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- Dancing With The Stars
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- Pretty Little Liars
- 13 Reasons Why
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- Teen Wolf
- The Vampire Diaries
- Marvel
- DC

(just doing this to see how big fandoms are!)

TBH I don’t see Z*ch R*nce getting back on Big Brother. Like he was really popular during bb16 but was offered an amazing race spot and Zach demanded higher pay and more perks than CBS would allow him, basically biting the hand that fed him. So he’s never coming back <3

bb19 is literally rigged for brittany to win and here’s why. first of all, devin shepherd is in the cast. as we all remember, brittany, being the icon that she is, manipulated him during week 3 to use the pov on her even though she was HIS target. she also made him fall in love with her simultaneously. production obviously knows that he will do whatever brittany wants which is why he was placed in the house. next, liz nolan is also part of the cast. she and brittany are VERY close outside of the house because they work together. towards the end of the game, liz proved that she could be a great competitor and decent strategist. she will obviously use these skills to keep her bff brittany safe. finally, vanessa rousso is also part of the cast. as we saw on bb17, she has a very close relationship with liz. by extension, she will end up forming a very close relationship with brittany. so she’ll likely use her comp wins and strategic skills to keep her safe. and THAT, my friends, is how bb19, the best season of all time, is rigged for brittany martinez to win.