Sex with Ethan and Grayson would include ♡

Request: ‘’What do you think Grayson and Ethan would be like in bed, like in detail??? xxx‘’

A/N: I think that the twins most of the time would be really gentle and passionate buttt also could be really rough and lowkey kinky when having sex. Because let’s face it: they’re sex gods and just from looking at them I get really turned on, lol. BUT I do think that Ethan is more into kinky stuff and Grayson into more romantic sex ;) Hope you enjoy xx


↪ Lots and looots of sex

↪ Sexting before as a warm up ;)

↪ He would be dominant af, but sometimes sub as well

↪ Lazy morning sex

↪ Rarely slow and passionate sex and most of the time really rough and maybe even kinky?

↪ You stripping down for him and he licking his lips when you do

↪ He would be the KING of foreplay (I mean looook at those fingers)

↪ Teasing the freaking fuck out of you until you’re almost begging him to fuck you

↪ Running his lips over your panties and pulling at the waist

↪ His lips on every centimeter of your body

↪ You pressing your mouth against his shoulder to keep yourself from crying out his name

↪ Lots of making out, and kisses everywhere!

↪ HICKIES and love bites on very visible places on your skin

↪ ‘’E, I can’t go out like this’’

↪ ‘‘Sure you can, everyone will know that you’re mine’’

↪ Him grabbing hungrily your ass and squeezing your boobs

↪ Sex in public bathrooms if he’s feeling very horny or jealous when he saw other guys staring at you

↪ Sooo much moaning and panting

↪ Him smirking when you moan SUPER loud (which is like all the time)

↪ Low and deep groans from him (just imagine this omg)

↪ Sweaty and hot skin

↪ SpANKinG


↪ Hair pulling !!

↪ Eye contact (SO sexy)

↪ Lots of dirty talk

↪ ‘‘Eyes on me’‘

 ↪ ‘‘Be quiet, babygirl’‘

↪ ‘’Yeah, you like that huh?’’

↪ Eating you out like 24/7

↪ Him biting his lips when he sees you reaching your orgasm

↪ Him begging you to give him a blowjob

↪ Taking turns in pleasing each other

↪ Letting you know that you’re the most beautiful girl in the world

↪ Really intense orgasms

↪ Experimenting with different positions

↪ Soft whimpers

↪ Him grabbing your waist when you climb on top of him

↪ Him getting even more stimulated and loving it when you scream his name

↪ Him breathing heavily and unsteady into your neck

↪ Holding your hand when you cum (when you have really passionate sex)


↪ Sex like ALL the time when you’re spending time just at home

↪ Usually it would be pretty spontaneous but sometimes he would prepare some things and put lots of effort into making it special, like:

↪ Your favorite music playing in the background, dimmed lights, scented candles

↪  Most of the time he would be really gentle and careful but sometimes it would be really fast and rough

↪ Again: FOREPLAYYY! Foreplay would for sure include fingering, teasing and touching you everywhere (because let’s face it: Gray is really touchy)

↪ I just know that Gray would be very good at foreplay (I mean LOOK at those fingers and big hands oh my)

↪ Shaky hands when you reach your orgasm and him holding them

↪ Tracing your skin with his soft fingertips

↪ Slow movements

↪ ‘’Just fuck me already’’

↪ ‘’Patience, baby’’

↪ Every little thing you would argue about would get heated and lead to sex

↪ Also A LOT OF make up sex

↪ Him admiring your body and smiling when you undress yourself

↪ Complimenting you on your cute lingerie

↪ And him taking forever to pull it off

↪ ‘’Need some help?’’

↪ ‘’I will treat you like the queen you are’’

↪ Lots of making out and sweet kisses

↪ Giggling all the time

 ↪ ALWAYS asking if you’re comfortable since he’s worried that he would hurt you

 ↪ ‘‘Are you sure you’re okay? Do I need to slow down?’’

