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Name: Zoe
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hey! I think this pen pal thing is cool. I love meeting new people but I’m kinda shy and introverted. I love fashion and I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up. I like to design and sew in my free time and I just love art in general. I also love animals and being outside, especially by a lake or river. I also love to ski. I was on the Alpine team freshman and sophomore year but I actually sucked so I don’t do that anymore. I also play field hockey. Some more things I like: bagels, Kanye West (not really as a person I just like his music) Portlandia, dogs, martial arts, s'mores. Some things I don’t like: dill, homework, running, public speaking. That’s about it!

Preferences: 15-18


A: “I want that donut thingy with cream cheese.”
B: “Sorry, M'am, we don’t have donuts with cream cheese.”
A: “That’s not what it is! It looks like a half donut and it has cream cheese!”
B: “A… bagel?”
A: “YES!”

Submitted by: @kanekikenonlywantedadate

My first quick n’ silly comic from last night’s game! :3

Our guys are still in the town of Wellington, helping out the Duke’s son, Kit Silverfox. We started off without Wiven, who joined us later on.

I paraphrased Kit’s dialogue because I don’t remember it 100%…just kinda went with the gist of it.

- @adriana-likes-tea

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After literal months sitting in my inbox, this is finally getting answered. I have alternate answers to all of these, but I had to pick one (and stop wasting valuable work time googling “ridiculous bagels”), so without further ado:

Bangtan as Bagels

Kim Seokjin - Multigrain Bagel

Wholesome, good for you, stunningly aesthetic, and often overlooked as one of the best kinds of bagels out there. (Not pictured: strawberry cream cheese, for optimum sweetness, whimsy, and pink)

Min Yoongi - Onion Bagel with Chive Cream Cheese

A little prickly on the outside, a little bitter on the inside. But a savory flavor sure to satisfy. And once you’ve picked this one, everyone will be able to tell. ;) Plus, it’s mostly just gooey goodness at the heart of it…

Jung Hoseok - Whole Wheat Bagel Sandwich

There is nothing this bagel does not offer you and freely give. Enjoyed by all who try it, filled with goodness to keep you going through your day, and never fails to bring joy to the world around it.

Kim Namjoon - Sesame Seed Bagel with Lox

An acquired taste for some, this fancy and seemingly pretentious bagel is actually the everyman’s bagel, loved by millions as a good way to start the day. Sophisticated, yet frequently awkward to eat.

Park Jimin - Bagel Bite

Wee but mighty – you can never get enough of this bagel. Frequently saucy AND cheesy, this is one bagel sure to please the masses. And check out those cute little curves! (Notice how hard I’m resisting making the JIMIN IS A BAGEL JOKE?)

Kim Taehyung - Rainbow Bagel with Sugar Crystals

I’m not sure I actually need to explain this one, but here goes: Never fits the mold, stands out proudly, makes everyone smile, and loved by both children and adults. (Paired with the right spread, this bagel can be intense, compelling, and unexpectedly intriguing)

Jeon Jungkook - Everything Bagel with Mac & Cheese and Also a Burger Because Why the Fuck Not

Always so fucking extra, this one. An everything bagel includes all the best parts of all the other bagels (because they raised him on their BACKS, Jungkook. I mean… *ahem*) Always doing the most, sometimes gets stuck in your teeth and bugs you all day (or worse, embarrasses you), gives you heartburn, and probably leaves you with regrets in the morning. But also, really just a kid on the inside, trying to impress everyone.