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*stumbles in, awkwardly carrying too many things* I, ah. Things are sort of a madhouse and I know everyone is torn up, but bacon always makes my wife feel better so- *shoves forward a very large plate of fresh bacon and an insulated despenser full of rich drinking chocolate* And uh. I grow roses. Um. *drops two roses, a Honey Perfume with a tag reading "Wilford" and a Papa Meilland tagged "Dark", and RUNS*

(This is freaking adorable. Come back here so I can hug you.)

Oliver scoops up the many gifts with a grin. “I’ll make sure that the others get their roses, and we can have the bacon for dinner!” He waves as you leave and waddles away with all of the stuff in his arms until the other Googles help him out.

After the Floor Party members are all gone, the Egos all gather around in the living room to partake in the feast of bacon and hot chocolate, even Will and Dark with their roses resting in their laps, lending their perfume to the truly strange scent now filling the room. It’s quiet for once but peaceful, and they watch Parks and Rec. because it’s Wilford’s favorite.

And it’s home again. And they’re all together. And they fall asleep together, draped across couches and recliners and even on the floor, like brothers. Oddly enough.

Preview: One New Message

The winner of the vote is…..

Peeta brings Katniss cookies outside the bakery.

Yay!! I’ll try very hard to get this new chapter to you by the end of the week. In the meantime, I hope this will entertain you for the time being.

    Annie leaned her elbows on the table while Peeta got the frosting tinted the right colors. “You’re moving around really good. Especially after being laid up on the couch all night.”

    “Yeah, I’ve gotten a little bold.” Peeta leaned forward and got to work on the base coat of frosting. “Dad’s going to want you out there to open.”

    “I know. Just wish I had the talent for that.” She indicated the cake. “I can barely mix the most basic batter.”

    He sat back and smiled. “But you’re the best at the register. It always makes me a little anxious.”

    Annie grinned and walked around the table. She planted a kiss on Peeta’s cheek. She whispered, “You’re the best brother. Don’t tell Graham or Ryan.”

    “I’m the baby. They already know I’m better.” He winked and leaned forward to continue his work.

    Peeta took a break a short time later to check his messages. He had no new messages from his friend. He tapped “write a message” at the bottom and started typing.

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Recipe of the Day: Bobby’s German Potato Salad
Bobby will tell you bacon makes everything better, so there’s no denying everyone will love this German potato salad. Dress the potatoes while they’re still warm so they can fully absorb the vinegary, bacon-laced dressing. [recipe in bio]

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.......... HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE BACON???? BACON MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER!!! 🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓 👌🏼 but waffles are great ok along with butter and syrup with strawberries...


maybe like….

one smol bacon ( it’s gotta be super crispy tho)

One New Message preview?

I hope to have this new chapter to you tomorrow.


    painetcoucherdesoleil: I looked up your recipe and it looks pretty simple. I’ll probably make it this weekend. I’d love to make it tonight, but I have to rest up.

    He looked at the message and erased the last sentence. They hadn’t really revealed a lot of personal information and that was cutting it a little close.

    He was about to get back to work when a new message came.

    keen3ye0508: I’ll try to get the blondies today. I have quite a bit of time on my hands.

    Peeta was desperate to ask more, but instead chose another thread.

    painetcoucerdesoleil: I can’t wait for you to try them! The bacon is the best part.

    keen3ye0508: Bacon makes anything better. :)

    painetcocherdesoleil: It really does. So how is your day going?

    keen3ye0508: I’ve been in a meeting for the last hour, but it feels like three! I just want to be on a hike or in the kitchen.

    painetcocherdesoleil: Don’t really have meetings at the family bakery, thankfully.

    keen3ye0508: Yeah, my family is very extra.

    keen3ye0508: I’m getting glares for being on my phone. I’ll let you know how the blondies go.

High Noon July Guy

Request by @importantliverrighthere: Reader is just an ordinary girl with no supernatural connection and meets Dean at work, who develops a middle school type of crush on her and tries to hide it as well as his lifestyle from her and hides his crush from Sam.

Word Count: 2529

Warning: None

A/N: I thought I’d take a break from Heaven, Hell, and Humanity since it was getting so long. Also, I tried a to write Dean’s perspective a little differently, and I’m not sure if I like it or not. Anyway… Here’s some Dean Fluff to celebrate the 4th of July!!

“You’re up early,” Sam observed once he woke up. Dean was puttering around the motel room, trying to get the image of those children from the night before out of his head. Usually he didn’t let hunts get to him like this, but those kids were only five years old. After one nightmare, Dean decided that there were worse things than waking up at six o’ clock in the morning. Things like watching the monsters tear those kids limb from—

Goddammit, there was no escape!

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Steroline Season 4 Drabble- Someday

Caroline had just gotten home from the Miss Mystic Falls pageant when she heard her phone ring.  Frantically, the blond kicked off her heels, set down her purse and ran to answer the home phone before it stopped ringing.  

