•This makes me so upset bc all I see now is comments about the boys dropping friends and not being able to keep friends. Seriously, you don’t know what personally goes on in their lives everyday, the only thing we see is their videos, photos, and tweets..we don’t know what goes on behind their camera and phone screen. I’m glad he’s finally addressed this, proud of you E.❤️•

Free! Cast When Introduced to Babies/Small Children
  • Makoto: *fits like two children on each shoulder* *is chill*
  • Nagisa: *tries to engage one but she ignores him* Rei-chan the babies don't like me. *burst into tears*
  • Rei: I don't understand why you're upset, babies are so not beautiful.
  • Gou: I agree, these babies are cute but they have no muscles.
  • Nitori: Rin look I found something more naive than I am.
  • Rin: Don't get too close Nitori, babies are dangerous things. *says this while children pull/braid his hair.
  • Haru: *is in a kiddie pool surround by kids who are splashing him* They're not that bad, once you get them in the water.
  • Sousuke: *is slightly upset that the children seen scared of him but plays it off* *one little boy comes up to him* Look one came to me!
  • Momo: Come here cutie-patootie *child sneezes on his face* You know what, when it comes to small organisms I think I'll stick to beatles.