…What do you mean this is not what happened in the movie?

We mustn’t have been in the same movie theater.


Well done, dovahkiin.

May i present you…The Frozen Beast”. (Part 1/?)

And the Red Fox is back! This is totally canon in my head, if you haven’t noticed. Now i just lack werewolf!Hans and maybe some Potter!AU with a fox patronus. Otherwise, that’s just his nickname. 

I’ve been having a terrible art-block towards a commission, so i thought “what should i do to relax my brain and still do something cool?” (senpai advice: not drawing is not an option, NEVER do that), and then this happened. It was only 3 screens in the beginning…but who am i kidding, crossing B&B with Hanna has been a dream of mine for AGES, so this was the perfect opportunity to do it. I had to ignore some other screens, though…*looks at them lovingly*

For those interested in the narrative-adaptation, please read below the cut. Many things had to be changed for this to work.

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Finding Nikolai - An Epic Tale (aka Research)
by nanofemur and bastafunk

(I pushed her into it because I do not have the movie, yet).

So, we went through the movie to spot Nikolai for reference purposes and, while we are not sure about all of these “sightings”, we found out that for a background/secondary character he appears an awful lot in the movie. He is there at the beginning and at the end and that is perfect.

Regarding the fic, I will solve my OCD and try to post the first scene soon, under the same title as the teaser The Guard and the Princess. It is short and it continues into the next, so I am also concerned in not posting those too far apart.


Most of the story will be building up of Nikolai’s character and how he somehow gets to know Elsa. That said, it will be completely sfw, not because I dislike mature content (I am friends with bastafunk, who am I kidding) but because it is something I am no good at writing. I hope that does not disappoint anyone. If it does, feel free to try and convince me to write mature.


Y'ello everyone! Take some of the fancomic’s artwork/development for your viewing pleasure :> Still have much to draw and write, but things are going steady! Sorry for the long-post but…it seems that photo-posts don’t deserve a ‘read more’ tool…right. Great.


I don’t think I remember doing a picture with so many different noses, hairstyles and body-shapes in it. i’m glad they are ‘just’ 13 because I was starting to lack ideas for those noses! GEEESH.

And the hardest part of the character design was to make them all different but still similar enough to look like they are bothers. As if designing independent characters wasn't hard enough >_>

I have a love-hate relationship with group pictures. Hate to do them, love to see the final results. *looks at the fruits of her labor* Yup, I dig it.

Okay! So this is my headcanon for the Westergard family! 

It is rather usual for everyone to assume that Hans’s brothers were cruel and bullied him frequently, but…sometimes neglect is the worse kind of abuse. Physical pain can be more tolerable than psychological pain, and I think that his brothers didn’t exclude Hans from their lives with the actual purpose of hurting him. I really think that they all suffered from the same predicament: the constant hunt to find their purpose in the kingdom of the Southern Isles. The problem was that Hans came too late, and when he wanted to show that he was good enough and could be of value, all the positions were taken. So, let’s analyse each brother, one by one.

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so i thought this might be interesting to prince-hans-pants and maybe bastafunk if u still searchin

My dad sells frames ok and he’s always tryina get me to go through the new catalogs and stuff even when it’s not even close to my time to get new frames

ANYWAY he told me about this option where you can use your webcam or upload a pic of yourself 

or Prince Hans

the glasses look ridiculously large on him right here but you can adjust your picture to get a more accurate fit

Anyway. Thought this might be. you know. useful as a reference

Been wanting to draw a pussycat for a while now and yesterday it happened in the form of this quick (really) pink painting.

This is unusually pink for me. That is because I went and got the color scheme from Bastafunk’s character since I ended up deciding to make this this fluffy feline for her (cause I know she loves kitties…and bearded men, but that is for another occasion).


Okay, so…i was doing a bit of research about undergarments between 1800-1850 (because of reasons) and…i found something rather interesting.

“Most drawers for women in the mid 1800s were split leggings and about knee length. Each leg was finished separately and joined together at the waistband only, leaving the crotch seam open, but crafted so there was a bit of an overlap. They usually had a drawstring at the waist and tied or buttoned at the centre back, but sometimes in the front. (…) For most women, split drawers were a necessity, because with all the layers they couldn't pull down their drawers to use a chamberpot, much less pull them back up again, particularly when a tight corset was added to the outfit.” – Read about it here.

So… if you think about this

Plus this

You would most probably see this

And it would be the most awkward plus erotic first-impression in the history of Disney princesses.

Oh Hans, you naughty boy.



I had a stupid thought so of course I am sharing it here

Anna doing an obnoxious fake French laugh, like HONHONHON

and the first time she does it Hans loses his shit & forever after if she’s trying to make him crack up, especially during fancy dinner parties or important meetings, she’ll just kind of lean over and quietly be like *hon hon* right in his ear and he tries really hard not to laugh and fails every time

Anna abuses this power over him mercilessly

You said: Two words: MIND READER. Seriously, i’m so done with this fandom, i can’t think about one thing that everyone seems to have the same idea. BEEHIVE-SYNCHRONIZATION-MUCH. *storms away and controls herself to not doodle it before going to bed*





…Remember when i said that i wanted to tackle two secret AUs? Well, this is a teaser about one of them, but i still can’t post the whole thing. But it’s going to be so cool when it’s done (almost, almost)! 

Ahhhh, i missed drawing in this stye! <3

…Why did i stop using it in the first place… It’s great and easy. And you get awesome results without much effort. WHY. *smacks brain*

Gotta bring it back.

Stay Basted!