↪ Sex in his new car, sex in the shower, sex at the beach, sex in the bath, sex against the wall… Literally everywhere as long as you’re okay with it

↪ You grabbing his muscular arms when you reach your climax

↪ Him grunting when he’s thrusting into you

↪ Offering blowjobs as favours

↪ Him saying ‘Babe, tonight is all about you’ but like, every night

↪ Neck kisses and leaving hickies there also

↪ He would get ten times more horny when he sees you getting an orgasm while closing your eyes

↪ Him whispering ‘come for daddy’ when holding your legs apart

↪ Multiple orgasms a night since he knows your body so well and the things you like

↪ Cuddling and more soft kisses afterwards and limbs tangled in the sheets

↪ Him calling you baby/babygirl/princess/love/darling

↪ So much intercourse

↪ Eating you out like everytime you guys have sex

↪ And when he does you stroke your hands through his fluffy hair

↪ Lots of ‘i love you’s

↪ Bruises on your hips from his tight grip

↪ You falling asleep on top of him after the sex

↪ Him being completely fine with that and whispering sweet nothings into your ear and stroking your back

【TRANS】 EXO - Touch It (Lyrics by CHEN)

No words can replace you
They are unnecessary
It cannot be expressed
I don’t need anything else if I just have you
Yes if I only have you
Your dizzying silhouette
Even your shadow is beautiful
All of your small actions that
Make me go crazy
When you slightly sweep your hair up
That sexy gesture gesture baby
Your gesture gesture
I lost my way when I was caught
By my attraction to you gesture gesture baby
My gesture gesture
Ay and she goes like nanana
Ay all the girls go nanana
Oh yeah
You in front of me now is absolutely
Feeling good now
Feeling good now
Yeah I’m feeling good now
But in my mind boom how should I say it
What what in my head black out uh
My imagination is awakened
I draw hundreds of figures of you
Your small motions all seem like your voice
When you slightly sweep your hair up
That sexy gesture gesture baby
Your gesture gesture
I lost my way when I was caught
By my attraction to you gesture gesture baby
My gesture gesture
All my ladies say yeah nanana
Ay with one voice feel me nanana
All my ladies say yeah nanana
Yo yo sing it again nanana
Why do we need a reason
It doesn’t need to be great
Just one of your trivial gestures
Torments me
You shake me babe
Oh you got what I want
Ay ay I only need you
That’s all babe
Oh you got what I want
Ay Ay just stay by my side
We don’t want to regret
I can’t help myself
Even if I don’t pretend to stay calm and let it show
I keep falling for you without knowing it
Gradually without you knowing
Your eyes are facing me
Did you think I didn’t know yeah
Tell me if you want me
When you slightly sweep your hair up
That sexy gesture gesture baby
Your gesture gesture
I lost my way when I was caught
By my attraction to you gesture gesture baby
My gesture gesture
Sing it sing it baby nanana
Ay c'mon c'mon do it again nanana
Do it together with me
Your white fingertips
Oh as if you’re teasing me
And sometimes as if you’re indifferent
Your gesture gesture to me
Make me dizzy
Show me a little more
Oh as if I pass by you
Watch it baby
Maybe I’ll get closer to you
Watch it baby
My gesture gesture
Will stop you stop you
trans: andie @ fychen ϟ please take out with full credit!

content (g.d.)

~HEY Y’ALL it’s ya girl back at it again with some more Grayson fluff. This one is kinda inspired by Ethan’s tweet about sleepy and delirious Gray. I’m hoping to write more often, it just takes a lil more for me to get inspired. OH and thank you guys so, SO much for all the positive feedback on my first Gray imagine, “take me there”. I’m so proud of it and I’m so happy you guys seem to enjoy it as well. :)

**No warnings (unless you wanna count Ethan’s dirty joke in the beginning)**

He was up pretty late last night, probably beating it to a picture of you or something, I dunno,” Ethan teased after letting you inside the apartment.

“Good lord, E,” you groaned with a scrunched face. You followed him past the kitchen and into the living room.

“I’m kidding loser,” he chuckled, plopping down on the couch and pressing play on the game he had paused to answer the door. “He was just up editing his part of the video for a long ass time last night. Although he probably did do the other thing. Wouldn’t put it past him.”

“Ethan!” You scolded, soliciting a laugh from your boyfriend’s brother.

“Just being truthful, cupcake,” he shrugged, not taking his eyes off his game. You scoffed and jokingly shoved his head as you walked past him (ignoring his whines that you made him mess up his game or whatever) and made your way to Grayson’s room, quietly opening and closing the door behind you. You leaned against the door and sighed in sympathy and love as you laid eyes on his sleeping figure.

