Everyone’s going like “don’t use the change my mind meme the guy it’s based on is transphobic” but like, making it a meme is mocking him and his annoying signs. It’s refusing to engage with him the way he wants and just repeating the words back at him in that wonky SpongeBob voice. It’s like making fun of Haman’s shitty hat and making up an entire genre of cookies about it. Basically, saying to stop meming the thing is saying to take that jerk seriously, and that’s what he wants. For fuck’s sake, don’t just hand him the win over some sense of thought-free moral performativity.

appreciation post for the psych episode titles

psych is one of my favourite shows ever and, in my distinguished opinion, the second best crime show of all time

anyway im rewatching it and i’m only now noticing the episode titles and they’re killing me

here are some of my favourites:

and, of course, the ever elegant:

One of my pet peeves is I see a lot of vld blog’s that very rarely post about Hunk, and when they do it’s always some really fake sounding “he’s so soft and perfect!!” Post and like

Yes I love my boy and yes he is basically the human embodiment of sunshine, but he’s not perfect!!! Stop giving him half assed “appreciation” posts where all you talk about is how great he is!!

Hunk is vindictive, has no understanding of privacy, has a short temper, initially has issues with understanding grey morality, can be insensitive, and so on.

He’s not perfect and you’re doing him a disservice if you only talk about how perfect he is.

SPOILERS sierra burgess is … kinda problematic tho?

- consent with that kiss? swapping sierra in so he was basically being kissed without his consent…

- sierra posting that screenshot like bro pls why u doing this, she’s meant to be ur friend and to get revenge for kissing the boy who doesn’t even really know who u are u wreck her in front of the whole school…

- the whole story revolves around cat fishing and romanticising that like this isn’t mtv catfish

- what’s the message of this film? like it’s meant to be learning self love (i think??) but then sierra basically turns in to a bully herself? like ik veronica bullied her first but still, stick to ur morals my girl

- everyone just forgives her over a song like it’s a good song but i’d make her work harder than that

- this isn’t problematic but sierra and veronica should’ve fallen in love there i said it

Tangled: The series

What I expected: Rapunzel’s life in the castle spin off, with one-shot plot episodes and goofiness. Friendship is cool.

What I got: complicated character depths, overarching mysteries, PASCAL, healthy relationship representation, healthy masculinity and femininity, soul crushing plot twists, heartbreaking conflicts, IF YOU HAVE A DREAM LIVE YOUR DREAM, noteable great foreshadowing, puns, great humor, friendships are complicated, great animation, diversity, fantastic songs stuck in my head forever, the inability to choose a favourite character, and THE STORY IS SO WELL WRITTEN.

my point is.. they could’ve just made a spinoff morning cartoon. But instead they took the movie, and ran 5000 miles with it to create something fantastic. I bet that even if you were kinda meh about the movie you’ll love the show.

Tangled the series is not a morning cartoon about a princess’ daily life. It’s a cartoon about a girl who tries to find her place in the world and gets in trouble for it. And along the way makes friends as well as enemies. The conflicts always feel close to home and you get really invested even in small characters like the Crook opening a bakery. It doesn’t half ass the moral of the story like other cartoons, lessons like “not everyone has to like you. And you don’t have to like everyone” is one. Or “some people don’t like to share feelings and you should respect that”. It’s basically Rapunzel discovering the real world and the people in it in all it’s rawness. There’s a lot of emphasis on your/others emotions and how to reflect upon them.


A bit creepy Psionic.

Oh boi, I spent way too much time on this, i basically re-drew whole face like three times. I probably should’ve done more about his attire and horns i guess, as those are not as detailed as face, but hell, at this point i just hate this picture, so yeah… gonna post in this state, I really need to move on to the next drawing!

It’s pretty much just an attempt to draw an actual face, so the rest of the drawing is boring as fuck. 

So the moral is - drawing faces is damn hard for me. Even with a reference (which I normally don’t use, because I was dumb and stubborn).


