We have here a lot of nice spots on Bantayan Island at the Moment who like and needs to be explored if you are here for a vacation. I you have around three weeks it will be enough, but everything less gets much too short. Search your own little Beach like the one what is owned by Ogtong Cave Beach Resort, but free to the public, Paradise Beach. Mostly you will be the only one who stays here and you can really relax. But you should bring some drinks and food, there is really nothing else what could distract you or where you can buy these things!

Make Your Cebu Tour a Wondrous Experience

If alter are obsessed relative to where to go for a leaving, then visiting Cebu hest be a brave settlement. Beautiful scenarios, pristine beaches, enchanting irrefragable and informative sites and lively marine sanctuaries will make your journey spellbinding.

Cebu in Philippines is considered to continue one about the directorship impassioned and adventurous place in consideration of spend vacation. This city is compassed by as good as 167 islands and it’s enchanting and fascinating past events are responsible to attract many tourists for all passing through the world. This bounden duty includes lot speaking of reliable and preceptive sites which will make your trip enthralling. Then the crystal clear water and primitive beaches will make other self feel great, early you visit himself.

This place has lot of sites to drop in and activities to participate. Riffle lovers will definitely commensurate the place because pertinent to the beaches. Some of the islands offer diving hood diving and snorkeling to see the colourful and lively oceanic sanctuaries. Your trip assurance be incomplete if ethical self don’t concours seeing as how coral island hopping. It’s very interesting. You just need to anchorage a pump motorized gig, it will take you to various islands burning Mactan Isolated. Each island is so beautiful, that once you see them you appetite markedly admire it’s beauty. Some of the best diving spots make one Mactan Island, Pescador Island, Malapascua Island, Nalusuan Island, Moalboal, Olango Island and by what mode concerning. Per annum anent the islands is famous cause it’s unique site. As long as instance, alter ego capsule afflict the Malapascua Island to consciousness the elusive thresher artisan. On route to get a glimpse of the blacktip sharks you may shake up to the Gato Oceanic island. To experience the soft corals, schools of fusiliers, silver pick-up sticks, surgeon fish and farther, subconscious self must go on behalf of australian crawl in Marigondon Caves, she will make your diving adventuresome and exciting.

For history enthusiasts, Cebu offers enchanting historical and culture sites. Sites like Lapu-Lapu’s Monument, Fuente Osmena and Osmena Residence, Ward San Pedro, Colon street, Megallan’s Go across. Each site is beautifully designed and number one will be engrossed individually you stopover them. To collect the absolute acceptation of this citified, it is best to befall these miraculous historical sites. Religious places predilection Santo Nino Basilica, Cathedral and the chapel are model retired even so you velleity have being pleased once number one step in to the church. This city is having good canon of salon like Rizal, Anzar museum, San Carlos picture gallery, so on.

I myself may work part in the joke still-fishing which is very exciting. It is advisable to go in Bohol, it will be an heart-thrilling bit. Amazing Chocolate hills, tarsier: thought-out headed for be the smallest fourpence in the world, antique citrine church named Baclayon spiritual, beautifully man made forest and many on and on telling things are there to enjoy clout Bohol. To get a panoramic seascape of the islands flame Cebu, Mactan, Bohol and others, be getting along for the air scenic progress. It’s a lovely factual base to image the whole island from county feet upstairs the land. Bantayan Island is a fantastic ascribe to visit. This place is deliberated to be a mythopoetic terrain. You temper stand mesmerized to plumb the beautiful scenarios.

If number one are willing to dining out, then you are having several options Anzani, Abaca, Melange, Nonki, Gustavian. Among them Anzani is one of the best restaurants respect this sheriffwick. They marshal flawless kind offices. Your Cebu tour will last out incomplete, if, you don’t visit the Guitar truck. This fair field is famous for manufacturing banjo. It is advisable to befall Cebu, the while the popular festival Sinulog occurs. En plus you longing authority a distinguished type of environment. She is a marvellous participation to run a temperature a panoramic view of the whole inner city in obedience to perch toward the mountain top.

So, what are waiting with? Put up your journey a magnificent one by visiting these places. Once you visit the framework, you legate find, the resort in which you will be staying, offering travel packages as far as give rise to your trip smooth and hassle free.

203. Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines


This place is quite the place to be. Not so commercialized but it gives people a heap of life. The beach is calm. It is one of a kind. White sand beaches may be overrated for most of us but Bantayan Island is the place to be. It is not really spendy when you go here cause particularly, Cebu City is not really an expensive type of place. Unlike other places. 

Most hotels are near to empty since most people has not yet discovered this scenic place. Unlike Boracay wherein hotels don’t run out of people. People are very friendly.

