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X3 Oreeeeoooo YOU ARE TOO CUTE *Hugssssss* I don't want to leave you

“No need to leave friend! Smol Panda is travel size!” X3 ~Oreo 

I wanted to be a little bit more fancy today haha, I do enjoy simple drawings but every once in awhile, I may show what I can really do XD Hope you like the way it came out :3

By the way, after today’s bi-weekly comic, I will be introducing my characters and I hope you like them as well! 


Apparently this is a way to save a snake’s life when they eat a…ball.

Another gender-bending Civil War ball account, from a Massachusetts soldier in Virginia:

“Some of the real women went, but the boy girls were so much better looking that they left…. We had some little Drummer Boys dressed up and I’ll bet you could not tell them from girls if you did not know them…. Some of them looked almost good enough to lay with and I guess some of them did get laid with…. I know I slept with mine.” 

Source: Thomas Lowry, The Story the Soldiers Wouldn’t Tell


This is how I feel about Twitter ending Vine.