Bucky not having a choice in receiving + losing the metal arm vs. Steve choosing to pick up + drop the shield

“[The fight against Tony] was basically the end of them as figureheads for greater powers and the beginning of them focusing and prioritizing themselves - physically, mentally, and morally.” [from this post by @planetarybucky]

SU Critical in a Nutshell
  • “fucking townie episodes”
  • Fifteen paragraphs on how an overarching plot thread wasn’t solved in six episodes
  • Fundamentally misses the entire point of the show
  • Starts complaining about animation three seasons in like they actually care
  • Ignores key elements of the show’s presentation in favor of their own imagined narrative
  • Equates show’s pacing with factors beyond the creators’ control
  • Misinterprets a character completely
  • Fundamentally misses the message of the series
  • Complains about plot holes/problems in an arc/mystery that hasn’t been completed yet
  • Accuses creators of being horrible after something is portrayed as ~morally ambiguous~~ or *gasp* complex
  • Can’t understand basic story structure or pay-off
  • Can’t grasp themes even if they’re spelled out for them
  • Joins bandwagon of hating the show only after su critical became a trend
  • Doesn’t actually contribute any meaningful constructive criticism
  • Doesn’t care about literary criticism otherwise
  • Ignores actual flaws in storytelling, creates flaws to suit their own agenda
  • “It all went downhill after season [x]”
  • Claims to hate the show, watches it faithfully regardless

If you’ve offered any tarot readings to the general public in your life, you know this question well. “What does “X” think of me?“ "How does "Y” feel about me?“ "How does "Z” see me?“

It’s become a pretty polarized topic recently, with a lot of pushback from readers who don’t want to pry or don’t think it’s a productive question. For me - well, humans are weird and complicated. There’s all sorts of rules about what things mean (She touched her hair a lot, she’s totally into you…) and sometimes open communication is just weird and unproductive ("Hey bud, if you’re getting a crush on me, can you just … not?” “Um vain much I don’t even like you!”)… Point being, sometimes a bit of extra knowledge is appreciated before things get wierd, and I for one am totally ok with seeing if that extra knowledge is available!

The “prying into someone’s thoughts when they aren’t here” concern is definitely valid, but for me? I’m an empath. Thing get dumped on me all the time. I’ve gotten to a point where I can filter people’s public info from their private info when they are near me, to try to minimize that prying. The technique I’m going to share here is an extension of that - the cards themselves will filter public from private feelings of the party who isn’t present. If the third party is closed off in any way, all this reading will show is the energy of the relationship between them and the querent. If there is anything publicly accessible in their energy, this reading will pick up on that and allow it to be shared. I’ve described this before like facebook stalking a stranger - they have private posts, friends-only posts and public posts. This technique only picks up on the public posts. It fits within my moral code, but if it doesn’t yours, that’s cool. If it does, feel free to adopt it within your own practice!

With all that preamble done, lets get to business. The technique is basically a three card spread, with Court Cards and other chosen signifiers making the magic happen.

So, to start off, you’re going to pick yourself a couple of signifiers - a card to represent you, and a card to represent the other person. In my case, I’ve chosen The High Priestess & the King of Swords. This is actually just a mental choice though - leave the cards in the deck for now. These signifiers will basically be used as reference points and to add in a bit of depth later on.

Shuffle and lay out 3 cards.

The general gist of the technique is the first card represents you & your energy, the 2nd and 3rd potentially are the other party - but ONLY if a Court Card or personally chosen signifier for them shows up there. If no Courts/Signifiers show up in the 2nd or 3rd spots, you’re being told that you’re sticking your nose where it’s not wanted. Read the cards only as a “general energy of the relationship” spread and let it be. You can throw your chosen signifiers down on either side of the spread at this point if that helps you understand the interplay of the cards - just remember that even if you do, the thoughts and feelings of the other person STILL aren’t being shown directly. It’ll always be a “general energy of the relationship” reading when there are no courts in spot 2 or 3.

