Chirrut had dropped his toy bantha, then followed it as it was bounced around people’s feet until it fetched up against the shoes of a shaggy haired child in disciples robes, who picked it up and offered it back to him.

Never shy but speechless for once- Chirrut approached and took the toy and gave it a careful hug. A woman with a faint look of exasperation hurries over to Chirrut.

“MAMA! THERE’S A BANTHA GIRL!” The size of his voice is completely at odds with Chirrut’s tiny figure.

The disciple with Baze snorts an inadvertent laugh and the child goes red with indignation then yells back in a surprisingly gruff voice for his age-


The disciples watching their charge look surprised. Baze had been silent since he’d arrived at the temple.

Chirrut opens his mouth.

“ Or a girl.” Baze adds.

Space Pets

I wish you could have a pet in ME:A, like pyjaks and hamsters are cute, But I’d love to have a cat. Plus, I think Jaal would imminently fall in love with one.

Jaal: What is this fluffy creature? 

Ryder: That’s my son.

Jaal: …what.

Ryder: *laughs* That’s my cat. It’s a pet some humans have.

Jaal: *picks up the cat* 

Jaal: What it is doing with its claws?

Ryder: It’s kneading, it means it likes you.

Jaal: *pets the cat* Why does it vibrate?

Ryder: It’s purring, it means he loves you.


Jaal: Ryder, our son has my eyes.

How To Immediately Put Me In Little Space

♡ Stop me in the middle of what I’m doing and do it for me

♡ Start a surprise bubble bath for me and throw in a sparkly bath bomb

♡ Get me a toy while you’re out and give it to me as a surprise when you get home~

♡ Ask the notorious “Do you wanna go to your little space, baby?”

♡ Ask me what color something is

♡ Bring me a full sippy or bottle of juice when it’s fresh out of the dishwasher

♡ Bandaid me as soon as I get hurt, no matter how small the scrape is

Humans are weird - taking care of babies

I’ve been hanging out with two little girls, both under the age of two (distant cousins) latelly and, even tho I’m not the type of person that dreams of getting married and having kids and being around them 24/7 for the rest of their life, I found myself being super attached to them and going to extremes to make sure they are happy and healthy at all times. At the smallest sign they might give me of being uncomfortable or sad or upset, I will stop whatever I’m doing and go help them and, if someone upsets them, I’ll go “momma bear” on them, even tho the kids aren’t mine and i’m only a teenager. Even my mom and sister have noticed how differently I’m acting when I’m around them.

This made me think about how Aliens would react to my odd behaviour around these tiny human creatures and how they would react to the all the hard work that is taking care of young kids. 

@what-are-even-humans @humans-are-seriously-weird @space-australia-stories @humans-are-questionable @radioactivepeasant any ideas?

  • Allura: So how about you, Keith, how was school?
  • Keith: Nothing to report...
  • Allura: You've hardly touched your food
  • Keith: I'm not hungry for meatloaf
  • Allura: Well, it is leftover night, we got steak, pasta, what are you hungry for?
  • Pidge: Lance Mcclain
  • Keith: Shut up!
  • Pidge: well, you are!
  • Keith: I said shut up, you little insect!
  • Pidge: *looks at Allura* Well he is!
  • Allura: Do not SHOUT AT THE TABLE! HONEY!
  • Shiro: Kids, listen to your mother!
  • Pidge: *drinks water* He'd eat it if we're having lancemeatloaf...
  • Keith: THAT'S IT!