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Ready for my newest heart-wrenching T6T theory? Well too bad because here it is.

So we all just watched a clip of John and Greg making fun of Sherlock by comparing living with a baby to living with him. Sherlock does not quite understand the comparison. We also saw the teddy on the mantle and Sherlock putting on his suit jacket at the staircase to John’s room. Here is my theory as to exactly what is going on in this scene.

As i just posted, I believe because of the teddy and the fact Greg is joking about John’s “new” life with a baby that John is back living at Baker Street – and has brought the baby with him. That’s the brunt of the joke, afterall. “Living at baker street with a demanding baby must be SO different now!” – compared to “Living with your wife and raising that baby together in your flat must be SO different than living with Sherlock 4 years ago”. The second joke isn’t really a joke…. because the basis of comparison is gone. They don’t say either and allow us to guess. Most people assume John’s raising that baby with Mary at their home together but there’s no actual reason to believe that – especially considering Doyle didn’t write either scenario.

So the baby’s at Baker Street, at least part time. She must be sleeping in John’s room with him (let’s assume he’s back in his old room upstairs). He may even share his bed with her. Imagine he faces her when he sleeps, unlike how he’s always shown on his back. File that away for later.

Sherlock is over the moon with having John and his girl at Baker Street. She’s still very very young and can’t get into things – 221b isn’t a dangerous place at all. He adores having her around. He does everything he can to make sure she’s comfortable and cared for. However, he obviously doesn’t tend to her in the middle of the night or see her at her most messy. Sherlock has a pristine image of John’s baby that can do no wrong. This is why he doesn’t get the joke Greg and John make. They say living with a baby is hard, rowdy, thankless – things Sherlock obviously knows he is – however he never suspects the baby to be. How could John and Greg compare living with Sherlock to living with such a sweet child? It doesn’t make any sense. But the comparison is there, with a literal mirror, nonetheless. File that away for later.

Greg and John are together in the sitting room, John smooths his shirt because he just stood from his chair. Sherlock’s missing his suitcoat which is still upstairs from when he took it off when interacting with the baby earlier. He dresses at the foot of the stairs, and follows the men out. They obviously do not have the baby at 221b at that exact moment.

Ready for the hardest part? The one grueling thing we’re going to choke back sobs when we see? Recall the two parts you filed away: John’s sleeping position next to his child and Sherlock’s mirroring. We know from the books that Mary Morstan wasn’t going to last – but the baby isn’t either. Not even Sherlock’s excessive studying and worrying can save her. This is the 125 y/o spoiler they’ve been talking about. John Watson will once again be sleeping alone. There will be a hole in his heart that will not easily mend. We will see him cry in that bed and not because he woke up from a dream. He’ll be crying because of the nightmare that is his real life. Sherlock will hear him in the quiet of the night. He’ll ascend the staircase and hesitate at the door. Sherlock will push the door open to find John broken and sobbing. Sherlock will instinctually climb into bed beside him and take the place of his lost child, completing the mirror. John will curl into him and sob against his chest and Sherlock will try his best to be a sentinel of strength but we will see that facade drop, even if John does not. John will eventually sleep because Sherlock is near, but when he wakes Sherlock will be gone, another extension of that mirror. When John and Sherlock come together in E2 it’ll be the most natural thing in the world because we’ll have seen them reach for each other at their lowest points. We’ll be rooting for them after going through Hell like this. And that is precisely where series 4 is taking them.

Told you ya didn’t want to read my theory.

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BBC Sherlock

I hate this whole fucking show because it is ruining my life and my god I hate it and hate everyone in it especially two fucking trash cans..one of them wearing a weird long ass coat 

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and fucking curly hair which I hate .

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and donning two cheekbones so sharp it cuts my cornea 

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and eyes so deep I can drown and ohh god I hate that. 

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With his soft jumpers.

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And the softest face

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And the rage sniff

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