Bantayan Island: A Piece of Paradise in Cebu

Tucked away in the northern end of Cebu, Bantayan Island is a breathtaking piece of paradise with Sta. Fe’s long stretch of powdery white sand beaches and shimmering pristine blue waters. The island is worth all the hassle of 4 hours of bus travel and an hour of ferry ride. Showcasing a plethora of hidden wonders, the island can pass itself as an epitome of beauty.

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saetr3noora  asked:

hello! meron ka bang complete/accurate list of all the deities from the tagalog and bisayan pantheon? Also, i'm sorry if this question has been asked before ngayon ko lang nahanap blog mo and i'm only now really getting into ph mythology :)

Hi @saetr3noora​. I made one before though I don’t remember which blog I posted it in, this one, or my blog on reviving our old beliefs, practices, and on our general mythologies and folklore at @diwatahan​. Also its an old list that needed to be updated and corrected so I guess it gives me an opportunity to make another one. :)

But here is my complete list on them based on historical research, not modern takes on it. This list is from my notes for my book I am still currently writing and researching for. Any modern deities from recent stories such as Lidaga, Lihangin, Lisuga, etc. are not included on this list as there is not one mention of them in any of the oldest dictionaries or in any historical record accept in the 1900′s particularly during the U.S. colonial period and after and thus based on historical research, they weren’t traditionally worshiped. However this doesn’t mean they aren’t deities as some may just be but never mentioned in historical texts and only known orally, but for the purpose of listing all the deities that were believed and worshiped prior to the Spaniards I have excluded them from the list. I try to put info on each deity as much as possible based on what was written on them but there are a few who are only briefly mentioned in passing either with just the name of the deity alone or the name and the attribute they were known for.

Also note there are other Bisayan deities not listed here that are known to the Sulod of Panay island with the exception of Laon Sina/Alunsina as she was a prominent goddess known throughout the Bisayas. The deities known by the Sulod may possibly be deities that were known by the other ethnic groups in the West Bisayas and elsewhere in the region under different names locally but I have not looked into that intensively and done enough research on that subject so I have left those deities out of this list.

This is a pretty long list so I have cut it off here for those who don’t want to scroll so much on their dash. To read the entire list just press keep reading. 

Anyway I hope this helps all those who are interested in our mythologies and folklore, whether from mere curiosity, for the sake of creating art, or to actually join the movement of reviving our precolonial beliefs and practices to the modern day.

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SAS Interim 2013

SAS-Singapore American School has been going interim for house build in Gawad Kalinga since 2006. 

This year, 19 students came to experience house build the GK way.

                 First night. Welcomed by the locals at the Municipality of Bantayan.

                 First day at the site. Welcomed by the Kapitbahayan of GK Ticad. 

                 Sand sifting.

                 Piling of hollow-blocks.


                 Cement patching.

                 Mixing of cement and sand.

                 Bayanihan line. Passing of hollow-blocks and sacks.

                 The best thing about them is that they easily get along with the local kids. They love playing with them.

                  Look how amazed they were on how the Halo-halo was made. 

                  School visit in Patao National Highschool. Donated 5 laptop sets and some school stuff.

                  Another school visit in Bantayan Elementary School. Donated Encyclopedias and some school stuff.

                 Played volleyball with the local kids.

                 Rode “sikad” on our way back to the resort. Prolly their first time. 

                    On the fourth day, some of the students went to see “sabong” or cockfighting. 

                 SAS Team with the house they built for 5 days. 

                 Barrio Fiesta. A despedida party prepared for the SAS Team.

Till next year with a new batch of students. :D

angell XOXO

Brave Heart

For the past five days, I’ve been constantly seeking for peace of mind. I figured I needed a breather. Last night, I decided to go somewhere really far. To a place where nothing reminds me of anything. I originally planned to go to Sumilon Island to swim with the whale sharks but the place is just too memorable for me.

Failed to wake up earlier than necessary. Woke up at 6 in the morning. Took a 4 hour bus ride to Hagnaya.

Watched Behind Enemy Lines on board. Decided to take a bus instead of driving myself to death! It’s just crazy! I can’t do looong drives like that D:

Pardon the lack of sleep face and them eye bags. Or shall I say, EYE MALETA! Stroller pa! HAHA!

Took a ferry boat to…

Bantayan Island! HAHAHA! I can’t believe I made it alone there D:

I asked Kuya Jimboy, a boat man to take a photo of me. HAHA!

I wanted to go to a remote place so Kuya Jimboy took me to Virgin Island. Had to ride on this banca to get there.

Meet kuya Jimboy! My photographer slash tour guide! HAHA! It was so kind of him to accompany me to Virgin Island. I’m so thankful to have him around. If not, I won’t have pictures to share! HAHA!

Here I cooome! I can’t wait to get tan again! Well, I’m still tan before that but I just needed to get darker inorder to maintain it. HAHA!

