So, I am finally doing the prince series! The person who requested this also added in that you were a maid who they had a crush on so I’m going to be adding that to it as well, to start up us off as he always does is the real life prince Kim Seokjin and also I hit 900 followers!! which is absolutely amazing and I want to say thank you all so so much

  • Okay but just picture this
  • Prince Seokjin
  • Do you hear how beautiful that sounds this kid is meant to be a prince
  • Jin is obviously a very good looking man but imagine him in those princely pants and those white shirts and the suits
  • He’d be such a kind prince tbh
  • The people a d o r e him
  • He makes weekly visits to the village
  • He always stops by the orphanage to visit all of the kids and they all get so excited bc he always brings them freshly baked desserts from the castle’s chef and he brings them toys and makes sure they have enough of everything
  • Like he makes sure they have really nice beds and fresh meals on the table every single day and plenty of clothes
  • He also stops by the local bakeries and just chats with the owners like hey Phil how’s the bread coming along?
  • He also gives them some of the ingredients they’ll need as well as some more pricey ones they might not be able to afford themselves like every once in a while he brings along this really expensive chocolate that’s amazing and they put it into some of their cupcakes and that batch becomes the fastest selling batch they’ve ever had
  • But like tbh he knows basically every villager by name and it’s never a “oh hey you’re the florist dude’s wife” it’s always “hi Yoona!”
  • The first time he technically sees you is when he’s being introduced to all of the new employees
  • He doesn’t fully meet you until a few weeks have passed and he just randomly bumps into you
  • In this case that is a literal term
  • You’re busy restocking the library when he accidentally runs into you bc he was too busy talking to his guard
  • The books in your arms fall but he catches you before you can fall with them and you’re just sitting there in the arms of a prince who’s immediately !! bc are you okay do you need a doctor diD YOU BREAK ANYTHING
  • Your main concern is did the books tear so you don’t even notice who it is you bumped into
  • You just kinda push his arms away and scramble to collect all of them
  • He helps you and it isn’t until you see the hand holding out the one book you hadn’t grabbed that you actually look up and then it’s just well shit
  • You’re just o.o bc his reaction could go so many different ways like he could be pissed that you’d just ignored him and gone for the books since you’d just assumed it was another worker
  • But he just smiles and is like “you’re Y/N right?”
  • You’re beyond confused at that point bc he’s not pissed and he remembered your name wait what
  • When you confirm he got your name right, his smile widens and he gives you this lil bow
  • “I’m Jin”
  • He helps you carry all of the books despite your protests and he goes as far as helping you organize them into the bookshelves and you’re just even more confused bc is he real
  • Is this really the future king sorting books in the library to “make up for bumping into you”
  • Tbh that lil run in sparks a relationship friendship
  • He starts seeing you around a lot more and you slowly become more and more comfortable with the idea of talking to the prince
  • You realize that despite having this huge title, he’s actually really chill
  • Like he just wants to talk to you about your favorite books and hobbies like are you an artist do you bake do you like flowers what are your interests
  • You two just hang out a lot and talk about anything and everything and you always make him laugh and he makes you laugh even harder bc his laugh is contagious so basically you two are just giggling at 2 in the morning bc you’d snuck down to the kitchen for cookies
  • He’s technically supposed to be on the lookout for a future spouse but like he’s too busy trying to find a subtle way to ask you to hang out with him privately to focus on that
  • Like will you think he means it in a romantic way does he want you to think that (spoiler, he does)
  • He eventually works up the courage to ask you to join him for a walk in the gardens since that’s his favorite place to go
  • It’s peaceful and quiet and you can hear the birds chirping and the water from the fountain running and there aren’t too many people there besides the gardeners
  • He’s friends with all of them and has been ever since he was a kid so they don’t really treat him like Prince Seokjin, they just treat him like Jin
  • You two end up walking all around it and he’s telling you facts and stories about all of the flowers
  • “That rose bush over there was planted by a woman named Rosaline, I’ve always thought that was hilarious”
  • You actually find yourself relaxing around him and you stop calling him “sir” and “my prince” and all of those titles and just call him Jin and honestly every time you say his name instead of a formality, he just smiles to himself bc let’s face it here Jinny boy’s got a crush
  • The garden becomes your lil go to place
  • The more time you two spend together, the more his crush develops and the more you start to grow feelings for him as well
  • It isn’t until like a year in though that he kisses you
  • It’s a cold night and he’d already lent you his jacket and now he’s hugging you to keep you warm but then you both just look at each other and he leans in just a lil bit
  • It isn’t until you nod or lean in too or give him any sign of a “go for it” that he actually kisses you
  • His lips are just as soft as they look but this is his first kiss so he pulls away after just a few seconds but when you open your eyes, you just seem gazing at you with just this look of pure love and awe
  • “I love you”
I Hate You (Part 9)

Ryan sitkowski x reader
​Warnings :Language ​​

​​​​​"You look nice today,“ Devin comments, looking at you curiously as you sit on his desk, your hair curled in its ponytail with a few ringlets hanging down around your face — your makeup was spot on; you’d actually gotten out of bed early just so you could look nice.

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"Red Cup" - Chapter 7: Kitchen Sink

Rated MA for absurdly descriptive sexual content, foul language the Osbourne family would be proud of, explicit drug use because college, and everything else your mother would probably find offensive.

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Leonard may be a force unto himself, but he isn’t above selling his skills when a decent offer comes around. And when he’s offered an exorbitant amount of money to take out some CSI guy for the CCPD, he doesn’t hesitate to commit. He can do this one off the books, anonymous, and easy. The Flash doesn’t even have to find out.

