From the March 2 BBC Interview:

Robin in Charge

Kevin: “When Robin is directing she not only knows what she wants but she also gets what she wants.”

Robin: “she gets the whip”.

Kevin: “It’s Fifty shades of Frank”

Wright made her directing debut during this latest season, taking charge for three episodes, adding she was petrified at getting behind the camera.

Crows bring presents to little girl

Loving this story so much. A little girl in Seattle started feeding the crows in her neighborhood, and they responded by bringing her presents!

The crows would clear the feeder of peanuts, and leave shiny trinkets on the empty tray; an earring, a hinge, a polished rock. There wasn’t a pattern. Gifts showed up sporadically - anything shiny and small enough to fit in a crow’s mouth. 

They even brought her a “best” necklace, probably keeping the “friend” half in their nest to wear on special occasions. 

Crows are only just about the coolest bird. They are SO SMART. I want my own crow posse!

Read the whole story on BBC!


Would Frank and Claire Underwood watch House of Cards?

Kevin : “They’re far too busy to watch, they’ve got way too much going on

Robin; “They’d absorb it telepathically”

Kevin: “I think it would be the White House Screening Room. They’d get some popcorn and they’d watch an incredible cut of Lawrence of Arabia. They wouldn’t be watching this sort of show.”

But would their secret service agent/lover Meechum be snuggled there in between?

Kevin: “Oh nice - a ‘threechum’”