In my example here though, I got a Court!

In this case, the first card is showing you - if it’s a Court/Signifier, it’s how they see you (here’s where you can use the signifiers you chose - place the signifier for yourself behind the one that showed up. How does how you see yourself compare with how they see you?). If it’s not a Court/Signifier, it’s what they see you bringing to the table. In this example, the Court representing them is in the third spot. This shows how they see themselves in regards to the relationship (and again, you could dig out the signifier you chose for them to see how you see them compares to how they see themselves!) The middle card is their thoughts & feelings on what’s going on between the two of you.

The next thing that could happen is you get a Court or Signifier card in the 2nd slot, like above (I also threw in the original chosen signifiers to show how they intermingle). I find this layout ONLY shows up when there are hidden feelings that are very important for the querent to know about. The third card will show weight being carried by the third party, or where their energy is focussed if not in the relationship itself, or feelings about the relationship that they are having trouble expressing. IF another Court Card shows up here, there is someone else in the picture - it could be something like heavy parental expectations about their love life, it’s also shown up for other people the person could be interested in. I’ve even seen it representing their boss if they are super-invested in work and trying to impress someone for a raise. Keep those situations in mind - it isn’t always cheating! Oh and if it’s a minor, not a Court/Signifier in the first position, then just read it as their thoughts/feelings about the relationship, and not direct thoughts about the querent, basically…

And that really covers it - that’s a brief run down of my convoluted method of reading for third parties, while leaving room for my deck spirits to slam the door in my face if I’m not meant to pry! I’m hoping it’s clear enough, but feel free to ask if anything didn’t make sense! I was trying to not tl;dr while still being clear soooo yeah lol. If ya like the method, feel free to adopt it, if it’s still pushing boundaries for ya, that’s cool! Feel free to chat me up about your thoughts and experiences if you try this out!

Things I've Noticed About Moon Signs*
  • Aries: SO. MUCH. ENERGY. They talk a mile a minute, but they're also so funny.
  • Taurus: for men, they act entitled to what they want. Women can be the same way, but to a lesser degree. Both are very nostalgic and might keep EVERYTHING. Might get upset over what others consider small things.
  • Gemini: they talk. so much. So intelligent and witty, but can get distracted by the smallest things.
  • Cancer: love their mom. so much. Sort of like Taurus, and can be very emotional (depending on how they express their sign). Definitely can get upset over smaller things like Taurus, but expresses it in a mom way (almost like guilt tripping, but not always exactly).
  • Leo: confident(but usually to disguise a self-perceived flaw). Can be extremely dramatic, but usually for a reason. Also very self-involved, but generous once they recognize a problem with someone else.
  • Virgo: they actually like menial tasks. They like things that don't take much thought because it calms them (ask any Virgo and they'll completely deny it, though). Anxiety is a usual with this placement.
  • Libra: MANNERS. They are taught that being mannerly is more important than any emotion they might have. Extremely opinionated and intelligent.
  • Scorpio: INTENSE. They will find out any secrets you might have, and can be very manipulative. They use humor (usually dark) to cover up those emotions.
  • Sagittarius: PREACHY. Sag moons are so opinionated, and will talk for hours about travel, higher education, morals, etc.
  • Capricorn: felt like they had to grow up too early. Extremely responsible and serious (when tapping into their moon).
  • Aquarius: DETACHED. They love to talk about interests, and can be very sociable (depending on other placements). However, emotions? They would like them to be nonexistent.
  • Pisces: usually a favorite of parent. In touch with their emotions. Old souls. Are the type to do yoga and other activities to be connected to the universe.
  • *these are basic, and some of these are the things I've noticed. It also depends on aspects and placements.
Sakura Month 2018

The founders of @multisakumonth present a brand new event - Sakura Month !! This event will be from 1st December until 31st December 2018, a total of 31 days with 31 prompts to celebrate our beloved favorite character - Sakura Haruno!

