After culling some Sherlock blogs during the fandom meltdown and getting a slight obsession with Quicksilver. My dash is basically turning into Marvel/Beatles with a sprinkle of Sherlock and Kingsman. When I started this blog it was literally all Sherlock but I like how it’s developed. It’s happier place now and I have friends/mutuals rather than me just following a load of ‘famous’ blogs. So thanks to all you wonderful people out there who have made my tumblr experience awesome! Even if I don’t follow you back I see you out there liking and reblogging stuff. I’m so grateful for all of you and I’m sorry I can’t follow everyone back. I don’t really want my dash overflowing with fandoms I’m not in. But ily all regardless and don’t ever be afraid to talk to me even if we’re not mutuals! <3

ken-of-beans asked:

hello ^_^ i saw your post and i dont know what youre going through right now, but please stay strong! things will work out :))) also thank you so much for maintaining this wonderful blog <3

Hello~! I saw your message at 6am and there was no wifi at the school bus and I’ve been eating, watching SMTM3 all day and posting saved-drafts instead of being on tumblr so i’m only answering you now and………….i’m sorry
Nothing much is happening, I’m just an emotional shit with a mom who enjoys shattering my dreams and i hate my new life here in USA and i have no friends and basically i hate myself because i must be the most useless being of this world btw

But thank you!! At least I can post pictures of Hongbin right hahah’
I’m thankful to see your message, tysm for caring abt me <3