Corgi on the cover of our newspaper this morning! “Just Blame Science for that uncontrollable urge to view adorable photos of babies, pandas and corgi puppies”


Well, after recent events I decided to psot this bunch of experimentally coloured sketches, for the sake of my sanity and any Tyrajin shipper *shares a hug*

Basically two AUs, the first one I call it “Younger AU” (I’m a genius, I know). Basically what if Tyrathan and Vol’jin actually met eachother and grew closer in the three years prior to Vanilla WoW and Zalazane’s betrayal. The excuse I found it’s that there haaappens to be a desert island between Dustswallow Marsh and the Echo Isles that works the same way as first home and each 3 months during 3 days, he goes there to comunicate with the Loa. Sometimes they answer him, sometimes they remind him of the lessons of first home, and sometimes there’s silence. Tyrathan is a scout in charge of keeping an eye on that island so the enemy can’t use it as base to attack Theramore (instead of going back to Kul Tiras, he stayed in kalimdor) andd… stuff happens. I like to imagine that Tyrathan was a bit cocky when younger C:

The second one is simply Chen and Yalia have their first kid, Tyrathan and Vol’jin decide to go pay a visit and Tyrathan decides to bring her younger daughter (the only one he mentions actually xD) because the Valley of Four winds is pretty harmless now and she wanted to travel with her dad 8D Family trip! Poor Vol.

I also finished the first draft about everything I feel and think abotu the broken shore event and the incoming exp. If anyone is interested in it I’ll probably have it finished tomorrow night (it’s quite long)

Affordable plushies site ($12 and under) Part 1

(original post from @mothpeoplefromspace, I just wanted to make a new similar one that isn’t connected to the /CG/L/ community and add on to the list.) Also if you want to, request some animals and I’ll see if I can find them and add to the list.

Soft purple lamb- $12

Baby Red Panda- $6

Baby Hippo- $8

Brown Stegosaurus- $8

Raccoon- $8



Pink and blue butterflied patterned snake- $11

Harp Seal pup- $8.49

Mallard duck- $8


Ring-tailed lemur-$9

Pink unicorn- $8.50


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For Dae-stans. Just save yourself the trouble and go to 0:33.

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© Zoo Atlanta 

Zoo Atlanta Veterinary Team has confirmed the presence of a second fetus on ultrasound; birthwatch began August 22

Lun Lun the giant panda has been confirmed to be expecting twins. The Zoo Atlanta Veterinary Team obtained an ultrasound image confirming the presence of a second fetus on August 22, 2016.

The Animal Management and Veterinary Teams confirmed Lun Lun’s pregnancy via ultrasound on August 16, with an image of a fetus measuring 0.78 centimeters. As of August 22, that fetus measured 2.68 centimeters, and the second fetus measured 2.19 centimeters.

Round-the-clock birthwatch began on August 22, but there is still no certainty of impending births, as fetal reabsorption is not uncommon in giant pandas. Ultrasound participation is voluntary for Lun Lun, so there is no guarantee that the team will be able to obtain additional ultrasounds prior to a birth.

Lun Lun, who turns 19 on Thursday, August 25, is the mother of the only pair of giant panda twins in the U.S., 3-year-olds Mei Lun and Mei Huan. While it is estimated that giant pandas give birth to twins approximately 50 percent of the time, wild giant panda mothers will typically care for only one cub. Advances in animal care and veterinary care in zoos have resulted in successful rearing of twins both in the zoological population in China and in zoos outside China.

Join the Zoo Atlanta family in preparing for a birth by tuning in to PandaCam hosted by Animal Planet L!VE on Stay tuned for updates.

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how do you keep track of all these languages like what are the tips and ways to learn so many. what is your secret. how'd you learn them. also which is your favorite? - pcy anon

*cracks knuckles*
Alright so I’ve always had a natural passion for learning languages because I’m a chatterbox and little marium wanted to be able to talk to EVERYONE. Also because I’m naturally trilingual being a Punjabi Pakistani girl growing up in Ireland from being a lil kiddo I needed to learn to understand English but also be able to understand punjabi and urdu. I HAVE to study irish because i cant into university in Ireland without it and i have to learn french because its supposed to be my “3rd language” again to help with getting into university. I taught myself Japanese , Norwegian and Korean because I wanted to and because it’s hella fun for me. I practice my Japanese and Korean for at least 5 minutes every day and my English is practiced from using social media lol . Urdu I speak with my parents and Punjabi with my other elders

To learn alot languages or just one new language I’d say you should pick something you have an interest in so that you can be willing to dedicate time to learning it.

Also pick something useful to you or something that at least coincides with your hobbies

Learn basic phrases first like how to introduce yourself and how to ask for help also with commonly used phrases

Watching shows in the specific language you are studying helps with pronunciation and keeps new vocab you learned fresh in your mind

Practise and go over things you’ve learned everyday or at least every 3 days so it stays fresh in your mind

Master the basics of one language before trying to learn others

Also my favourite language is Still urdu/Punjabi because it’s my mother tongue and urdu is a really soft poetic and kind of romantic language .

Anyways that’s my language related ramble

Edit I also use things like textbooks and this really useful app called memrise ;) it’s one the best language apps I’ve used 💕

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Cute baby animals: baby dogs, baby cats, baby snakes, baby goats, baby sheep, baby pallas cats, baby red pandas, baby sharks

This is all extremely important information.