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The Void Inside Me (NSFW 18+)

A/N: This idea was sprouted by one of those ads we’re the two people are texting about something really agnsty or suspenseful and you have to download the app to see the whole story. I loved the idea so much and thought no one would be more suited for it than Void. I want to thank @writing-obrien for seriously helping me out with this when I was completely stumped. Also @celestial-writing because this fic would not be finished if it weren’t for her motivating me to push through up until the very end. And @sarcasticallystilinski too for all her feedback. I think they all edited this at some point too so thank you beautiful babes, I love you all more than most. Lastly, Koneko is Japanese for kitten so says google translater. I’m sorry if I got that wrong.

Warnings: Smut; choking.

Word Count: 6860


Originally posted by teendeucalion

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Hey guys! 

So I’m reopening commissions, but only simple bust sketches! Anything would help! Commission info is simple, so keep reading below to learn more! Thanks kids!

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Requested: Please do some daddy Shawn.

A/N: I don’t know why I try writing fluffy things, because they’re awful most times. I also changed the lyrics of LOFP a little, sorry.

Word count: 2,066

A faint noise rang in my ears, but not nearly loud enough to pulled me out of my heavy sleep. Only seconds later, I felt the faint squeezes on my arms. When I finally managed to open them, the room was too dark for me to see anything properly.

I rubbed my sleepy eyes, feeling just how sore they were. I blinked a few times, before finally being able to see shadows in the dark bedroom.

“Daddy, daddy” she cried again, forcing down my gaze.

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my girlfriend steals all my clothes… literally takes a new shirt back w her to Miami every time she leaves

and like I get that you like it when I’m naked babe but all you gotta do is ask I’m gonna be cold w this empty closet your leaving me w here


Hey lovelies! Ever since I made my first favorites page,I have discovered more amazing and beautiful blogs which I adore and even made so many new friends on here.That is why I have decided to make a new favorites page to showcase these lovely blogs.I hope you all like it :)

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That’s all babes! Good luck to you all :)

- Love, Ayesha x

NurseyWeek Prompt #3 - Challenge.

“Oh, it is fucking on, bros,” Lardo shouts over the incessant thumping of the bass. “You two are going to get obliterated.” She points an emphatic finger at Ransom and Holster, who stand shoulder to shoulder on the other side of the beer pong table. Holster cups his hand over his chin, rubbing it thoughtfully, and side-eyes Ransom.

“She shouldn’t be able to say words like ‘obliterated’ three cups of tub juice in,” he says. Ransom is just beginning to nod in agreement when he’s beaned smack in the middle of his forehead with a ping pong ball. Holster gets hit in the same spot half a second later, sending both of them reeling back, spluttering.

“You know, I figured four years was enough time for the two of you to learn not to underestimate my abilities,” Lardo says, tossing another ping pong ball up in the air. She cocks an eyebrow and catches the ball, meeting their gazes. “My mistake. Clearly, you need another lesson.”

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Jack Maynard Imagine - Sneaky (SMUT)

When you first moved to London from Wiltshire into your older brother’s flat, the last thing you expected was to catch feelings for one of his best friends. 

You would be lying if you said Joe hadn’t warned you about dating any of his mates. At first, it had just been a joke, a silly little thing to tease you and annoy you. But as he saw you getting closer and closer to Josh, Conor and Jack, he backed up on his joke-y tone. 

He wasn’t worried that much about your friendship with Conor and Josh, mainly because deep inside he knew they only looked at you as a friend. And if they happened to have any sort of romantic feelings towards you, he knew they’d hold them back, or at least ask him for approval- because you were his little sister and Joe was one of his best mates.

But when it came to Jack Maynard, Joe couldn’t relax. It wasn’t like he didn’t like him; he was one of his closest friends after all. Maybe that’s why he suffered, because he knew Jack’s past concerning relationship, and although he was a good person, he was not as good with feelings. And he was scared he’d break your vibrant heart, the one he had taken care of for so many years.

But he had seen you together on both of your channels, and he couldn’t deny there was something about your relationship that was almost drawing. He noticed that your personalities were in fact more similar than he had thought at first. He also noticed you always ended up crying of laughter when you were with him, and seeing you happy made him happy.