The main reason why we decided to organize this event is because we are currently several months away from 2019, and why not use this particular month to celebrate something special and create memorable moments. Hence the creation of Sakura Month.

  • 1st December, Saturday - Eyes Are The Windows Of The Soul
  • 2nd December, Sunday - Unconditional Love
  • 3rd December, Monday - Healing Hands
  • 4th December, Tuesday - Hairstyles
  • 5th December, Wednesday - Love Letters
  • 6th December, Thursday - Her Brightest Smile
  • 7th December, Friday - Nekomimi
  • 8th December, Saturday - Sweet Like Anmitsu
  • 9th December, Sunday - What Makes Her Special
  • 10th December, Monday - Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice
  • 11th December, Tuesday - Cherry Blossom Patterned Apron
  • 12th December, Wednesday - Moment You Loved Her
  • 13th December, Thursday - Red Lipstick
  • 14th December, Friday - “You Did Well”
  • 15th December, Saturday - The First Snow
  • 16th December, Sunday - Snowball Fight
  • 17th December, Monday - Santa’s Present
  • 18th December, Tuesday - Milk & Cookies
  • 19th December, Wednesday - Mistletoe
  • 20th December, Thursday - Christmas Sweaters 
  • 21st December, Friday - Hot Chocolate
  • 22nd December, Saturday - Santa’s Sexy Helper
  • 23rd December, Sunday - Naughty Or Nice
  • 24th December, Monday - The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • 25th December, Tuesday - Merry Christmas, Sakura!
  • 26th December, Wednesday - Sunshine + Rain = Rainbow
  • 27th December, Thursday - The Princess & The Popstar AU
  • 28th December, Friday - The Tale Of Konoha’s Best Medical Ninja
  • 29th December, Saturday - Wedding Of The Century
  • 30th December, Sunday - A Future With Her
  • 31st December, Monday - Freestyle! // The Ending She Deserved

This time we personally selected prompts that are related to Christmas because it’ll take place in December. As always, this event is meant to be a positive one, so users who spread/support/like/reblog any hateful and distasteful messages about Sakura Month or Sakura Haruno will be blocked and exempt from participating.

We accept submissions in any form possible - AMVs, fanfictions, headcanons, edits, gifs, quotes, cosplays, rants, threads, fanarts, and aesthetic posts. You are allowed to submit more than one contribution on that specific day too!

You are allowed to celebrate these prompts of Sakura with everyone else, such as you can draw/edit/write Sakura with any pairing you love (KakaSaku/ShikaSaku/SakuHina) or just solely herself. Any AUs/themes/era are acceptable.

For participants who want to submit NSFW related posts, please understand that we do not accept any posts which supports pedophilia, incest, and anything that disobeys basic moral values, however, we still accept healthy NSFW content. Just remember to put the warning hashtags such as “NSFW”.

When you are submitting your submission(s), please adhere the hashtags #SakuraMonth, #SakuraMonth2018, and the hashtag of the day such as #SakuraMonthD1 for day 1. 

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Late submissions are welcome, and we want everyone to unleash their creativity from the prompts as long as you’re willing to participate this event! We’ll answer any questions about this event so please do not forget to reblog and like this post so that we’re able to signal boost this event!

Thank you!

Uchiha Month 2018

Starting from Monday, 1st October until Wednesday31st October 2018, our event - Uchiha Month will be celebrated!

The purpose of this event is for us to celebrate the existence of Uchiha Family - one of the most beloved clans from the NARUTO series. We sincerely hope can join us in this celebration!

This event/blog is a hate-free/negative-free one, so if you’re trying to express negative messages about this event or any character involved, we will prohibit you from participating and you will be blocked!