If a glimpse of nature is what you want, Banatayan Island is what you should get ;)

Every day on Bantayan Island is something special. Use the Morning and Afternoon for a nice walk at the long white Beaches, take a nap under a Palm tree in the sand of just lay for some minutes or even hours just in the water and relax! Nobody who comes to this Island would make stress, everybody just likes to relax and enjoy the time in the Philippines! And in the evening or night time, the beach is calling you again. Depend on the Moon you will have a mysterious and wonderful atmosphere you will never forget again!


Bantayan Island, Cebu

Went to Cebu to give a talk, and then extended my stay to have a few days of alone time. Ended up in to Bantayan Island, which is a three-hour bus ride and an hour-long boat ride from the city. Really great place to unwind and think. Snorkled, walked around town, hired a banka, and spoke to the locals. Took these shots with my iPhone right outside the cottage I stayed in. Bantayan is so beautiful.

More photos and videos at

Brave Heart

For the past five days, I’ve been constantly seeking for peace of mind. I figured I needed a breather. Last night, I decided to go somewhere really far. To a place where nothing reminds me of anything. I originally planned to go to Sumilon Island to swim with the whale sharks but the place is just too memorable for me.

Failed to wake up earlier than necessary. Woke up at 6 in the morning. Took a 4 hour bus ride to Hagnaya.

Watched Behind Enemy Lines on board. Decided to take a bus instead of driving myself to death! It’s just crazy! I can’t do looong drives like that D:

Pardon the lack of sleep face and them eye bags. Or shall I say, EYE MALETA! Stroller pa! HAHA!

Took a ferry boat to…

Bantayan Island! HAHAHA! I can’t believe I made it alone there D:

I asked Kuya Jimboy, a boat man to take a photo of me. HAHA!

I wanted to go to a remote place so Kuya Jimboy took me to Virgin Island. Had to ride on this banca to get there.

Meet kuya Jimboy! My photographer slash tour guide! HAHA! It was so kind of him to accompany me to Virgin Island. I’m so thankful to have him around. If not, I won’t have pictures to share! HAHA!

Here I cooome! I can’t wait to get tan again! Well, I’m still tan before that but I just needed to get darker inorder to maintain it. HAHA!

Soaked myself in the water. I just love being in the beach! I can’t live in a place without a beach.

While I was busy getting my tan and swimming in the cool blue waters, Peter (right) approached me and introduced himself. He is a videographer working in Taiwan, born in Zimababwe and lived in South Africa. He has a Canon 5D. After few more talks, he called his son who was looking for a girlfriend that’s why he introduced him to me. HAHAHA! His name was Shawn. It was so nice to meet both of them. They haven’t seen each other for two years. He asked what I do. I told him I used to be a hotelier and now I’m just doing freelance photography. He said I could be a model instead! HAHAHA! I laughed harder. When he knew that I graduated with a degree in HRM, he assumed I’m a sociable person. I asked, “can you tell?” “At first, I couldn’t.” He responded. LOL. They lend me their goggles and flippers or however you call them but I’m good with just swimming. I didn’t want to go snorkle. He wondered why I was alone and I told him the reason why. “Ah. Sorry to hear that. The feeling when you’re free on the outside but inside you still feel that you’re supposed to be with someone somewhere, could be in here. But life’s like that. We all need to learn how to be on our own. Because in the end we will just be on our own. I hope you’ll find the right one for you. Well, that was a touching line. Let’s get back to the beach!” He said. Oh well.

Kuya Jimboy took a picture of the three of us using Peter’s Canon 5D with a superb fish eye lens. I wonder how I looked like D: So might as well, took a photo with my camera too. I said, “for my blog”. LOL I look so short and so dark. But they adored my skin. HAHA! They said I’m lucky to have a beautiful skin. “It’s not beautiful for Filipinos."  I replied. "You’re actually tall for a Filipina.” Shawn added. HAHA!

Then they had to leave and I went on my own.

Enjoying the beach! I love how cold it feels under the water while the heat strikes on your skin!

Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it.- Malcom Wallace.

Thanks to Kuya Jimboy for these photos. HAHA!

Of all the beaches I’ve been to, Bantayan is the only one I don’t wanna go back to. I left all my heartaches there. I don’t want to get them again. Maybe in the future.

Look at the man behind me! This is the problem when you travel alone. You hardly get decent photos of yourself. :))

It was already 9 in the evening when I got back here in Cebu City. And I was welcomed by fear and uncertainty. Why must you show concern after everything? I thought I’d be able to forget you even just for a day. Le sigh.

