the coast of Cape Town. He went on to become a medal-winning Paralympian and a marine conservationist advocating the protection of endangered sharks.



Ben bugün kargaların kendilerine yapılan iyilikleri karşılıksız bırakmadıklarını öğrendim.
Fotoğraftaki şirin kız, adı Gabi, önce beslenmesini paylaşmış kargalarla, sonra bahçede yerlere köpek yemi serpmiş, ve minik kutulara fıstık ve su bırakmış; kargalar da buna karşılık boşalttıkları kutulara düğme, lego, boncuk gibi hediyeler bırakmaya başlamışlar. Gabi hediyelerin hepsini paketlenmiş ve kategorilenmiş halde saklıyormuş..

"Öyle güzelsin ki, kuş koysunlar yoluna."

More Reasons to Go Veg or Vegan:

Americans should eat a diet higher in plants, fruits and grains because it is healthier and has a lower environmental impact, a US panel has said.

The report by medical and nutrition experts will be considered in the US dietary guidelines which determine school lunches to food package labels.

Cholesterol is now less of a concern, the report said, but added sugar should be limited to 200 calories a day.

The panel also backs moderate coffee drinking for the first time.

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which meets every five years, said a diet high in vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds was “more health promoting and is associated with less environmental impact” than the current US diet, which is high in meat.

It is the first time the panel has made a recommendation on the environmental impact of a diet.

Around the World with the BBC: West ‘ignoring’ Nigerian attacks

The Catholic Archbishop of Jos, in central Nigeria, has accused the West of ignoring the threat of the militant Islamist group, Boko Haram. Ignatius Kaigama said the world had to show more determination to halt the group’s advance in Nigeria.

He said the international community had to show the same spirit and resolve it had done after the attacks in France. His warning came after 23 people were killed by three female suicide bombers, one reported to be 10 years old. The weekend attacks come after reports that hundreds of people were killed last week during the capture by Boko Haram of the town of Baga in Borno state.

Musa Alhaji Bukar, a senior government official in the area, said that fleeing residents told him that Baga, which had a population of about 10,000, was now “virtually non-existent”.

"It has been burnt down," he told the BBC Hausa service.

Those who fled reported that they had been unable to bury the dead, and corpses littered the town’s streets, he said.

Shooting in Czech town ‘kills eight’

At least eight people have been killed in a shooting in the eastern Czech Republic town of Uhersky Brod, local reports and officials say.An armed man burst into a restaurant around lunchtime, opening fire, according to Czech state television.The gunman is also reported to be dead following the attack, Czech officials have said. The motive for the shooting is unclear.Some 20 people were thought to have been in the restaurant at the time.Although police confirmed the shooting in Uhersky Brod, about 300 km (180 miles) from the capital Prague, they have yet to officially comment on the death toll.The mayor of Uhersky Brod told Czech television that the suspect, who may have been carrying two weapons, was a local man aged around 60.


С утра пораньше спешила в метро, и на радостях зонтик упал на рельсы (обещали к вечеру поднять и вернуть). Короче, утро добрым не бывает. Но теперь подобным сюрпризам жизни я не придаю особо значения, ведь появились куда более важные проблемы и задачи, пусть и на короткий период времени. Только сейчас, переведя дух, я могу выкроить чуточку времени в перерыве и поделиться впечатлениями о первом дне (не сколько рабочем, скольо ознакомительным), который я провела на  BBC Русской Службе. 8.45, я бегу по Оксфорд стрит, пытаюсь второпях снять влог, но уже подходя к здан… А знаете что? Не буду я писать эти всем очевидные вещи про то, что до встречи с редактором от страха я готова была наложить кирпичей в штаны, или о том, какого левела трепет меня одолевал, когда мы поднимались в панорамном лифте, откуда открывался вид на весь новостной центр итд. Простецки выражаясь, для меня все это было просто очень круто. И история, как я собственно попала в эту кузницу новостей, так же будет наглядным примером того, что life doesn’t go to you, so go to it. Грубо говоря, я захотела — сделала — получила.
Сам день был чем-то абсолютным новым для меня во всех смыслах, ведь прежде мне приходилось только читать новости, но никак не искать их, публиковать или готовить к выпуску радио передачу (да еще и с кем - самим Севой Новгордцевым, god damn!). День выпал на трагедию в Париже (надеюсь, подавляющее число моих читателей понимает, о чем идет речь). В общем, долго суетились насчет наиболее удачного перевода слова terror - теракт или бойня (с грехом пополам сошлись на втором варианте, потому что звучит эмоциональнее). Потом искали собеседников для Бибисевы. (И в базе данных даже промелькнуло имя Макса Голополосова из +100500, где под его номером телефона была небольшая заметка видеоблогер вирусных видео, много материться). Потом мне дали поприсутствовать при записи самой радио передачи, в той самой комнате с наушниками, микрофонами, кучей непонятных кнопочек и прочими атрибутами. А что касается самих людей, которые стоят за этим бибидетищем, то тут стоит отметить на редкость сплоченный коллектив, который буквально как одна большая семья. Без преувеличения. Буду честна с вами, были опасения по поводу чрезмерно представительных, недосягаемо умных, деловых и высокомерных людей, но они, благо, не оправдались :) Ну и напоследок. Не могу не скрыть радости от осознания мысли, что на обед я хожу в обычную косту и пью обычный капучино, но в довольно-таки необычном месте - на седьмом этаже бибиси! P.S. ждите подрбности скоро на моем YouTube канале

THIS early, busy but very sleepy morning in London underground turned into fallen umbrella on the rails (which was in fact quite expensive and moreover it’s the worst loss possible on a rainy day). But anyways, such problems totally fade out when you know you’re a happy person. Why happy? Because dreams do come true (but please take into account that it works on one important condition — life doesn’t go to you, so you go to it — thanks to this wisdom I saw in Virgin Atlantic Arirlines ad this morning). That’s the secret of how I got to shadowing in BBC Russian Service, the smithy of news located right in the heart of London. I don’t want to be bogged down into so obvious initial fear and self-doubt when I first reached the broadcasting building. Better tell you briefly about that unusual experience I was an eyewitness of. The day begun pretty chilled (from their prospective, not mine obviously haha) but then tragic incident Charli Hebdo in Paris and the whole show started. We were brainstorming over the best eye-catching headlines, then searching for interesting interviewers for the radio programme and even, god damn!, recording the radio show with Seva Novgorodcev himself (preps this name will sound familiar only to Russian-speakers)! Cannot describe my childish excitement when I saw all these microphones, various buttons and most importantly ‘on air’ template. What about people, you may ask. They are awesome. No exaggeration. Small cohesive team of extremely friendly people. Expectations about them being too dignified, arrogant, unattainable intelligent men (if you got this right) didn’t meet at all. And thanks god. To conclude, cannot hide my excitement when thinking that at break-time I’ll go to ordinary Costa and grab the most ordinary cappuccino but on the 7th floor of not so ordinary BBC News Center !