Yet it was still Jack Maynard he was talking about. Joe, as the observant brother he was, knew that you needed lots of sweet behaviours and cuddles to function, and he doubted Jack could give you that. So he had that tiny hope, that perfect plan which would constist of you forgetting all about him because he was too cold-hearted for your taste.

But his plan never met reality.

A few months ago, in one of Gleam’s fancy parties on a big mannor lost in the middle of the forest, he had seen you kissing him at the isolated back garders. At first he had exploded with rage. He had warned his idiotic friends - especially that idiot - not to lay a hand on his sister, ever. Yet there he was, his full lips covering yours, your tiny and fragile body wrapped under his hands. And Joe was livid.

He decided not to tell anybody that he had caught you, though. He thought it was a smart move, to keep an eye on Jack and you, and look at you suspiciously, until you’d finally admit what he had seen with his own eyes. But although Jack and you started officially dating a few days after your first kiss, it was still a secret to everyone else. Especially to your brother. 

Now, as you sat in the back seat of Conor’s Range Rover, Josh between Jack and you, you got the sudden feeling that maybe a weekend off camping with your brother and your secret boyfriend wasn’t such a great idea. 

“How long until we get there?” Josh asked Conor, who was currently driving. Joe and him had just switched seats.

“Half an hour, I believe” he answered back. 

“Mikey just texted me saying they’re stopping because Caspar wants to fucking pee” Jack said, getting loud groans from both Josh and Joe. Oli, Mikey, Caspar and all your belongings were in Caspar’s car behind yours.

“I need to stretch my legs so badly” you commented, as you pushed Josh aside “You’re literally too fucking big to be in the backseat, between two other people”

Josh laughed, throwing himself at you jokingly. You let out a scream as he crushed your petite body “Careful” Jack and Joe said at the same time, making your cheeks go a tone redder. You saw Joe giving him a weird look from the rear mirror. 

“She’s alright” Josh said, sitting back up. He ruffled your hair, making you giggle. 

“I still don’t know why I agreed to let you come with these idiots” Joe told you, half joking. 

“I’m my own person, Joe. Get over it” you answered bitterly, getting loud cheers from the boys. Joe simply looked out of the window, and said nothing.

For the past few weeks, you had noticed a change in Joe’s behaviour towards you. And you were annoyed. He was more bitter, worrying about where you were and what time you were coming home, although he had never cared so much about it before. But you weren’t stupid, you knew he was up to something. You suspected he knew about Jack and you, but you hoped you were wrong. He had warned you about Jack when you first met him, and of course you hadn’t listened.

Then again, Jack didn’t turn out to be as bad as your brother had told you. Before your first kiss, you had been really close friends, and he had always cared for you and your well-being. Joe knew about that time Jack punched a guy in the jaw at the club because he didn’t leave you alone - so what did he have to say against him?

Jack as a boyfriend was the sweetest you had ever imagined him to be. He always wanted a cuddle, or a kiss on the tip of his nose. He treated you like a princess, roses and bubble baths included. If Joe knew about that side of Jack, he’d be more than delighted  with your relationship. But you thought that maybe he was too stubborn to see it, and so you decided not to mention that particular aspect of your social life to him.

When you got to the camping site, it was almost dinner time. Caspar and the rest arrived twenty minutes after you, but you couldn’t really start putting up the tents because everything was on his car. So you just hung out in the cafeteria, laughing at some random video Josh had put on his phone. 

“Took you guys long enough” Conor laughed as he went straight for the bags. 

You walked behind him to grab the tents, which turned out to weight a ton more than you expected. You were struggling to get them out of the trunk until you suddenly felt them getting a lot lighter. 

“Lemme carry them, babe” Jack said, putting both tent bags under his armpits. You thanked him with a smile.

“Joe! Jack just called your sister ‘babe’!” you heard Caspar shout in the middle of the parking lot, and you immediately wanted to punch him.

“You better back up if you don’t want your balls cut off, buddy” Oli commented, not being able to supress a laugh as he grabbed the last bag and closed the boot.

Caspar walked by your side and rubbed your head “You know I love you, Y/N” he smiled, and you rolled your eyes “You have to admit that Joe’s reaction at the posibility of you getting rid of the Sugg and replacing it with Maynard is pretty funny, tho” he laughed.

