HansAnna Artists Directory

I have always marveled by fanart. How each artist interpret the characters in so many differents way, and however, we still can exactly say/see what characters are they talking about.

So I did this to gather and honor all the amazing artists we have in the HansAnna fandom. All of them who work constantly to bring us joy with their work.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … .
I also thinkg this can be an initiative to fight stealing. I put some examples of their work that way we can easily recognize the art, so IF we see a repost, we can inform to the corresponding artist.

I just made the list with the artist I know, but everyone can be here. Feel free to send me an inbox if you have suggestions or if you’re a HansAnna artist and want to be added. As this is a HansAnna’s list, it would be ideal (but not requested) if you have a exclusive tag (in your blog) for your art of this gingers dorks. Also it would be ideal if you at least have three pieces, because that help more to give an idea of the artist style.


Bastafunk - (nsfw blog)


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Frothystars - (nsfw blog)



Naomi - (nsfw blog)






Commission for the13thprince ★

This was a very interesting project to work on…so much, that i actually scribbled a potential beginning for the little tale <: Click below to read it, or if you are more interested on the original AU, check it here! Cheers ^3^

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I’m back.


EDIT: Forgot to say the he would be called “The Red Fox of the Southern Isles”. Yeeeeeah.


Prompt: After a colossal battle, Hans conquers Arendelle’s clan and in a spurt of mercy he decides to spare the village, if they give him a particular damsel: Princess Anna.

The villagers hesitate for a moment, not wanting to betray her father’s will, but they rapidly reconsider because Hans would not hesitate to pillage and destroy their home.

Anna: “What?! Do you really expect me to leave with that savage?! *she struggles with her guards, burying her feet on the ground while being dragged*

Hans: ”You wound me, Princess. We prefer the term…barbarian. *he smiles an makes a light bow, while his warriors laugh*

Anna: “I’m not moving a foot outside my village! NOT. MOVING. FROM. THIS. SPOT.”

Hans: “Not a problem. You don’t have to move at all, my dove.” *he picks her up, and tosses her above his shoulder*

Anna: “Put me down! Did you hear what i said?! Are you deaf?”

Hans: “If i recall correctly, you said you wouldn’t move a foot after we left, and you won’t. I will carry you, and so will my horse.”

Anna: “That’s not what i meant, UGH! Let me go!” *she kicks her legs ferociously and he gives a small chuckle*

Hans: “A feisty one, just what i was looking for.”

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Ah-ahahah-ah…it has been a year already.

Why am i still drawing them.

WHY (/ = A = )/

Well, better put my store to use. For a limited time only, you can order this Hanna merchandiseFree Worldwide Shipping Available Today!



Okay, i was going to answer all your posts and reblogs but…suddenly they were TOO MANY and couldn’t seem to find all of them in my dash so, aaaaaaaargh, this was easier.

sandwichesandsideburnssun-moon-and-taliathe13thprinceconsistentlyaveragehannaficdumpsecretarendelle and frozen-heartburnsyou are all AMAZING and super kind, and i couldn’t be happier to be part of this fandom! I never had so much fun participating in a community, and everyday is full of surprises plus lots of laughs! I’m so glad that the Viking!AU was so well received, and OMG PLEASE ALL OF YOU TAKE PART ON THIS! Seriously, even Snuberrnaughty-chekovweavingmemories, youregorgeouswaitwhatI’ve read some tags/comments saying that “i wouldn’t make the art/prompt justice” but that’s pure nonsense, every single sentence that you write is a loving gift for me and the community. Write a paragraph, 2 sentences, a whole book, doesn’t matter! Anything that you make will make me super happy, truly a gift from gods

( ; A ; )

Also, if i’m forgetting anyone, please forgive me there is so many people that i would love to give a hug, even some adorable anons that send the kindest words! All of your support makes want to draw more and more (and you have NO IDEA how many doddles and illustrations i want to make for this fandom…there goes my life). When i reach 300 followers i will make an event that all of you, Hanna lovers, can take part :> Eheheh! Something about a poll…

About the AU, if you need ideas for it, just come talk to me! Ohhhh, i have so many, like snowball-fights, naughty bets, lake swimming, wolf hunting, battle-training…seriously, this prompt is too much to handle.

I leave you this gift, written with my forever partner-in-crime nanofemur. We laughed so much while writting those lines, pffff. I hope this pushes you all to the dark side, muahahahah!


