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hi! i really need some easy co being awesome squad in modern times headcanon. do you have some? pretty please.

alright modern times awesome squad includes

  • Lipton basically is the mom friend this is canon forever and always and nothing can change this fact ever and the boys are always up to some shenanigans that always resulted in them being locked up.
  • I mean, Lip doesn’t know how it happened and honestly the less he knows the better but Webster being arrested alongside Hoobler and Christenson are really something surprising because they are the good boys but apparently good boys help each other out by vandalising the aquarium’s billboard about sharks show.
  • and apart from that, Lip also has to make sure that George and Perco don’t end up having alcohol poisoning after a night out drinking their weight so he always ends up spending his Saturday making sure these drunkards are properly taken care of by making them chicken soup and sometime Ron would come help him by eyebrowing the boys to drink 2L of water.
  • Buck totally organizes weekend activities for them; sometimes it’s friendly baseball game that turns into fistyfight between Lieb and Bill, sometimes Buck drags them to go hiking which resulted in Muck, Malark, and Penk getting lost because they went off the trail so there’s that one memorable search and rescue mission that everyone politely doesn’t discuss about.
  • Nix and Dick hosting dinner night every month so the boys chip in money to buy stuff to do proper cook-out and Ron is always the grill master with Chuck and Tab as his assistants.
  • Toye and Babe hosting poker night which instead of betting money, they bet for the loser to do the most ridiculous things ever for example that one time when Babe lost and George dared him to tell Roe that he has a crush on the Doc which Babe did so now he and Gene are happily dating so thanks George.
  • whenever there is Trouble, the boys always discuss on which parental unit they will go to ask help from and unanimously they appointed Tab to go talk to Dick and Nix while Chuck is always the go to man when they want Ron and Lip to know about something.
  • if they are too scared to tell the two primary parental unit, the boys will always end up going to Bull and Johnny because yes, while Johnny will glare them to death, Bull will always help them
    out because Bull is their mountain dad.
  • also Gene specifically has different bandaids for the guys for example Web gets sharks bandaid, while Lieb gets Superman bandaid, and Babe gets Ariel bandaid and Bill and Perco receive Garfield bandaid because the cat loves lasagna.
  • the guys make it their mission to woo Kitty much to Harry’s annoyance lmao like if they go out club hopping, they always end up stealing Kitty away to dance while Harry is fuming and pouting by the bar with Ron laughing at him.
  • every Wednesday is movie night at one of the boys’ place and you can see them cramming inside Lieb and Web’s small living room with George throwing popcorn at Muck who has his mouth open to catch it and Toye snuggling George closer and Babe and Gene and Bill cuddling Web’s huge shark plushie and Ron and Lip are at the patio, just necking and keeping their eyes at the boys and when the opening of Jaws is played every one groans and throws popcorns at Webster.

Warnings: This is about Post-War Joe in his wheelchair, no harm is meant by this, just angst.

Imagine hearing a loud crash and a recognizable, “DAMN IT.” in your kitchen, you turn over to see Joe is gone.

“Joe, honey?” You called, walking into the kitchen to find him on the ground, a glass shattered on the floor and tears falling from his face.

“What happened?” You gasped, going to pull him back up into his wheelchair.

“I wanted some water, but I didn’t want to wake you up so I went to get it myself but I couldn’t reach it and when I did it slipped.” He bit his lip, small tears leaking from his eyes. “I just wanted to do something for myself, ya know? I wanted I do it myself!“ He choked out, slamming his fist on the cabinet he sat by.

You jumped slightly at the sound. You sat next to him, putting your hand over his, “Joe, look I understand things aren’t the same and you can’t do some things. But that’s’ why I’m here. Joe, I love you. All of you. And if this is what it takes to be there for you, to take care of you, then I’ll do it. Cmon, let’s go to bed.” You raised one of your hands to gentle wipe at his tears.

He takes a few deep breathes, looking into your eyes before nodding softly, leaning his forehead against yours. “I just thank god, I didn’t lose you.”