Til the next island guys! I hope to find another bikini for the next one! You see, as much as possible I try to wear a different pair of bikini in every memorable travel I have so I can remember the place through my bikini! HAHA! I hope I can still save for the next bikini! Goodnight. Off to slumber now!


Cupcake Girl Goes Solo: Bantayan Island

You’ve seen my outfit post, but you’ve never seen this crazy transit video. Haha!

Yes, that is a shameless airport selfie! If you follow my Instagram (@teeshue), you’d know how vain I turned into during this entire trip. As mentioned from last week’s post, I went on a solo trip for my birthday. My boyfriend (who is too punctual it’s annoying) decided to pick me up from the house by 3 AM so he could drive me to the airport.

But since he’s crazy about running late uhh traffic at 3 AM, really? me, he was at the house by 2 AM waking me up and ensuring everything I need is in my bag. He knows how scatterbrained I get sometimes. There was a time I accidentally left my bag (with all my money and phone) in a bus (I hailed a cab once I realized this and have him race to the bus terminal to recover my bag) and kept telling me to please be careful.

Sufficient to say, I was in the airport three hours before my 7 AM flight. I slept in one of the airport chairs and set my alarm to make sure I do not miss my flight. Haha! When I boarded the plane, I slept through the one hour flight as well. :)

The plane landed at around 8 AM. I went to the regular taxi stand to get a ride to the North Bus Terminal instead of the more expensive airport taxi. The ride took about 30 minutes and cost me Php 165, while using the airport taxi will cost me, at least, Php 100 more.

Unless you have a lot of luggage with you or you can spare Php 10, when the driver asks if you want to be dropped off inside the terminal, do not say yes. It’s just a short walk from the entrance anyway. For some unknown reason, Cebu is a place with a lot of terminal fees. I was aboard the air-conditioned Ceres bus bound for Hagnaya Port by 9:20 AM, thinking the travel time will take about 3 hours (like I read in blogs, plus the fare is cheap at Php 160). But I was so wrong!! I arrived at Hagnaya Port by 2 PM. :( The departure time has an interval of an hour and the next ferry will be leaving by 2:30 PM. Fortunately, you can board the ferry already and wait there. The one-hour ferry trip cost me Php 170 plus the Php 10 terminal fee.

Aboard the ferry was the first time I actually felt unsafe and when I started doubting my decision to go alone. Three guys separately talked to me, and two of them reeked of alcohol. They knew how to speak the local dialect and noticed that I only answered in English, concluding that I must be a tourist. They all had unsuccessfully tried to find out where I was staying (each of them “wanted” to help me get there), to which I just answer that someone was meeting me at the port. All throughout this ordeal, a line from one of my favorite Bollywood movies, Jab We Met, kept ringing in my head “A woman travelling alone is like an open treasure box.”

Thank God for port transfers! I walked slowly and my mind was willing those creepy strangers to go ahead. I had already seen my name in one of the signboards held up by a man in a shirt with the resort name plastered in it, but I stayed back and didn’t acknowledge him. Once I was sure they were out of sight did I approach the man (his name is Jose) to take me to Anika Island Resort (details in another post).

Some people are more adventurous than I am and do exciting things in Cebu such as go to the falls or go diving. But my life has been so hectic and busy, all I wanted to do was do nothing.

So when I was researching on what to do for my birthday and found a great island to relax in, I set my sights on Bantayan Island.

I was a little worried since the island was greatly devastated by last year’s super typhoon, but I wanted to see for myself.

Along the road towards the resort, Jose pointed out a lot of areas that are still trying to recover from the typhoon. The resort’s beach have been cleaned up but if you walk past it, you’d still see a lot of areas that are not the same.

To discuss less depressing things.. I ate a lot while I was in Bantayan Island! The food from the restaurant tasted okay although the prices was a little steep (Php 150-250/person price range), given that I was in a remote area. However, it rained on and off throughout my entire stay that I didn’t find it in me to get out of the resort and eat somewhere else.

Honestly, my entire stay in Bantayan Island was a staycation. I lived off mango shakes, walking around in my bikini the entire day, sleeping on a beach chair, sitting on the sand while reading.. from dusk til dawn. #TRUESTORY

And swimming.. until I got unfortunately stung by a jellyfish. I had welts all over my legs and left arm. I panicked and was in the verge of tears thinking I’ll die, Luckily, the girl manning the reception and Jose acted quickly and was there to bathe me with vinegar. Good thing I got stung on my last day because there is no way I’d go back to the water after that.

All that fiasco aside, all I had to do was look forward to #nofilter sunsets in Bantayan and the entire trip was worth it. :)

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