"Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson can't be here tonight unfortunately, Martin is looking after the kids and Benedict is looking after his pregnant wife. Because that is what real men do."

- Steven Moffat accepting the Bafta Audience Award for Sherlock tonight.

10.5.2015, BBC1.

Sherlock series four to start filming next spring

The hit BBC1 detective drama, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, will be back in production in early 2016

We are used to long breaks between instalments of BBC1 detective drama Sherlock, but it seems the wait for season four might not be as long as we’d thought.

Star Amanda Abbington, who plays Mary Morstan in the hit drama, and the show’s creator Steven Moffat have revealed that the drama will start filming again in spring 2016. 

The pair were speaking backstage after picking up the Bafta Radio Times Audience Award at tonight’s ceremony in central London. 

But we won’t even have to wait until then to get our next fix of Sherlock, John & co. The gang have already filmed a one-off special, which is expected to air either at Christmas or in early 2016. 

The special episode sees the drama transported back to Victorian London, something which Abbington said was “just lovely.”

“We’ve got the Sherlock Holmes and Watson of the generation and we want to see them do that era just that once.
Mark [Gatiss] and me were giddy, running around shouting ‘Look at that moustache!’,” said Moffat.

“It was just lovely doing that period,” Abbington added. “I had some glorious things to wear and the boys looked great. Martin [Freeman] looks very fine in Victorian garments!”

10.5.2015 (x)

Not Going Out​ star Lee Mack​ has admitted that he’s “desperate” for a role in Doctor Who.

Speaking to the Radio Times​ at the BAFTA TV Awards on Sunday night, he said: “I’m desperate to get a part in Doctor Who, I really am. I’m using tonight as a shameless way to get into Doctor Who. It would be literally the only time my children would be impressed by anything I’ve done in life.”

Mack is a dedicated fan, and has definitely been preparing for potentially being given a role in the show: “We’ve literally sat down and watched every episode back-to-back, from Christopher Eccleston to Peter Capaldi. Just finished, hence this look of tiredness. Back-to-back for the last four weeks.”

He went on to state that Peter Capaldi is his favourite Doctor, and he was disappointed that Capaldi wasn’t also on the red carpet.

“I’m rooting for someone who’s not been nominated,” he said. “I wanted Peter Capaldi to win for Doctor Who. He’s not been nominated. He’s my favourite Doctor Who!”

Mack added that he’s about to start work on a Christmas Special of his BBC One​ sitcom Not Going Out, and that another full series may come after: “Perhaps. We’ll see…”