You blushed “Stop it, Caspar” You could see Jack smiling by the corner of your eye. 

“Oooh, someone’s blushing” Mikey commented in his usual too-loud-voice, and you rolled your eyes again and walked away from the boys, trying to forget the awkward situation you had just been in. 

Soon enough it was right past midnight, and you were all chilling out in the moonlight. Conor started telling stories about famous people who turned out to be quite the assholes, and not long after that Caspar had fallen asleep.  You were sitting besides Jack with your feet over his legs, feeling the burning look of Joe’s eyes in your own. But you didn’t want to look at him. 

“Shit” you muttered as your hand blindly tried to grab something from inside your bag that obviously wasn’t there “I think I forgot my portable phone charger in your car, Con” you told him. 

“No prob” his hand went to the bottom of his jeans before he tossed the car keys at you.

Just when you were standing up, you felt Jack getting up again. You gave him a weid look “You’re not going by yourself, it’s pitch dark” he said, and all you wanted to do was to kiss him right there. Sometimes you wished everyone knew, so you didn’t have to hide to act couple-ish.

But as soon as you made sure you were out of their sight, you threw yourself at Jack and wrapped your legs around his torso. He laughed before pressing your lips together hungrily, your tongues already fighting for dominance. He let yours win this time.

“I’ve been dying to kiss you all fucking day” he whispered in your ear, the hot steam coming out of his mouth setting you off. He started working his way up your neck as he carried you towards the car. 

You let out a small moan as he sucked on your special spot, and dug your fingernails on his shoulder blades. He groaned in response, and attacked your lips again. Soon enough your back was pressed against Conor’s car’s bonnet.

“I want you so bad right now, Jack” you almost pleaded, as his hands travelled to the zip of your shorts.

“I’ve been wanting to get rid of these all day, babe. You have no idea” he whispered roughly. Suddenly, you felt a big ball of pressure between your legs, as Jack introduced two fingers inside you, already thrusting in and out rapildy. You let out a high-pitched cry.

Jack looked around “Get inside the car” There were not many vehicles around, and definetly no one out there. But the last thing he wanted was for someone to walk into the parking lot - seeing his luck that someone would be Joe - and catching you having sex against a Range Rover. 

You did as he told you, your jeans barely hanging on your hips anymore. You thanked god the backseat of Conor’s car was big enough. Jack immediately took your shorts off, and then your lacy underwear he loved so much to tease you over. But he knew he didn’t have much time, and he wanted you so badly.

You let out a loud whimper as you felt his tongue sucking on your clit, his strong hands holding your hips tightly. You arched your back as your hands looked for something to grab. They finally went to his hair. 

“Jack” you screamed, your voice breaking as he introduced yet another finger inside you. Ever since that morning, you had wanted no more than to be all over him like when you were alone in your apartment. You loved Jack’s sweet and loving side, but you would be lying if you said his rough and dominant side didn’t get you every time. His touch was your weakness, and he knew it. 

Eventually, the emptiness he left when he removed his mouth from you  was replaced with his lenght. He let out a loud groan as he pulled in, giving neither of you enough time to adjust to the new feeling.

It took you long enough to actually have sex once you started dating. At first it was because both of you were literally too busy to see each other - Jack also travelled quite frequently to Brighton to film whatever his secret project was. So the first time you properly slept together, it was a mix of lust and desire. Because you had wanted to see how good he was in bed for a long time, and he just couldn’t resist the thought of you lying naked under his body.

He started thrusting faster, making you scream like you never had before. You felt the car starting to move up and down, and you hoped there was no one in the parking lot at that exact moment. You prayed for that someone not to be Joe. You let out the loudest scream as you reached your high, your fingernails pressed against his back, not being able to breathe properly anymore. You cried his name.

He hugged your torso as he came not long after you, pulling you into his lap so you were straddling him. He thrusted into you a few times before you felt your walls clentching again, and you suddenly felt him filling you completely. He groaned as he hid his face on the crook of your neck, still holding you “I needed you so bad, Y/N” he whispered “I couldn’t take it anymore”

You let out a small laugh. You kissed the top of his head before it hit you “Do you realise we just had sex in the back of your brother’s car?”