Until he turns up to the dead drop to find an envelope containing a photo of the one and only Barry Allen. Because of course Barry Allen is making things difficult for crime bosses even when he’s not in costume. Dumb kid never knows when to stop. This time he’s testifying in some case which, whilst seemingly innocuous, actually has pretty big ramifications for the Alfiero family, who are trying to move in on the absence created by the Santini’s downfall. Not that Leonard’s going to let them, but it doesn’t hurt to take their money on an easy job first.

Except this is so obviously not going to be an easy job now. Aside from the practical difficulties of taking out The Flash, something Leonard hates to admit he’s still not been able to work around, things are going pretty well with their uneasy truce. I mean, the kids not exactly happy with the way things turned out at Ferris Air, but they still have a tenuous working relationship that works out best for the both of them. And Leonard prides himself on knowing just how much to rock the boat before letting it return to smooth sailing, and right now they’re headed for the straight.

So this puts him in a difficult position. He’s already committed himself to the Alfiero’s, and this isn’t the sort of job you can back out of. And he’s definitely not going to kill the damn kid. By letting Barry carry on as he is, Leonard’s balancing out some of the shit he’s done in his life. He’s a good kid, a good man. Barry Allen could change the world, there’s no use denying it, and he could change it for the better. Leonard wasn’t going to stand in the way of that. He may be a criminal, he may even be a bad person, but he can still tell right from wrong and killing Barry would be so wrong.

Problem is, this only really leaves him with one solution. Take out the Alfiero family sooner than planned. And, well, if he has to speed up his plans, he’s going to need someone who can go fast. 

Turning up outside STAR labs in full Captain Cold gear probably wasn’t his smartest decision, but it would definitely grab their attention. More importantly, it would confuse the Alfiero’s. He had a reputation for upholding his end of the bargain, they wouldn’t suspect him of treachery. But this move would throw them off balance, and he needed as much destabilisation as possible.

Of course Barry’s there within minutes. Leonard’s actually surprised it took him so long, probably trying to work out what his game is and plan for it. It’s pretty clear he didn’t expect Leonard to inform him that there’s a price on his (civilian) head, and that Leonard was prepared to do what was necessary to get rid of it without killing him. Barry doesn’t comment at his avoidance of committing to not killing at all.

And that’s how all the shenanigans start. Barry has to pretend to go missing, hiding out in Leonard’s safe house, whilst Leonard convinces the Alfiero’s that the kids dead without a body to show them. So now Barry is living with the Rogues (and since when did Hartley Rathaway join Cold’s crew??) and the STAR team and the West’s are fake mourning/searching for him. Even the Arrow Team are looking into the Alfiero’s but it’s surprisingly difficult to take out a whole crime family without making too many waves, so Barry’s left working with and basically living with Captain Cold for weeks. And Leonard won’t leave him alone, because he knows his competition. If there’s anyone else after Barry still, he can’t leave the kid unprotected. 

If that means nights huddled under blankets fighting over what to watch on Netflix next, then so be it. Night-long stake outs in a shitty and uncomfortable van debating the relative merits of Big Belly Burger and Taco Bell? Fine. Eating breakfast together every day? Sure it’s something they can deal with. Falling asleep next to each other on the couch? A bit weird, but they get used to it. And it’s not Len’s fault when he ‘forgets’ the next safe house only has one double bed. And Barry’s only being gracious when he says that he doesn’t mind sharing if the alternative is Len sleeping on the floor.

The double bed has nothing to do with the fact that they stay in that safe house longer than they did any of the others. When they finally have to move, and the next one only has a small single bed, well, they were fine with sharing before. And it certainly isn’t Leonard’s fault that he has to have an arm around Barry as they sleep, just in case the kid falls out of bed, of course.

And, it’s totally 100% an accident when Barry clambers into the tiny bed facing Len, painfully close. And Len definitely wasn’t trying to pull him even closer, he just wanted to get more comfortable. Barry isn’t smiling at having him so close, he just thought of something funny. Len isn’t staring at his lips, he’s thinking about something else.

It pretty quickly escalates past just making out, because it’s been a good couple of months with no privacy and their both pretty ‘frustrated’ by now. They give up on the denial pretty quickly, trying to convince themselves that they’re just blowing off steam doesn’t last long once Barry starts telling Len exactly what he’s been thinking about the past few weeks. Len’s pretty shocked by the explicit words coming out of his mouth, but he’s more than happy to comply. There are better uses for that mouth than just talking about these things, anyway.

“hey we hooked up last night and it turns out you are my childs teacher” au aka ‘no one asked for this and I should be writing my dcbb instead’

Part 2 of 2

Cas wasn’t lying, his apartment was only a quick walk from the bar and Dean was damn grateful. He could feel his desire for the other man growing as soon as they left the bar. Maybe it was the mix of Cas, alcohol and lack of sex but as they waked Dean could practically hear his heart hammering against his chest. 

Cas let them into the building before gently pulling Dean in for a tender kiss that Dean wasn’t expecting at all. Slightly drunken make out? Yes. Tender kisses? Not so much. It took him aback but he melted into it and slowly wrapped himself around Cas. Did he care that he knew nothing about this man apart from his name, the fact that he was single and lived near the bar? No, not really. Dean needed to escape for the night and escape was what he was getting. 

“Not that this isn’t great but…well my neighbours are somewhat prudish. I doubt they would appreciate us continuing this in the lobby.” Cas said between kisses. 

“Oh? Why, what did you have in mind?”

“Something that would most definitely scandalise them.” Cas shot back. Wow, the guy really was throwing subtly away now. Dean grinned and let Cas lead him towards a flight of stairs. Barely a minute later they came to Cas’ apartment. Dean could have turned away, gone home to his daughter and not kiss a stranger but for one night he didn’t want to be the responsible father he’d forced himself to be over the past ten months, he wanted just wanted to be. 

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