Mary’s brooch & butterfly scarf

Mary wears a very visble brooch from the end of HLV (the tarmac scene) until the end of TAB (the “modern scenes”). I’ve always wondered what was behind it but I took the longest time to identify the flowers represented on the brooch.

I won’t claim to be a specialist in flowers, so I took long time and careful research on this meta. However, if anyone with better knowledge see something else, please let me know right away! :)

It turns out Mary’s brooch tells us a lot about Mary’s personality and fate. It is also tied to a very deep gay subtext, and I cannot believe for one second that it’s not an intentional choice.

Basically, the brooch predicts Mary’s end & Johnlock, and it associates the show with masterpieces of homoerotic love stories => BBC Sherlock is about Johnlock and delivers a powerful message to the LGBTQ community. =)

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This will probably give you an idea!

Pretty much, Steven Moffat said yesterday in San Diego Comic Con that the last episode of S4 is going to be “insane wish fulflillment” for Gatiss and himself. He claimed that the show might get axed at any moment, so they decided to sod deferred pleasure and go for what they always intended. He said that the fans are often ahead of them and are very clever. He expressed his appreciation for fanartists and fanfic writers too, I think. He also specifically talked about how you create properly a gay character, you don’t keep mentioning their sexuality because there is no reason to, since it’s something completely normal that doesn’t need to be brought up constantly. And then after that, you work for your purpose, softly, gently! AKA softly, softly.

So it seems he basically confirmed TJLC and Johnlock and we have yet to see what Mark Gatiss will say in the Sherlock panel on Sunday. 

As for the lying in my post… of course I don’t mean he’s lying about Johnlock becoming canon. But please will you all suffer me having my doubts about how blatant the Johnlock scene will be in S4E3 and when the relationship and kiss will happen…?   

I mean, if this was really the case, I can’t think of a single reason he would spoil Johnlock as the ending of S4 half a year before the show. They have always been extra cautious, what is this shit now? You know what, I think it’s a change of tactics. Just like showing us Moriarty coming back like that was a change of tactics as well. TAB itself is a change of tactics, me thinks. I have always been suspicious of everything they do and choose to reveal after January, I can’t help it. Let alone that if Johnlock becomes canon in S4, I can’t imagine what on earth S5 can possibly be about. I don’t believe in the domesticity speculations… Bring back BC and MF for three episodes of domesticity?! Come on. 

Actually, I would LOVE it if they did those extra episodes now and then after S5 like Moffat has mentioned and they were full of fluff and domesticity. But, nah, I wouldn’t like it for more than one episode in “official” S5 at most. 

Direct confirmation I received from Marvel Hungary about Benedict Cumberbatch’s attendance at 2016 SDCC after seeing this earlier post from their Facebook.

Post translation: Benedict will be present with the director and a part of the cast. We hope you are prepared for a couple of surprises 😀

Which essentially means we are 99% guaranteed Ben will at least pop by the Sherlock panel. Which also means we get Benedict in both Doctor Strange AND Sherlock mode this weekend. What a time to be alive.

WHY IS EVERYONE CALLING SHERLOLLY HOMOPHOBIC??!!???1?? Y'all know how offensive THAT is?

I, me, moi, a human being, am bisexual. I like guys and I like girls. I ship Mystrade. My otp is Sherlolly. Thats just what happened, I fell in love with these certain characters falling in love (opinion don’t loose you’re shit). Also, just to make me a little bit more popular, I love Mary Watson! She’s fucking fabulous! Yeah, she did some bad shit, but John loves her, Sherlock loves her. Just move on. Sending hate to Amanda for playing a character you don’t like is twisted.

I find it so upsetting when people are judging others because of their ship like ?? I would not have an issue if Johnlock became cannon, great! That so nice for you guys, congrats! But Moffat didn’t say anything specific and to then go off being rude to other ships is just vile.

I’m not sorry. I’m so sick of the hate.

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Hello dear! Can you please give me some Sherlock relationship headcanons about him treating his girlfriend? :3 like more things than the last time: how he kisses her etc. Thank you and have a nice day! ♡

Sherlock being affectionate would involve…

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Sherlock is very cautious and gentle when it comes to kisses

Kissing isn’t really his division

However he also gets kinda jealous easily, because he often thinks that you could be with someone who would make you happier

So whenever he starts to feel a bit jealous, he reaches for your hand and presses an absent-minded kiss to your temple

A lot of the affection between you two is actually made up of smiling

Sherlock isn’t the most smiley person, but you always manage to make a small smile appear on his face

Whenever you kiss or hug him, or even hold his hand, he gets this tiny smile on his face that he tries to hide

You think it’s adorable

When the two of you are home alone, he usually ends up lying with his head resting in your lap while you play with his hair

It always relaxes him, and if you need to stop him getting too worked up over a case you make him sit down and you comb your fingers through his hair until he smiles again

Whenever you two hug, he buries his face in your neck and clings to you like a drowning man would cling to a rope

Especially since his “death” and the two years he spent away from you, he values the time he is with you even more, and is even more reluctant to let you go

You two are always holding hands

Whenever you feel he’s getting nervous or unsure of himself, you rub the pad of your thumb along his knuckles to remind him you’re there

If he ever finds you upset, he pulls you in close to his side and presses a soft kiss to your forehead, staying silent until you choose to talk

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You know what would be an amazing book to read? What If after the premier of series 2 some people on the BBC team were hired to follow different Internet groups and sites to compare and contrast how viewers interpreted Sherlock? Then after it’s all said and done, a book is published examining the factions of people online and how they interacted with the text and with each other. Right now on many sites there are people who stand by their characters, their theories, their ships, and defiantly contradict others. This book would be a testament to all the ways Sherlock influenced groups of people all over the world. I would read the shit out of that book. What an amazing idea.

In this movie, the private life of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock was openly gay (for john), and he never denied it. The creators of BBC Sherlock have said that they are heavily basing BBC Sherlock off of this movie, so there’s even more hope for Johnlock becoming canon! ヽ(;▽;)ノ