“I’m in LA right now with friends for Halloween weekend and we were going from this popular gay event “Halloweenie” to the after party. A lot of gays dress up crazy for it and Frankie Grande is always there. This year he was wearing some sort of full body alien makeup and dragging along some young, intoxicated boy behind him in a tutu. In the super long line for the afterparty my friends and I just saw him walk right up to the door lady and just stood there expecting her to just let him in. When she didn’t, he leaned in, convinced she couldn’t tell it was him because of the makeup, and goes “I’m Frankie Grande.” She replied back “I don’t care."It was like the most satisfying moment of my life. My friend turned to me and said oh my god I wish we got that on tape. He thinks his own name carries so much weight and I wonder how often people are like ”…who?“ I got into the afterparty before Frankie K. Grande.”

This is the best thing to come out of Reddit.