Soaked myself in the water. I just love being in the beach! I can’t live in a place without a beach.

While I was busy getting my tan and swimming in the cool blue waters, Peter (right) approached me and introduced himself. He is a videographer working in Taiwan, born in Zimababwe and lived in South Africa. He has a Canon 5D. After few more talks, he called his son who was looking for a girlfriend that’s why he introduced him to me. HAHAHA! His name was Shawn. It was so nice to meet both of them. They haven’t seen each other for two years. He asked what I do. I told him I used to be a hotelier and now I’m just doing freelance photography. He said I could be a model instead! HAHAHA! I laughed harder. When he knew that I graduated with a degree in HRM, he assumed I’m a sociable person. I asked, “can you tell?” “At first, I couldn’t.” He responded. LOL. They lend me their goggles and flippers or however you call them but I’m good with just swimming. I didn’t want to go snorkle. He wondered why I was alone and I told him the reason why. “Ah. Sorry to hear that. The feeling when you’re free on the outside but inside you still feel that you’re supposed to be with someone somewhere, could be in here. But life’s like that. We all need to learn how to be on our own. Because in the end we will just be on our own. I hope you’ll find the right one for you. Well, that was a touching line. Let’s get back to the beach!” He said. Oh well.

Kuya Jimboy took a picture of the three of us using Peter’s Canon 5D with a superb fish eye lens. I wonder how I looked like D: So might as well, took a photo with my camera too. I said, “for my blog”. LOL I look so short and so dark. But they adored my skin. HAHA! They said I’m lucky to have a beautiful skin. “It’s not beautiful for Filipinos."  I replied. "You’re actually tall for a Filipina.” Shawn added. HAHA!

Then they had to leave and I went on my own.

Enjoying the beach! I love how cold it feels under the water while the heat strikes on your skin!

Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it.- Malcom Wallace.

Thanks to Kuya Jimboy for these photos. HAHA!

Of all the beaches I’ve been to, Bantayan is the only one I don’t wanna go back to. I left all my heartaches there. I don’t want to get them again. Maybe in the future.

Look at the man behind me! This is the problem when you travel alone. You hardly get decent photos of yourself. :))

It was already 9 in the evening when I got back here in Cebu City. And I was welcomed by fear and uncertainty. Why must you show concern after everything? I thought I’d be able to forget you even just for a day. Le sigh.

Til the next island guys! I hope to find another bikini for the next one! You see, as much as possible I try to wear a different pair of bikini in every memorable travel I have so I can remember the place through my bikini! HAHA! I hope I can still save for the next bikini! Goodnight. Off to slumber now!

We have here a lot of nice spots on Bantayan Island at the Moment who like and needs to be explored if you are here for a vacation. I you have around three weeks it will be enough, but everything less gets much too short. Search your own little Beach like the one what is owned by Ogtong Cave Beach Resort, but free to the public, Paradise Beach. Mostly you will be the only one who stays here and you can really relax. But you should bring some drinks and food, there is really nothing else what could distract you or where you can buy these things!

Northern Paradise - day5

Goodbye paradise! As I woke up early morning that day, the sky’s still gloomy it just affected my mood, we’re leaving already! It’s time to pack my things and bid goodbye to this lovely paradise.

I wanted to swim for the last time, but time won’t permit.

Hopefully I can visit again soon.

Obligatory group photo before leaving :p

Last look Poi?

We all left for Hagnaya at 10:30am and an hour or so of barge-ride.

The bus from Hagnaya wharf took off at exactly 12:10. We don’t have food anymore, good thing the bus stopped over idunno-where-was-that for lunch so we had hotdogs and bread.

Went straight to Parkmall when we got to Cebu at around 3:30 and had lunch/snack and went home immediately. Poi was kind enough to accompany me home even though he was dead tired. I was thankful for his mom for inviting me in their vacation. I hope I can visit Bantayan again soon. The whole trip was fun and memorable!

I realized this is a sad post :/

Bantayan Island, Cebu

See this lovely piece of Heaven? One day I will go here and with luck on my side maybe I can come here with my special someone. See how beautiful the area is? A romantic island where you can spend the day walking along the beach holding hands with someone special, sit and chill in the sand while your partner sings you a song or have a cold bottle of beer while waiting for the sunset or sunrise. Arrrgh I know I am getting a ‘lil mushy but just look at it, its worth it! :D

Sunburned and sunkissed.

I just wanna be on the beach! SUNBURN! ♫ ♪

It’s already Summer here in the Philippines and I haven’t plunged into the beaches yet. So, to add a summery feeling here, I’d post few photos of my Santa Fe, Bantayan Escapade last year with my cousins who crossed the globe to see the beauty of the Philippines. 







You may read a few points about my awesome summer 2010 too (and this is part of it but I posted a few photos there). 

How’s your summer so far? :)