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Healthygirlheather is claiming that eating 2,000 calories a day is a diet. That's the recommended daily caloric intake for adults. Eating *what you're supposed to eat* is NOT a diet.

Well I told her to clarify that on her blog. Anyways, 2000 was just a ball park figure. healthygirlheather what is your height and weight?

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Oh man so Maine Coon cats are these enormous balls of gray floof, they are so pretty and fairly social, for a cat, and the one that I know lets you bury your face in his belly/side and it is so nice. So so nice. I haven't seen him in ages, but if Feuilly isn't allergic to cats ( which I sort of feel like he is but whatever for right now he's not) i would want feuilly to own a Maine Coon cat, if only for floofy very friendly friend purposes.

At the same time, I’m p sure he would never have a pure breed cat like that, it’s much more likely that he has some itty pitty old cat from a shelter. Maybe for a whole he has old cats, one at a time, but they keep dying and it’s an added sadness he can’t deal w, and then he finds this little fluff ball in the park and its love at first sight and then that’s how he ended up w a kitten that’s not a random mix of breeds. He’d name it something cheesy from disney, or dramatic from what he’s reading. 
He’s name it after the lizard from tangled whats it’s name??? Or ooohhh maybe he’s gone through the dwarf names from Snow White and he’s at grumpy right now. This chipper, happy little puppy of a kitten named grumpy. Or Dante aha.

FLOOFY VERY FRIENDLY FRIEND. I love this, I love this so much. I love feuilly with kittens - cats in general, I feel like he has a very good mutual understanding with cats - but kittens! they’re tiny and playful and they make him smile and he talks to them like - more than he talks to anyone else, actually, especially about his life. ahhhh yes so much love thank you <3