BABY-OVI - Ovechking finally gets car, donates it to special cause

Ovechkin gets a surprise car and donates it to a special hockey program.

“Knowing Ovi has a little bit of a personality, we thought, ‘What could he do that would add a little bit of fun to the night?’” Abrutyn said. “The idea was to do what he could to get the car, and if it worked out he was going to reveal that he was going to give it to this Cool Cats organization. Knowing that youth hockey organizations, particularly one like that, probably could use a little help with transportation, moving the kids and their equipment around.

I did a couple of doodles … again (too many ideas and no time… and i’m lazy) Also want to finish a little comic… has no sense at this time  but oh well!!. 

That harry pottah crossovaah again  YOLO!!, some people really get excited for the idea, so featuring Chloris from @monapon,  Natasha and finally Hope Alanzi  on Herbology class (?) taking care of a  mortifole baby (part of the ovis fan club -there are some ovis plushies at the background but no one gonna see them because is a messy sketch-) (???)I am such a nerd B-1   …. geez!!! I really love this sketch, i think i got the composition  just right! (or maybe not) but I want to finish it in a future (º3º)9.  

And here are MinaxFrye. Mina is so cool  and they’re relationship is just geat!! i love them too.  @jaxstronomy

pfffff, i don’t know if everybody likes the idea, I had already drawn them but dunno.¯\_(ツ)_/¯