  • Week 1 Day 1, 1st October, Monday - Flames of the Uchiha
  • Week 1 Day 2, 2nd October, Tuesday - Sharingan & Despair
  • Week 1 Day 3, 3rd October, Wednesday - Love & Affections
  • Week 1 Day 4, 4th October, Thursday - Brotherhood
  • Week 1 Day 5, 5th October, Friday - Family & Friendships
  • Week 2 Day 1, 8th October, Monday - Madara Uchiha
  • Week 2 Day 2, 9th October, Tuesday - Shisui Uchiha
  • Week 2 Day 3, 10th October, Wednesday - Itachi Uchiha
  • Week 2 Day 4, 11th October, Thursday - Mikoto Uchiha
  • Week 2 Day 5, 12th October, Friday - Fugaku Uchiha
  • Week 3 Day 1, 15th October, Monday - Susanoo
  • Week 3 Day 2, 16th October, Tuesday - Hatred & Desires
  • Week 3 Day 3, 17th October, Wednesday - Pride of the Uchiha
  • Week 3 Day 4, 18th October, Thursday - Mangekyo Sharingan
  • Week 3 Day 5, 19th October, Friday - Rivalry
  • Week 4 Day 1, 22nd October, Monday - Obito Uchiha
  • Week 4 Day 2, 23rd October, Tuesday - Sakura Haruno-Uchiha
  • Week 4 Day 3, 24th October, Wednesday - Izumi Uchiha
  • Week 4 Day 4, 25th October, Thursday - Sarada Uchiha
  • Week 4 Day 5, 26th October, Friday - Sasuke Uchiha
  • Week 5 Day 1, 29th October, Monday - Self Reflection
  • Week 5 Day 2, 30th October, Tuesday - Death & Sorrow
  • Week 5 Day 3, 31th October, Wednesday - Freestyle! // Halloween

As stated, we decided to do weekly themed prompts for this event. 

For week 1, 3, and 5 will be specifically themed and week 2 and 4 will be character themed
! For the character themed week, you’re allowed to post anything related to them including character appreciation and such. You can match them with any ship you prefer, however, we do not accept any ship hate or bashing towards anyone of them. Users who do so will get banned.

We accept submissions in any form - AMVS, fanfictions, edits, gifs, quotes, rants, threads, fanarts, cosplays, aesthetic posts!

We do not accept NSFW content related to incest, noncon, pedophilia, or anything that disobeys basic moral values. Yet we still accept healthy/normal NSFW content.

When you submit your prompts, please add the hashtag #UchihaMonth2018 or #UchihaMonth and the hashtag of the day in order to make it easier for us to reblog your post!

Example: For week one day one please use #UchihaMonthW1D1

 You are allowed to celebrate it on any social media outisde of Tumblr (Instagram, Twitter, DevaintArt, Facebook, as long as you message/dm us about your participation so we can link you back and add you to the master post.

We accept late submissions, and if you have any questions, please just ask us. Don’t forget to reblog and like this post so that we can spread the world around about this event, the more participants the merrier!

bonzu-no-shinai  asked:

What was that thing about war crime?

You clarified in another ask that you specifically meant my apparent hangup on false surrenders. Let me take a moment to clarify that my frustration over this trope is Deep And Bitter and when I inevitably get snippy, it’s not at you, it’s at the professional writers who keep using it. Contrary to what many people in the notes believe, I wasn’t “referencing” any specific piece of media. It’s a general complaint. They show up ALL THE FUCKING TIME in just, so many different pieces of media, in different genres.

And it’s always completely uncritically?The narrative treats this like a clever ruse that the heroes are the only ones creative enough to think of. They face no consequences for it.

And it’s a WAR CRIME for SO MANY DIFFERENT REASONS. False surrender isn’t just…um…evil…it’s also profoundly, ridiculously stupid.

Like. A whooole bunch of people in the notes of that post, some more obnoxious than others, were going “well ACTUALLY” and pointing out that Fictional Societies Don’t Have The Geneva Convention. Which, yeah. But if they’re the heroes, presumably they have some kind of basic morality. And I assure you, fictional societies have common sense.

