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HC: And I think I’m getting old. I like barbeque, also.

DH: Texas is famous for their– their? Barbeque.

YJ: We haven’t tried here yet, but we will soon.

JU: We should. Yeah. /giggles like a high school girl/

Zelo: Excuse me but we only have four song left.

DH: Shit.

Girl next to me: He said shit. (well no shit pmsl)

and then some other things they said but idek that shit was funny.
@ B.A.P LOE in Dallas; 041614.

Reactions to when you fell on stage during a live performance .

minho:did she fall?


Luhan: Scolding people around him.

Hongin: she fell , i’m recording this.

Wu Yi Fan: stop laughing.

Ends up laughing backstage.

Sunggyu: it’s okay jagiya , it happens.

Yixing: oh god … is she okay?

Sehun: stop laughing you asshole.

Zelo: oh shit lol.

Chen:are you okay babe?  (meets you after you performed)

Chanyeol: baby did it hurt ?(meeting you backstage)

Xiumin:(gif explains itself )

rest of shinee