Hello everybody! back again c: this week was really hard I catched a cold and still have a lot of homeworks to do, but I really wanted to draw so here you go! ^^“
this turned out longer that I wanted it to be ^^ this little comic is about a headcanon I had on friday

Its playing during season 4 where John and Mary already got divorced and john returned to sherlock. (This is the reason why I changed Johns hair XD) Sherlock is having a bad dream about the day mary shot him. he still can’t belive that John finally returned so he’s a little bit surprised but relived when john woke him up. just some little angsty/fluff  for the johnlockers  I took screenshots as an reference for the flashbacks.
I hope that you like it!  


Spokesperson for Abortion Rights Campaign, Janet O’Sullivan speaks with the BBC before the march.

Funny how international media does better representing this issue than our own national media. And by funny I mean infuriating. 

(via Ireland abortion BBC World News 22/09/26 - YouTube)