My sunshine 🤗☺️.
You brighten up my day.
You keep me going.
You’re so strong and beautiful 🙄 I don’t think you have the any idea.
Remember that one night we stayed up to study and chat and wash clothes ? That was the beginning of sisterhood and I would never ever look back on that and regret it.
I won’t trade you for anything in this world no matter how annoying you get and no matter how over protective you get.
I will always love you because loving you is not even enough 👯❤️.
Happy birthday baby @baconstripsandbodybits.
God bless you in every special way because you are special and far from ordinary.

jaksunshine asked:

Happy Birthday my baby ulala💖😊🎉🎉 hope you have a wonderful bday as you and may it bring all the happiness you deserve!! I'm so glad that I'm fren w such a sweet & beautiful person inside n out~ Thank you for being part of my life, iluvm.

Thank you my gorgeous Cma~~ ilu!! I’m so happy to have met u despite me being an awkward potato and never replying

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