Yes yes you heard right, after seeing Supernatural all over tumblr for the past 3 years i gave in and started watching it and i was basically hooked after the first episode. I am on season 10 now and I LOVE IT, I fucking hate you guys for dragging me into this…But on the bright side i understand all the references i see on tumblr about supernatural now!


I was going to ask you guys if you guys would want me to write images about Supernatural???. I wont be doing One Direction Anymore. Anything i have up will stay the way it is but i wont write anything else. Anyways, let me guys know what you guys think..

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What do you think of orthopaedic surgery? What type of personalities are orthopods?

Ugh, I wrote a whole long response to this and then Tumblr ate it.

Basically, long story short: I personally hate ortho and most of the ortho guys I’ve worked with have been egotistical jerks who do their physical exam with x-rays and MRI, cut their patients off after 4 minutes and just RAKE IN the dough. I’m not trying to bash the specialty in general. That’s just been my experience.

This is a bit raw for me right now, too, since I’m doing my sports medicine rotation at an ortho office. But there have of course been exceptions—people who were great teachers and whose patients loved them—but for the most part, I don’t like consulting ortho, rotating with ortho, or even working up ortho problems in my office. 

But that’s just me. I’m glad there are people in the world who enjoy things I hate, like ortho or ophthalmology or dermatology or ANY type of surgery, really, because if I had to do them I’d be miserable. 

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I have seen 2 distinct personalities in orthopedics: the stereotypical burly brainless jock, and the super nice, fun-loving guy who probably hangs out at a lot of sports bars but never actually plays sports. The burly brainless one is the stereotype you’ll hear though. 

Speaking of stereotypes, here’s a joke for ya: What’s the difference between an orthopod and a rhinoceros? One’s thick skinned, small brained, and charges a lot for no good reason, and the other is a rhinoceros. BAH. 

Ok, ok, let me end this on a positive note. 

Umm… if I had a broken bone I would be glad to see an orthopod? Seriously though, anon, if you’re interested in ortho, go for it. Just please please be friendly to the lowly family docs who consult you.

Small Rant about Draco Malfoy & Tumblr Culture

Okay so the scary thing to me about the Draco Malfoy debate going on right now (long story short: basically JK Rowling and now Tom Felton have commented on Draco being a ‘bad guy,’ which is angering a lot of his fans who see him as more complex than that and who think author and actor owe him more respect) is that some of the same people who are willing to look past all the problematic actions of a fictional character (racial slurs, verbal abuse, willing participation in a hate group for at least part of his membership, etc.) and defend him to the very end, will also drag up the “receipts” of young, REAL teenagers who have done much less than that on tumblr and harass and bully them about how “problematic” they are to the point of no return.

 If you’re going to decide that Draco Malfoy has redeeming qualities and deserves to be defended, fine, but in that case you have to also defend other, REAL kids who have made mistakes and not join in on the witch hunt culture. If you’re going to be woke, you have to be all the way woke, you can’t pick and choose, this isn’t nap-time. Especially when it comes to fictional characters vs. real humans.

 (What I am not saying here is that we shouldn’t be calling out problematic actions, but that we need to do it in a way that is constructive and instructional and that includes everyone, meaning that girl who made an idiot comment on a post one time AS WELL AS your fave.) So if you’re going to get angry about fictional characters, use that anger constructively and get angry about the kind of fight for justice and social equality that Harry Potter as a series represents, that we are facing on a massive scale right now in real life, not just whether Draco has feelings.