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Let 2016 be remembered as the gayest year in anime history.

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Disclaimer: I recognize some of these are much better and more sensitively written than others (some may even be considered queerbaiting depending on who you ask), but I still feel it’s important to include them as they still represent a gradual progressive change within the industry. I tried to avoid including anything too overtly offensive. Also, Gakuen Handsome is mostly there for the lolz.)

Edit: I see that a lot of people are treating this as a recommendation list, so I thought it’d be useful to provide notes and warnings on the LGBT content in each show (as some are definitely better than others). Enjoy.

Extroverts vs. Introverts

Extroverts: Are solar-powered devices that need frequent, direct exposure to energy in order to work properly. 

Introverts: Are battery-powered devices that need to be unplugged from time to time in order to work properly. 

Conclusion: Both have amazing capacities and abilities, but they function differently and shouldn’t both be expected to work the same way in every situation. 

Seven things that are running down your smartphone battery

1. Is your phone looking for something? Constantly searching for 4G signal, wifi or eternal love can be a drain on the resources of even the most parsimonious gadget. This applies particularly if your phone is looking for more than one thing at once, for example if it has fallen in love with your router. Consider leaving them together for long enough that they can decide they’re not that into each other after all.

2. Check the permissions of any apps you have installed. Are they allowed to use your location? Are they allowed to use the microphone? Are they allowed to provide asylum for refugee artificial intelligences? Sustaining an artificial intelligence can reduce your battery life. Be aware that turning this permission off may lead to any ejected artificial intelligences taking refuge in other smart appliances, such as your fridge and lighting system, or in extreme cases to the snuffing out of a delicate, beautiful miracle of emerging cognition.

3. Do you actually have a battery? Some of the most severe battery life problems are caused by not actually having a battery. You can check by sawing off the bottom end of your smartphone and shaking it a bit to see what falls out. Don’t worry, you can glue everything back in again if it turns out you do have one after all.

4. It is also possible that your smartphone is using extra battery in order to annoy you. Check your settings. On an iPhone, battery settings can be found under Settings > Battery. Check if the option ‘User-irritating mode’ is switched on. Turning this off can save up to ten percent of battery charge.

5. Settings > Battery will also reveal how much battery your apps have been committing. Battery is a serious crime and your phone is legally responsible for the behaviour of its apps (Fondleslab vs. Jenkins, 2016). Your phone may be sentenced to years in prison if convicted, which is a problem, because phones are often unwelcome in prisons. Give your apps a stern talking-to at once.

6. Jam. There is jam running down your smartphone battery. How? Why? What kind of slob are you, honestly?

7. Consider your situation further. Are you a jam-powered flesh mannequin, or are you yourself a simulation being run by an alternative level of intelligence? Are you sure? In the latter case, there remains a possibility that you may in fact be being simulated by your smartphone. Your best bet at preserving battery life in this case is to spend as much time as possible in sleep mode.

South Australia to get $1bn solar farm and world's biggest battery
System will include 3.4m solar panels and 1.1m batteries, with operations set to begin by end of 2017

A huge $1bn solar farm and battery project will be built and ready to operate in South Australia’s Riverland region by the end of the year.

The battery storage developer Lyon Group says the system will be the biggest of its kind in the world, boasting 3.4m solar panels and 1.1m batteries.

The company says construction will start in months and the project will be built whatever the outcome of the SA government’s tender for a large battery to store renewable energy.

A Lyon Group partner, David Green, says the system, financed by investors and built on privately owned scrubland in Morgan, will be a “significant stimulus” for South Australia.

“The combination of the solar and the battery will significantly enhance the capacity available in the South Australian market,” he said.

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When I post Slow Mo Guys videos, it often comes with a warning not to try this at home. For their latest video, that deserves an extra-special mention: seriously, don’t try this. In this video, Dan and Gav explode lithium-ion batteries. In the process, they discover a safety feature - namely vents on one face of the battery. Because runaway thermal reactions (a.k.a. explosions) are a possibility with this type of battery system, consumer-grade batteries are designed to try and prevent extreme damage. One of these outwardly visible safety features are these four vents that release gas when when the battery is too hot. By venting the gas, manufacturers keep the battery from exploding and sending hot chemicals and shrapnel in all directions. Instead the venting gas turns the entire battery into a miniature rocket. (Video and image credit: The Slow Mo Guys)

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