“Way to ruin the moment”

You burst out laughing before releasing yourself from him. He pulled you in for a deep kiss “I love you, idiot” he said, making you blush.

“I love you too, silly” 

You put on your shorts before making your way to the camping site again, hoping you hadn’t taken too much time on the car, or else it would rise some suspicions. Sure enough, when you got back to the tents, only Conor, Joe and Oli were still outside.

“Damn, did you go back to London to get the bloody charger?” Oli asked you, and suddenly you realised you hadn’t even cared to take the charger. You mentally slapped yourself.

“I couldn’t find it” you said, throwing the car keys to Conor. You locked eyes quickly with your brother, and that’s when you knew that he knew. 

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to bed” Oli said, clapping Joe’s back, who was next to him “See you in the morning, babes” he laughed before getting inside his tent. You then noticed there were only two tents left, and four of you out there.  

You looked at Joe “Am I sleeping with you?” you asked him, thinking it was the most likely option. You had shared a bed with him before, after all.

“No” he said “You and Jack are sleeping together” 

You froze, making Conor burst out laughing. You looked at Jack, who was indeed as confused as you were “I mean, it doesn’t take a scientist to know that you guys have a thing going on” the oldest Maynard said, making your heart jump.

“What.. How do you know?” you mid-whispered, looking directly at your brother, not even bothering to deny it anymore “How…? What the hell, Joe”

Joe smiled for the first time. It was a small smile, but you were finally calm “I’ve known for a couple of weeks now” he said “I caught you guys kissing at that Gleam party a few months ago, and then again like, two and a half weeks ago” he confessed.

“I caught you yesterday” Conor laughed “I immediately texted Joe as the good brother I am”

Jack rolled his eyes, but smiled because he wouldn’t have to pretend not wanting to kiss you every minute from that moment on “Are you mad?” you timidly asked Joe. He shook his head.

“I mean, I’d probably choose the other Maynard if I were you” he joked, making both Conor and Jack laugh “But  if this idiot over here treats you well and loves you, then I have nothing to say” he said, making you blush.

“We are all gonna be family!” Conor shouted excitedly, pinching Joe’s side repeatedly.

“Are Jack and Y/N having babies yet?” Caspar asked, his voice coming from inside the tent he was sharing with Josh.

“Hey, hey, I said nothing about babies” Joe said, before he laughed with Conor. You were glad he had taken it so well. You suddenly felt Jack’s arms around you, pressing you against his warm body. 

He whispered into your ear “Why don’t we go inside and finish what we left off at the car?”

“Sneaky bastard” you mumbled before plating a loud kiss on his lips.

“Wait” Conor said as you were getting inside the tent. But you were too impatient to listen to whatever he had to say “Did I just hear ‘car’? Fucking shit, you better didn’t do anything disgusting on my baby, I swear to god” he fake cried.

You both laughed as you pressed your lips together once more. Oh Conor, only if you knew. 

Yandere Young Justice S1 Boys

Dick Grayson

  • Sneaky little shit.

  • Hacks into your phone, computer, tablet, CCTV. Just to check up on you.

  • Will send you flowers to your school.

  • Every time it’s from a secret admirer.

  • Going out on a date?

  • Think again.

  • Something bad always seems to happen on your dates.

  • Rumors spread in school that you are a bad luck charm.

  • When all your friend starts avoiding you that’s when he swings into your life.

  • It’s late at night and you’re apartments fire exit.

  • On twitter you see your ex-friends having a fun time at a party you weren’t invited to.

  • Robin lands on the fire exit.

  • “What’s a pretty girl like you doing alone on a Friday night?”

  • You’re surprised to see Robin but quickly pull yourself out of it.

  • “I’m bad luck to be around. You problem shouldn’t be around me.”

  • “I’ll be the judge of that.”

  • From then on Robin always comes to visit you at night.

Wally West

  • Still his normal flirty self.

  • However, he kicks it up more for you.

  • If you deny him he pouts.

  • He hates other guys around you.

  • Calls you his girl and babe all the time.

  • Will do you science homework for you.

  • He uses his speed to give you kisses on the cheek.

  • Starts to stalks you.

  • Uses his speed to his advantage.

Conner Kent

  • This boy is so fucking possessive.

