BB Frankie

I just need Zach to go up to Frankie on his way out and kiss the fucking shit out of him and be like, “that’s what you just kicked out the house.” And gracefully bow out and come out to the screams of 95% of big brother viewers and know that he is loved….. Yes I understand this does not help the negative connotation that zankie shippers get. I truly give negative 6 fucks.

One thing before I go to bed

The HG’s need to pay extra special attention to the fact that Derrick is playing for the 5K instead of the HOH. At this point in the game, if he’s not playing to win HOH’s, he’s too comfortable in the game. They need to open their eyes a little bit and be like, why in the world does Derrick feel so safe that he won’t even compete for HOH?