Since i’m a very clever girl, i’ve accidentally deleted @attitudeproblem‘s ask and i’m so sorry for my silliness BUT HERE I AM WITH SOME ERERI YOGA as you’ve requested ;) oh and thank you so much, lovely! <3

i think Levi’s little friend is having a lot of fun and yes i’m so perv


Eren can kill, but I like to think that he can’t even dance to save his life and Jeans just aweee ~ BUT MARCO THOU!! -HYPERVILANTING- I want Lamby!Marco!!! -Dies- And Reiner. Oh God. -Dies again-

Based on Dipper’s  Lamby Lamby Dance clip ~ (x)

  • Baby:Da... da...
  • Eren:Her first words! Levi!
  • Baby:Da..
  • Levi:Hm?
  • Eren:She's going to say something!
  • Baby:Da...
  • Eren:Daddy?? Go on! Say daddy!
  • Baby:Da...On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the titans, and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls-
  • Levi:Oh no...
  • Baby:but I want to see and understand the world outside. I don't want to die inside these walls without knowing what's out there!
  • Levi:*sighing* God damnit not again....
  • Baby:So I'm going to kill them all. Every fucking one of them!
  • Levi:Shit....
  • Eren:*crying* That's my girl!

I need to make this post and ask this real life question, because Eren and Armin just…

Do they

even realize

what they do

to us shippers


Like every single time

these dorks just

act like they don’t care

and they don’t understand

personal space

and just… Like how dare they? How dare Isayama!!