  • Someone messing with you?

  • When Conner finds out they end up in the ER.

  • Say goodbye to friends because all your lunches and free time are spent with him.

  • Still trying to figure out his own strength.

  • So he might accidentally hurt you.

  • Huge anger problem.

  • So watch what you say or do around him.

  • He will lash out at you.


  • Boy worships you.

  • Anything you want he will get for you.

  • You are his one and only.

  • He is so patient with you.

  • If you’re human and love to swim. He loves you even more.

  • He will let you have some interaction with your friends.

  • Can get jealous.

  • Knows it not your fault.

  • Will beat up anyone who hurts you.

amitcanthandleit  asked:

Hi there, I live for your writing💖💖💖💖 so I was hopping that you could make a hadcanon for the rfa+v+saran+vanderwod. If they were on the beach with mc who's doing some back taning when some kid stole her top. What would they do? Sorry if my English is not the best...

Hello @amitcanthandleit ! :) 

Oh my God this was so fun to write, thank you! 😄 I’m not super familiar with the minor trio yet, so let me know if I got some of their traits/reactions wrong 😄 Enjoy!

(Your english is fine btw! Don’t tell yourself otherwise :) )


  • Super excited to go to the beach with you like he’s already thinking about all the fun you guys will have
  • But after some fun under the sun, you tell him you want to work on your tan and you ask him to apply some sunscreen on your back
  • Turns into a stuttering, blushing mess
  • Specially when you untie the strings of your bikini top and lie down on your stomach
  • You put aside your top and Yoosung is so tense, he doesn’t know where to look
  • But theeeen a little kid runs over and grabs your top and Yoosung panics
  • He stumbles over his own feet trying to catch the kid
  • But when he finally does, he starts screaming at the kid and the kid starts to cry
  • Ends up apologizing and comforting the kid ;;;
  • When he comes back, he’s exhausted but hey, he got your top back
  • The next time you guys go to the beach and you want to work on your back tan, he makes sure to stay close to you and hang on to your top at all times


  • Babe, you can’t go to the beach wearing a bikini”
  • “All men are wolves, babe” ;;; specially me
  • He doesn’t really stop you though, because he wants you to wear what you like
  • He has to constantly remind himself to push the beast back inside its cage
  • He’s oblivious to the looks that girls are giving him because he’s worried that other guys might try to make moves on his princess
  • He goes to buy you guys some cold shakes and doesn’t bother making small talk with the people who are trying to get his attention
  • Is actually impatient because he wants to get back to you ASAP
  • When he comes back and sees you laying on your stomach and your top on the towel beside you, he freaks out
  • As he was putting down the drinks though, a kid snatches your top and runs away
  • Thanks to all his exercises, Zen runs after the kid and catches him in no time
  • Sternly lectures the kid and runs back to you
  • “Zen the knight to the rescue!”
  • He returns your top and when you’ve put it back on, he holds you close and tells you he’ll always be there to protect you and keep you safe
  • Keeps your top safe next time you guys go to the beach


  • You want to go to the beach? Arranges for a trip to his own private island (what else do you expect from him? ;;;)
  • You want to tan without your top? Go ahead, there won’t be anybody around since he owns the island
  • Even his bodyguards are instructed not to come near the area where you’re tanning
  • Of course you didn’t really get to work on your tan much, since your husband kept distracting you with “accidental” brushes to your body
  • And he’s actually the one who steals your top and refuses to give it back until he gets what he wants wink wink
  • “I think we should do this more often, darling. It’s quite refreshing.”

Note: For me, Jumin’s more conservative when he’s around other people because of who he is and the image he needs to maintain sooo he wouldn’t really allow his wife to go to a public beach and remove her top but we all know what he’s like when nobody’s watching ;)


