I’ve been working on a pancake cookbook that will be available sometime in March. We are calling it “Porncake”. It will feature about 30 recipes for healthy pancakes and pancake toppings. Many of them will contain as much protein as carbs. Our diet philosophy is that there is no such thing as good and bad foods, eating whatever you want in the right quantities will lead to a healthy, good looking body.  

And of course there will also be a section strictly for indulgence that you will have a hard time keeping your pants up for.

Did the 🐻Bear Complex🐻 for my first time today. Death by barbell. I kept is reasonably light at 75lbs due to my shoulder. Incase you can’t read the board: 1. Power clean 2. Front squat 3. Push press 4. Back squat 5. Push press… that’s one “rep”; 7 reps is one round; you must complete 5 rounds only setting the barbell down between rounds. I set up a 2 burpee penalty for myself if I put the weight down. I’ve been too afraid to do this for a while now but finally cowboy’d up

I feel like I’ve been useless since I’ve been sick so let me share some wisdom. Don’t listen if someone tries to convince you that there is an ideal sequence or “program” for working your abs… In actuality, research has shown that your body is constantly learning how to adapt and respond to movement. If you present your body with the same movements (in this case an ab sequence) you will readily adapt to the routine and it will eventually become ineffective in terms of defining your midsection. The key word to remember in your training is: VARIETY. Add creativity & challenge to your ab training by varying these things: exercises, reps/sets, sequence, number of exercises, resistance, positions, and tempo. PUT WORK IN and get out of that comfort zone. Doing the same damn thing in the gym everyday isn’t going to get you to where you want to be. You get the body you want by raising the bar and consistently challenging yourself both physically and mentally. Here’s a SAMPLE ab routine. I called it the “Flip-Flop” since you’ll flip over between each move. Do 20 reps of each move, and work through the whole thing 3 times. Make it one of many that you do; and switch up the moves, reps, and order. Don’t be afraid to come up with things on your own; you are fully capable of being your own trainer.

Weekend Challenge brought to you by @kmaecags @brandanschieppati & @joellesamantha to help you step your training up. Work through all 6 body weight movements, totaling 100 reps. You’re going for time so move quick, but keep good form.

Write down Friday’s time… beat it on Saturday. If you don’t beat your time, you have a 20 burpee penalty.

Plan on resting on Sunday? Too bad because you have to beat Saturday’s time (burpee penalty still applies).

Post your progress/results & tag us along with the hash tag #BW100. More advanced people can try to hammer out 2 or even 3 rounds.  

#riseabovefitness #bamfit #BW100.  @joellesamantha @kmaecags (Taken with Instagram)

Bonus WOD to add to your workouts. Use it as a warmup… or use to gas you out at the end of workout which is what I did while training Adam in Florida today. Do 3 burpees, 6 pushups, and 9 jump squats every minute on the minute for 10 minutes. Any leftover time you have before the next minute is your rest. So sweaty! And any of you can do this anywhere you want with no equipment… Sooooooo no excuses. Get to it!

Virgin piña! Pool side for the #interbike convention. Go to @kmaecags and my #riseabovefitness, @irnfstathletic Bootcamp this Saturday in Vegas. 7pm @sunset park. $15 bucks for an hour butt kicking workout. All fitness levels welcome so come out and hang. #instagood #inspiration #instagramfitness #fit #fitblr #fitspo #fitness #exercise #bootcamp #bamfit #straightedge (Taken with Instagram)

Thanks to all the showed up to my free Bootcamp today at #riseabovefitness. It was a great turnout and great time. Thanks to @kmaecags, @myjourneyinfitness for helping me promote and my trainers and assistant @jacinredshoes @wijayr @amirahq @petitexmonstre for helping control the chaos. We should do it again sometime. #instagood #igfit #inspiration #instafitness #instagramfitness #bamfit #exercise #conditioning #core #fitblr #fitspo #fitness (Taken with Instagram)

Masters of the Trade! Got to meet some of the top inspirations that keep everybody/myself #Active and motivated to workout! @brandanschieppati is a great guy and monster in fitness industry! Killed us in the SF Bootcamp this weekend with the Tabata Warmup (wtf💀) Then killed us again with @kmaecags tire routine😥😥 That’s how Winning Is Done!!! 🏆 #RiseAboveFitness #Raf #BamFit #Beach (Taken with Instagram)