Ahhhh, one of my Bioware husbandos <3

I had an absolute crush on Mr. Vakarian, my smooth-cop-sniper-kitty-cat-dinosaur-from-space. One day we will adopt many turian and krogan babies! Huhuhu ( -^ o ^- )

I was going to draw so many outfits for him! Cowboy-slinger!Garrus, casual!Garrus, dandy!Garrus, renegade!Garrus…but then inspiration died. Maybe one day?

I saw several takes on his anatomy, and i though “What the heck, i want to assume things too!” and so here it is. Buttnakid Garrus.

I don’t really think that this can be considered mature or something…? I mean, there is no visible bing-boing-peen so…you know. Alien smut can be difficult to evaluate when bodily things can retract.

Stay Basted!


A little recovery gift (as promised) for the adorable prince-hans-pants!

I really hope that for foot recovers to full health with this little treat :>

Doctor Hans to the rescue! ᕦ( ಥ⌣ಥ )ᕤ With gloves, of course.

Man, i can imagine 1000 hilarious stories with doctor Hans and nurse Anna. Or maybe patient Anna, considering that she’s a clutz? Ahhhh, the possibilities! This must the Disney version of McDreamy *laughs forever*

What am i doing. I should be drawing the fancomic, not turning every AU INTO a webcomic. Jesus, stop it brain! God knows how i struggle not to make a comic out of the viking!AU ( >__> ) Or the other AU that i can’t still talk about…



Here, have a older version of Hanna, plus my headcanon for this pairing.

I’m in such a deep state of denial that’s not even funny.

I think that my brain has repressed the movie so much i don’t even care if Anna ‘hypothetically’ ended up with Kristoff (i love Kristoff, he’s a teddy bear, but NO). In my head there will be a Frozen 2, Hans will redeem himself, ask for forgiveness, declare his love for Anna and she will stay with him forever so they can heal their pained pasts together.

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OKAY, so far these are my contributions to Hanna Week!

You don’t know what i’m talking about? Man, you’ve been missing out!

From 13th to 26th the fandom will be posting Hanna drabbles, fanfics, movies, montages, artwork…regarding a certain theme!

My submissions are for days II and III:

Day II: Touch: Dancing, Sock Sliding and Chin-Grabbing

Day III:  Love is an Open Door

People, you have no idea. I came back home to visit my family, and when i was about to draw some stuff for this event…

My pen. I brought my bamboo tablet AND I FORGOT MY PEN.

After setting many things on fire, and flipping a table, i realized that i would not be defeated so easily. So, i picked up some pencils (hella, haven’t drawn grey-scale stuff in AGES) and thanks to my faithful mouse i was able to polish and give a little spark to the drawings.

Using my mouse, ahahahah, i’m seriously back to the dark ages.

Well…i hope you enjoy anyways :>

Stay Basted!

Hello everyone! Good things are approaching, so to keep you more updated about what the heck is going on, i’ll make this little post.

As i mentioned previously, me and Megan have been working on some fics and works, and one of them was a story with Cassander & Cyril - two of Hans’s brothers. 

These are just some headcanons to help you know a bit more about them, before the amaze-long-fic is posted (^o^)/


  1. Cassander and Cyril have been partners-in-crime since the moment they were able to crawl. Being twins allowed them certain liberties, improving their pranks and letting them exchange identities when needed. Cass is the oldest twin, living his life with his heart up the sleeve, but Cyril is the mature one, more pondered and observant.
  2. They were 2 of the brothers that ignored Hans in the past, teasing him on a daily basis when they were kids. Soon that amusement turned into regret, because Hans closed himself and stopped caring about them at all. The twins never suffered of solitude like he did, because they always had each other, so only as adults they realized how much they must have pained him.
  3. Both brothers share a crucial common interest: the sea. Being 10th and 11th in line for the throne, they never had very high ambitions regarding ruling their kingdom, so soon they joined their brother Ivar (3th brother) in the Southern Isles royal fleet.
  4. Pranking and mocking Ivar was a constant blast, and both of them couldn’t get tired of it. They completed their trials at the naval academy without much trouble, but Ivar needed them in different fleets (and also focused on their jobs and not in pranking him), so for the first time in their young lives, the twins had to part ways.
  5. The twins have a deep appreciation for their brother Radulf (8th brother) and love to go with him to the town’s pub and hear amazing stories about his adventures at sea.