the bluest eyes in the history of blue

sherlock x reader

anon request: Could please write a fluffy Sherlock oneshot? Something where During a pursuit (Y/N) was shot and they boys are finally able to bring her home from the hospital. She’s still loopu due to the pain medication she must take which makes taking care of her so much fun, especially for Sherlock who apparently has “the bluest eyes ever in the history of blue.”

this one was too cute too pass omg

word count: 575

warnings: fluffyyyy i’m talking cotton candy here.

okay let’s do this

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.


Ouch, my shoulder.

Where am I?

Your eyes began to open, blinded by the bright lights. You looked at the needle in your hand.

You looked to your right, Sherlock was asleep on a small plastic chair.

“Sherlock?” you said with a weak voice.

“(Y/N)!” he yelled as his eyes shot open, making you jump. “(Y/N)! you’re awake!”

“that’s obvious.” You started giggling. You looked to your left, your shoulder was wrapped in layered bandages. “why are their bandages on my shoulder, I look like a mummy!”

Sherlock stared at you with wide eyes, when it dawned on him.

The medication.

You got shot in the shoulder by Moriarty’s men, when they took you to the hospital, they did a surgery while you were still unconscious, but gave you a lot of pain medication just in case you suddenly wake up, which lead to you being in this goofy state.

John ran into the room after Sherlock texted him, he continued towards you.

“(Y/N)! are you okay?” he said, catching his breath.

“oh, I’m fine you worry wort!” you giggled.

John looked at Sherlock with a confused look, waiting for an explanation.

“antiodontalgic” he simply said.

“English.” John demanded.

“she’s on a ton of pain-killers. Honestly, john, educate yourself.”

“Sherlock.” You said interrupting john from his comeback. “you’re mean!”

“am I?” Sherlock played along, acting hurt.

“yeah! You don’t let me play with your hair!” you said grumpily. John attempted to hide a laugh but failed miserably as he burst out laughing.

“I need to film this.” John said between laughs and pulled out his phone.

“do you not love me?” you ignored john, and before Sherlock can answer you started crying.

“you don’t love me!” you sobbed as Sherlock groaned.

“just, let us sign the papers and get her home.” He said.

“Sherlock, are you-“ john got cut off.

“yes john, I am sure. This is perfectly normal now let’s just do this.”

After they signed the papers they helped you on your way to the cab, john supported you by his shoulder while you kept rambling about how your coats are better than Sherlock’s.

“…mine are colorful and full of life and yours are just dark and dull like your soul!” you said as you got in a cab and pointing at Sherlock’s chest.

Much to Sherlock’s delight, you were quiet for a bit, but it didn’t last.

“can I play with your hair?” you said to Sherlock who simply groaned.

“no, (Y/N)-“ he stopped when he saw the death glare john shot him. “fine, go ahead.”

You squealed happily as you started ruffling it up. But it wasn’t long until you got to the flat, where Sherlock turned you upside down and on his shoulder while you yelled for help.

You entered the flat and Sherlock quickly went to your shared bedroom and plopped you on the bed. He kissed your forehead and was about lift his face up from yours when you held it with both hands. You just stared at each other silently until you said a very important observation.

“Sherlock,” he hummed. “you have the bluest eyes in the history of blue.”

He held back a laugh and turned it into a smirk instead.

“I do?” you hummed.

He kissed you again, but this time on the lips. He murmured a small ‘I love you’ after breaking off while you drifted off to sleep.

This Fandom

All The Way From Alaska has literally only been out for five minutes and I’m getting hate. What has this fandom come to?

I’ve already gotten hate for this. If you don’t like bottom Evan or anything from FTM then don’t put yourself through the torture of reading it.

Honestly. Me getting shit about this to kill myself? Are we really this poor of a fandom? Telling people to kill themselves because we have our own opinions?

I prefer top Jon doesn’t mean that I hate top Evan. I’m not judging anyone, do what you like! Have fun!

This really is just sickening.

Will Joss Whedon Write For “Doctor Who?”

“Check back with me when the Doctor is a SHE…” [x] [x]

Why, thank you, Mr. Whedon! I APPROVE. YES, it’s high time Doctor Who was a FEMALE, thank you very much!

And, former Doctor Who, Matt Smith, also threw his support for a FEMALE Doctor Who recently:

“I think a lady Doctor could be close - and would be fun,” he said. “So practise, practise, practise. And talk really fast. And think really fast. And be really brave. And mad. And silly. And good luck - maybe it will be you!"  [x]

Well, there you have it.

BBC (and/or Steven Moffat), pull your finger out already & let’s do this!