You know why false surrender is a war crime? Because if ONE person uses it, one time, because they felt insufferably clever that afternoon, it REMOVES THE OPTION OF SURRENDER, permanently, on both sides.

Think about it for a minute. Let’s say someone (for example, Obi-Wan Kenobi, one of the most egregious offenders) is in a bad spot. His troops aren’t getting out of this position safely, so he decides to pretend to surrender in order to lure enemy forces into a trap. And it works! Suckers! They fell for it!

What happens the next time a Republic unit tries to surrender? 

The CIS sure as shit isn’t gonna just take that on faith, I can tell you that much. Last time they believed that, it was a trick. And on top of that, well, if the Republic is gonna use false surrenders, we can, too. So now neither side is able to accept or offer surrenders and situations that might have been resolved with minimal casualties now become bloodbaths. But hey, Obi-Wan, you did manage to hold on to an ultimately meaningless outpost. Thanks. 

And this is to say nothing of the moral aspect, because then we’d be here all day.

The tl;dr here is that if your fictional society has a concept of surrender, it means they have at least tacit understanding of war having rules. (Otherwise, if there was no understanding that surrender = no more of us are killed…nobody would bother surrendering. That concept wouldn’t exist, there’d be no point.) If slaughtering an enemy force that was trying to surrender would be looked down upon or regarded as treacherous in your fictional society? 

Congratulations; it DOES actually have a concept of war crimes. Now stop giving “heroes” a pass on them.

Tumblr in 2012

Adventure Time gif where a characters says a basic moral a 100 other cartoons do

Followed by a reply of  “THIS IS A KIDS CARTOON???”

Followed by 40 Dr Who / Sherlock Gif and a shitty Ace Attourny text post dialog that goes on way too long

why do people keep portraying denmark as mean and violent in fanfics??

like, in canon, denmark is a hyper little dork who is always cheerful and loves his family. he literally bounces for attention, and makes it his mission to make the people he loves as happy as possible.

he puts himself down, and pressures himself to be a good brother to the nordics:

and, when his boss told him that he had to go raise taxes for norway, he saw how poor norway was and refused to do it, crying and promising to be a better brother. he blamed himself, blaming his own weakness, but swears to get stronger - not for himself, but to help his family.


and seriously when people try to justify denmark as being a douche with real historical events it’s like ???? the character is not accountable for the real country’s history - we don’t hate germany for ww2, and we don’t hate america for slavery etc so that argument for denmark is invalid


The “Accepting Morality” AU

Hey guys! A lot of you seemed to be interested in that AU I mentioned, so I finally decided to post about it!

So, basically, this is an AU where Patton and Virgil’s roles are swapped. Patton’s the one-sided (ha) “villain” who eventually gets redeemed. Virgil’s accepted from the start.

Patton would act super pessimistic at first. In early episodes, he’d give off the vibe that he’s being negative just for the sake of it, y'know? As the series goes on, though, he’d open up more. The cracks in his resolve would start to reveal scars. Insecurities. Until, eventually, it’d be revealed that he was just trying to help.

Virgil, on the other hand, would be a lot more… Tame in this AU. He wouldn’t always be in a state of panic, but you could still set him off if you really wanted to. In this AU, he’s the one who always fusses over the others’ safety and wellbeing. Less in a dad way, more in an older-sibling way. And he cares about Patton too!

In fact, he could never really bring himself to treat Patton the way the others do. He’s had experience being in his position, and he wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. As a result, he and Patton become close friends really early on.

Sorry guys! This was a really long post! To those of you who made it this far, feel free to give me feedback/share your own ideas & headcanons! I LIVE for that stuff!

edit: had to change some details on the virgil drawing

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Have you ever stopped to consider that an actor portraying the Phantom is wearing a mask of beauty over a prosthetic mask of deformity which is itself over layers of stage makeup; while also wearing Erik’s wig over a wig of Erik’s ‘true’ baldness which is itself over a skullcap which is then covering their real hair?

There’s probably some moral to be found in there but I’m basically just impressed.