“Hello?”  She asked, a little out of breath.
“Hey, it’s me.”  Caroline paused.  She could hear the faintest quiver in his voice.
“Stefan.  Is everything okay?”
“Not- not really.  Do you mind if I crash at your place tonight?  I’ll explain everything when I get there.”
“Of course.  Just come over whenever.”
Stefan scoffed.  “Yeah, well I’m kind of already here…”

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swan queen + "one half of the otp giving the other a noticeable hickey on the neck to create problems in their household" aka one of regina's favourite things to do (*cough*mark emma as hers cause she totally would*cough*). IF YOU DO THIS I LOVE YOU xx

Thanks for your prompt!

The Queen Leaves Her Mark

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay for breakfast?”  Emma Swan wrapped her arms around Regina Mills tighter as the woman placed her earring in her ear.  “I make some pretty killer pancakes, thanks to your memories.”  The blonde brought her lips close and skittered them from the older woman’s cheek just to under her jaw.  “Please stay,” she breathed into the mayor’s ear.

A smile blossomed on those full red tinted lips as Regina threw her arms around the savior’s neck and kept the woman pressed against her.  “Mmmm… no.  I have some things to take care of at home.”

“But our son is HERE.  Let’s have a family breakfast.”  The younger woman was still without pants but had a misbuttoned white blouse on that she had retrieved from her closet to wear instead of a robe.  She lifted her head and slowly moved her lips over Regina’s nearly enticing the brunette to stay.

“No, I can’t.”  Regina fixed the buttons of Emma’s blouse and adjusted the collar, brushing the side of her neck affectionately with a finger and smiling at the action.

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Treat that Trick

Dear Maya
November already! I have my fall candles burning. One smells like pumpkin pecan waffles and another like spiced apples but my favorite is leather and vanilla. It was a Halloween treat from my husband. He said it was better than giving me candy (I did trick him and hide some candy from the stash we had for the goblins and super heroes and princesses who came to our door!) I love those wonderful smells of autumn - especially the crisp evenings. We rent a house near Marfa and spend a few days out there every October. At night we light fires in the chiminea and the air fills with pinion smoke. That smell always reminds me of West TX. I believe certain smells stir up memories. The smell of bacon and coffee reminds me of childhood. That smell would waft across the sleeping porch of our family’s summer house up on the river. It makes me hungry just thinking about it. Paris has a certain smell. It’s hard to describe but it’s a mixture of tobacco and fresh croissants and old buildings! Our favorite girl is in Paris right now! She’s back to being a brunette. That’s my favorite look even though she is beautiful no matter what!

R: hey gorgeous. Trick or treat

K: Halloween’s over dude

R: Try explaining that to someone who insists on wearing her piglet costume for the 3rd day in a row!

K: but she looks sooooo fucking adorable. And she loved matching her fav uncle

R: true but I doubt he is still walking around like some wanna be bacon

K: HAHA wanna be bacon? I seriously doubt pigs walk around thinking “man I can’t wait to be bacon”

R: But being bacon is the best! I think there may be pigs who wanna be bacon but they just roll around in mud and are never chosen

K: just cuz they wanna be doesn’t mean they will be. Not every pig is good enough for bacon.

R: No room for mediocre in the prime bacon business. I do love your bacon. You make the best

K: Dude! you can eat a whole pound of bacon. It’s really not good for you

R: You’re good for me. I can eat you instead


R: You’re gorgeous

K: You’re biased

R: Knock knock

K: this again?

R: just play along. Knock knock

K: ugh. WHO’S THERE?

R: bacon

K: bacon who?

R: you’re bacon me hard

K: LOL!!! you’re bacon me crazy

R: I love you more than bacon

K: really?

R: really

K: that’s a lot

R: you bet your fine ass it is. And you smell good too

K: are you saying I smell like bacon?

R: no. you smell like you

K: and what do I smell like?

R: you smell like home. You smell like love.

K: awwwwwwwwwwwww. You smell like love too. That’s why I like wearing your clothes

R: you’re bacon me harder

K: then come upstairs and I’ll see what I can do about it. That is…………….if you have “permission”
LOLZZZZZ sorry. #Not sorry!

R: I am so fucking tired of this. It never ends.

K: how ‘bout I give you permission to have your way with me. That better?

R: You’re just like bacon. You make everything better

K: hey. I love you.

R: hey. I love you more

So sweet Maya
All this is making me hungry. I think I’ll go find a treat. Tricksters never win no matter how hard they try.
But success is the ultimate treat for those who work hard. Hard work deserves recognition.
Success is like bacon- it’s the very best. It’s going to be OK

Cast Iron: Part 14

Ok guys.  I know I said cheese man smut…but something happened.  

I just can’t do it.  They’re so cute and they’re smut is probably so cute and for some reason, not even I am sanctioned to see it.  So their shenanigans are going to remain behind closed doors, y'all.  They’re a private pair.  

But, that being said, there is some Parmesan action going down here stormcutters and oh–you–pretty–things

Previous parts | (I will be adding the fanfiction link in just a bit)

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Rhett and Link Denny’s commercial - Bacon Makes it Better part 2. I found this on Denny’s Canadian channel and there was hardly any views when it was there, so this should be new to almost everyone.