The only 3 sites you’ll ever need

Want to read manga?

no problem.

Want to watch anime?

no problem.

Want to watch cartoons? Including the really obscure old ones and animated movies?


*also the video player is just like youtube so it’s really easy to use*

“Finally caught you, Winchester.”

“Took you long enough, Sheriff." 

woah two in one day, another comm for jen~ this time cowboy!dean and sheriff!cas mmmm……..yeah this was lots of fun. and i listened to this way too many times while drawing i think i can stop now right?????? naw…. 

todays science experiment: do tchallas eyes do the cat thing where his pupils get big when he sees a laser pointer dot???? only one way to find out

He was swallowed by the darkness between the stars.

Another version of Rhysand. 

“You think a girl would fall for that?”

Oh hell yes.”

Because saying you’re a nerd just isn’t enough

Atom Necklace

DNA Necklace

Adrenaline Ring

If you haven’t seen the Somersault 18:24 Etsy account, you are definitely missing out.