Cas’ Pursuit of Lucifer. Cas has Lucifer “in his scopes,” Collins said, after the archangel was pulled out of Cas at the end of last season. “He is bound and determined to find him and he’s pissed off that he made such a sacrifice to Lucifier at the end of last season only to have that be ultimately fruitless. So he’s got a bee in his bonnet for Lucifer and he is going after him pretty hardcore. He’s being forced to make compromises once again in terms of his allies in the hunt for Lucifer.”

Cas Mojo. “He’s got his mojo more or less,” Collins said about Castiel’s powers. “His wings are still….I mean, we haven’t addressed the issue of his wings yet, so it’s possible that his wings are repaired. But as far as I know, he’s unable to teleport.”

The Aftermath of God and the Darkness. Collins said they’re largely taking the action back to earth in the first part of the season so they haven’t explored much about what’s happening in Heaven since the whole God and Amara thing.

– SUPERNATURAL Comic-Con Press Room: The Return of Mary, the Hunt for Sam and Lucifer and More (x)

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some general hcs for the fish husband jinbe, pretty please?


  • He quit smoking about four years ago, after he realized that on land his lungs don’t work as well as he’d have wanted it
  • Luckily he’s the kind of dude who can quit guilty pleasures right away, he’s pretty disciplined in this regard
  • He’s an absolute gentleman
  • He does not want to screw up so he sticks with just being kind but he sometimes comes off a little too stern
  • Still get to know him, befriend him (if he respects you) and you’ll see how much of a caring sweetheart Jinbe can be
  • He’s such a no nonsense guy it’s not even funny anymore
  • It totally is
  • He sometimes looks back at his days as a Sun Pirate when Fisher Tiger was still alive and is glad that he changed so much, thanks to Koala, it’s not that he really regrets his brutal actions back then, rather he’s happy that he changed for the better and is able to see everyone around him in a different unprejudiced light

I know people are complaining about Dean winning but I’m happy for him even though Roman is my favorite. Seth is just gonna be bratty about losing which is gonna be funny to watch.

I wanted Roman to win but I doubted it because of the suspension.
But I like all of them. Roman is Daddy. Dean is the crazy fun guy and Seth is the bratty heel.

Disappointed Roman didn’t turn heel though. He has the look to be a heel but for some reason it’s not happening and I don’t think it will happen at RAW tomorrow either.

I’m just happy he’s back because I haven’t been excited to watch an episode of RAW in a while.

Win or lose I’m just happy to see my favorite wrestler back in action:

SHOKUGEKI: alright alright it’s time to kick this blog back into action, i had like 40+ drafts and like 15 new starters and that was a bit too much for me, so i cleared out a good number of drafts, and simply, if you’re on this list, your starter / draft has survived the purge:

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Seb has a plan!!!!Like people think he and Don are fuckin since Don calls him baby and good boy, but Seb's out here beefing up to win his mans back. He got all up in the camera so Mackie could see those blue eyes™ and remember who his main is. Petty!

petty sebastian is back in action, i swear at their next con together it’s gonna be a mess


YAY! I’m back all! :D my comp must have had like some bad gas or just wanted to take a day off or something… it works now :) thanks for the patience all, and I’m happy to say I’m back in action!

NOW work is going to eat all my time this week! YAY lol… ahhh… so if you want, I’m going to try and get some arting in this week, but MIGHT need some guidence :)

Toss in recomendations or requests, OR if your feeling really generous, and wanna contribute to “help Faye get a useful computer” fund, send me a message for a commission! Or email me as well :D

But just so you all know, my compy IS alive :)


Be Strong, Hibiya by Miwashiba

(Part of the Kagerou Project Official Anthology -SPICY-)

Scans provided by kousuke-brave 

Transaltion, cleaning, editing by me

-please support the series by buying the anthology!!-

~translation list~


So… I don’t know if this has been posted before or something but I always liked to watch Looney Tunes Cartoons as a kid and I remembered that there were Daleks (among other cool villains) in a movie. I only noticed some time ago when I was rewatching my VHSs… :D Well, okay I found it kinda awesome that they were in there. Just wanted to share it with you.

Oh yeah! The movie is Looney Tunes: Back in Action ^^

If natsu goes up east with Lucy and happy my acnologia theory might come to pass ahhaha (well i hope so anyway it wasnt that great of a theory but still i want Lucy to meet acnologia)

Hoping lucy and natsu have a real conversation about whats happend and all especially the part where he tells her he is END and then… acno appears out of nowhere, giving no time for lucy to react (although i would like to see her expression when she does find out) and then gets taken away leaving it at a cliffhanger.


130830 Kim Hee Chul is finally Back!!!

Today marked the last day of army service for Heechul after 2 years. Lots of fans and media waited for him this morning and he received the “District Mayor Award” for being the model soldier of public service personnel! ^^ He walked out of the army camp and showing everyone his award certificate proudly and he is definitely so happy to be back in action again! Yeah!!! Can’t wait for him to bombard us on social media again and hope to see him back on SS5 stage soon!!! ^^

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