I apologize for the bap spam I just had :) Okay so, I’ve been reading through bap posts lately and I came across a post that talks about how yongguk talks about the suicidal thoughts he had in his song 4:44 am. He talks about how he wants to return to his grandfather’s arms (who has passed away) and how he’s holding on because of babyz and bap. Not only yongguk, but also our maknae Zelo have made a no title song about his hardships. It really saddens me how I can’t help them to get through this. It frustrates me how I can’t stop them from doing things that harms them. The only thing I, WE, can really do is to be with them and to support them through this difficult time. WE should be supporting them especially during this time, but instead some babyz goes and scolds daehyun for hanging out with his other friends. What if that’s his way of coping with all this pain? Do you want him to stop hanging out with his friends and hurt himself Instead? I mean I get that babyz are just worried about bap but we all should watch what we say and just continue to support them. Sometimes I wonder, are those smiles even real? how much pain are they trying to cover up with those smiles?