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I… I don’t even know, you guys. It was supposed to be something cute with Rosie’s first Easter and some domestic Johnlock, but then there was a murder bunny and an infant somehow able to solve crimes and it all turned to crack. I regret nothing.

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I've seen a lot of posts about mycroft falling in love with a character that was John's sister or brother but what about the daughter or son of MrsHudson?

“For the last time Sherlock, if you’re going to shoot a wall I insist that you aim at the western one as I had it padded specifically for such purpose,” Mycroft chides as Sherlock tries to once again reclaim his pistol from Mrs. Hudson’s grasp.

“And this is why,” Sherlock struggles through attempting to snatch back the weapon, “why shooting the eastern wall is more fun.”

“You shouldn’t be shooting any of my walls anyway young man! My building is a flat not a shooting galley!” Mrs. Hudson criticized as she continued to thwart his attempts.

Honestly Mrs. Hudson had just about had it with both Holmes Mycroft with his unannounced visits and Sherlock with his gun. She was right on her way to throwing them both out and having a nice cuppa when she heard some familiar boots stomping up the stairs.

Oh no she thinks and shudders to think of what is to come. ______ had decided that since her job prospects in the States were running low and needed a change. She knew at one point her daughter would have to meet the Holmes’ but right now?

“Mom,” her daughter, _______ calls up as she climbs up the stairs, “Mom, I got your weird cookie things you asked for but did you want me to put them in the cookie jar or-hello, aren’t you something?”

Mrs. Hudson can only groan as her daughter tries to unabashedly flirt.

“I’m well aware of my physical attributes,” Sherlock remarks snidely, “And remarking on them will neither endear you or-”

“I wasn’t talking to you string bean,” _______ cuts him off sashing in that way she does when she’s on the prowl, “I was talkin’ to this tall drink of water over here.”

Oh god no Mrs. Hudson thinks with horror as ____ gets up close and personally with Mycroft and practically pushes Sherlock out of the way to do so.

“So tell me something beautiful,” ______ continues oozing the same confidence Mr. Hudson had before his death sentence, “You ever feel the need for a little sunshine in your life because I can gara-un-tee you’ll get plenty with me.” The provocative smile and cheeky wink at the end even had Sherlock gagging. 

Normally Mrs. Hudson didn’t care one whit who her daughter flirted with since she can fight like her daddy but this had Mrs. Hudson chilled.

Mrs. Hudson could swear that even Sherlock could hear her mantra of ’please don’t like her, please don’t take to her, please just push her off like you do to literally everyone else’ but to her horror the lizard smiled.

“I do think I could do with a bit of sunshine in my life don’t you agree Sherlock?” Mycroft questions nonchalantly while not taking his eyes off her daughter.  

Sherlock at least has the balls to vomit loudly in the kitchen but as for Mrs. Hudson…

“I think…I’m going to faint…" 


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Sorry this one’s a little text-heavy. It’s a lot more fun to read if you imagine Daddy Holmes’s lines in a teenage girl voice.

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20 Sherlock Puns and Pick-up Lines
  1. The game is…something, but you are everything.
  2. I still love you even with that mustache.
  3. Wanna see my Sher-cock?
  4. Without you, I get so bored that I start shooting walls.
  5. The shooting last week isn’t the only reason you may have to restart my heart.
  6. Us meeting couldn’t be coincidence, the universe is rarely so lazy.
  7. I regret deleting the solar system, because you are out of this world.
  8. It’s a good thing I find breathing boring, because you take my breath away.
  9. I’ve been reliably informed that I don’t have a heart…because you stole it.
  10. I would have dinner with you, even if I wasn’t hungry.
  11. I can’t take my eyes off of you…no really, it’s for an experiment.
  12. Becoming a figment of my mind palace isn’t the only way to get inside of me.
  13. I would never tell you to get out of my head, when I’m busy.
  14. You make me Claire-De-La-Swoon.
  15. I’d let you contaminate my crime scene.
  16. The game is never over. I want to play with you forever.
  17. Is that Reichenbach? Because I think I’m falling for you.
  18. Forget Appledore and make me your Applewhore.
  19. Are you the East-wind? cause I’d let you take me in the end…In the rear end, that is.
  20. I’d keep your chair even if it was blocking my view to the kitchen.

I knew this year’s Valentine’s Day comic had to be Euriarty-related, and this seemed very funny at 3 a.m.

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In Eurus’s defense, Sharon from the PTA totally deserved to have her head severed and stuffed with candy.

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“My heart isn’t much of a target, but Cupid still managed to hit it when I first laid eyes on you.”