pyladespunk asked:

hello! i have a question regarding bathing my bird. i have a 5 month old cockatiel, who ive had for about a month now, who seems to prefer showering with me, on a long perch set up halfway in the gentlest part of the spray so she can duck in and out freely, while i shower as normal. however, i recently dyed my hair, with a product id bet is not bird safe, and it still bleeds when it gets wet. my thoughts were that its okay to still do this, as long as i move her well out of the spray while(cont)

(cont) im washing my hair and body, so we never share water at any time, but im still a bit worried. do you think its still okay? if not, what are some other bathing methods? we’ve tried a spray bottle and a shallow tub, and she wasnt super into either of those. thank you for your time!!

I would likely not share the bathroom with her while you shower, there is potential that enough of the product would splatter or emit fumes when heated that may have no effect on us but may affect them. You could turn on the shower and let her have a go, return her to a cage to dry then go have your shower as an option.  

If you don’t want to do that here’s a ton of things you can try to get her more comfortable with bathing otherwise

  • put beads/ plastic toys in a shallow dish and leave it around for her to explore on her own terms, she’ll start playing with the toys and may end up getting herself wet and that should stimulate her to bathe
  • hang wet leaves (lettuce) sometimes birds like to nibble at it and get sort of wet, this simulates a response they would give in the wild where wet tropical leaves drop water on to them and many enjoy bathing that way
  • Bowl placement, my Mia refused to bathe unless the bath was directly in the sunlight from the window, experiment with new locations and see if anything particularly interests her in bathing more
  • “bathe” yourself, with Mia, she wouldn’t bathe unless I participated.  I had to put the bowl in the sun and start tapping my fingers on the surface, she would then fly on over and start bathing for as long as I flicked the water.  Be careful with this one with parrotlets, some of them start getting aggressive with that sound the same way they do with plastics.
  • Different temperatures, some birds really hate cold water, one of my canaries used to be super picky about the temp of the water, if it was slightly off he wouldn’t bathe!

- Courtney (flock-talk)