The Emotional Glo Up

Some glo ups aren’t always physical. Some are mental & emotional. Here are my first tips to help you glo up emotionally, baby.

1.) Get rid of niggas who don’t fucking care about you. I can’t stress this enough. Some boys don’t give a shit about you. “Oh, I don’t want a relationship” usually means “I don’t want you, but let me just keep you on the side for validation and usage”. 

2.) Stop comparing yourself, hoe. You’re cute as hell.

3.) It’s okay to think highly of yourself. You fucking matter. You really do. If your confidence makes someone uncomfortable/offended, then THEY’RE the ones with the issue, not you.

4.) Self care. Self care. Self care. And, it doesn’t have to be doing your nails or getting your edges laid. It can literally be watching movies all night or crying. As long as you feel okay, at the end of the day, you took care of yourself.

5.) You can’t please everyone, boo. Don’t hurt yourself trying to get everyone to like you.