  • You’re going to the beach? Yahoo!!!!!
  • Is super excited because he rarely got out of the house before he met you
  • This guy will probably bring water guns and inflatables to the beach :))
  • When you tell him you want to work on your tan, he gives you a salute and puts the robot cat right in front of you
  • “Saeyoung, is that the one that breathes fire?”
  • “I have no idea what you’re talking about MC!!!!”
  • You take off your top and lie down and begin to relax when you hear kids shouting and crying
  • “Saeyoung, what was that?”
  • Apparently a couple of kids were making a bet about who could steal your top and get away with it
  • So when they got too close Saeyoung held up his water gun and sprayed them
  • With PhD Pepper
  • And when their parents came by demanding to know who made their kids cry
  • “Sensing threat. I will self-destruct in 10 seconds unless you apologize meow~ 10…9…8…”
  • “Saeyoung no, turn it off!”
  • “I can’t, MC! It’s gonna blow!!!!”
  • The parents are terrified and run away
  • But they tell the cops
  • It’s a good thing you can run as fast as Saeyoung
  • You never go back to that beach again in case someone recognizes Saeyoung and calls the cops again ;;;;


  • He’s heard of the beach but has never been there so he’s a bit nervous
  • Specially since you’re only wearing a bikini
  • Specially when you ask him to put sunscreen on your back
  • Oh boy, he turns red and avoids looking at you while he’s slathering your back with sunscreen
  • And then you untie your bikini top to start tanning and he goes red and sort of angry like MC must you really do this???
  • Is silently fuming because he doesn’t want anybody else to see his girlfriend’s body when this kid rushes over to steal your top
  • But Searan has lightning fast reflexes
  • Grabs the boy by the back of the neck and gives him a death glare
  • Doesn’t even need to say anything, the boy just shit his one-piece swimsuit
  • You don’t know what to feel because your boyfriend saved you but at the same time the little boy ran away crying and smelling really bad
  • Nobody even dares to look in your direction, they’re too scared of the looks Saeran’s giving them ;;;
  • Relieved when you finally put your top back on and takes you home, telling you he never wants you to go to the beach again


  • It’s been a while since he’s been to the beach and he’s really excited to take a lot of photos of the scenery and of course, you
  • His eyesight still isn’t so good and he brings his cane to the beach but you still have fun with him and you make sure he doesn’t leave your sight
  • When you two are relaxing, you ask him to apply sunscreen to your back
  • He’s actually fine with applying sunscreen on your back since he doesn’t want his beloved to get sunburnt, specially since you only had on bikini
  • But when you tell him you’re taking off your top he turns red and immediately averts his gaze
  • But still, he can’t resist taking a photo of you lying on your tummy under the sun, looking so serene
  • Until he hears fast footsteps coming closer to you
  • He turns just in time to see a kid snatching your bikini top
  • And he couldn’t run after the kid because he couldn’t see well
  • Lets you wear one of his shirts and you had to cross your arms as you guys go to a stall that sells swimwear
  • Apologizes profusely afterwards and but you just shrug it off and you guys laugh about it after


  • You manage to get him to agree to take you to the beach
  • But he immediately regrets it
  • MC, stahp
  • Loosen up a little, Vanderwood
  • Only one thing can be loose here, MC, and I’d rather it not be your top!!!
  • Stress level: 1000/10
  • Acts like he doesn’t care that you’re topless beside him but is actually surveying the area for guys who are looking your way
  • He doesn’t notice that girls are ogling him too because of course he’s ripped, he used to be a secret agent!
  • You’re about to put your top back on when a kid runs over and steals your top
  • Vanderwood is on his feet and tackles the poor kid to the ground
  • “You wanna get tasered, kid???”
  • Gets back your top and acts like it wasn’t a big deal but is actually panicking inside like what if I hadn’t gotten her top back on time oh my God
  • But when you thank him and kiss his cheek, this cutie just looks away but you don’t miss the slight blush on his cheeks
Best Undressed: Josh Dun smut

Y/N: Sorry I fell off the face of the earth. I was super busy and I still kind of am but I’m going to just see where this goes and keep doing requests and stuff whenever I get a chance. Okay love you all xoxo

Anonymous said:
concept: y/n is supposed to have dinner with tyler and jenna but while y/n is trying to get dressed, every time y/n puts something on, josh takes something else off…?

*female reader, smut

Water rushed down against your skin, hair tousled between your fingers, soapy suds sliding down your back, steam rising from the shower, your lips pressed together, eyes closed, humming a soft tune of a song your boyfriend had been caught listening to earlier that day. Warm showers were always something you enjoyed, the way the water glided down your body, messy hair cascading down your shoulders, steamy hot air surrounding you, able to close your eyes and be alone. Although you had enjoyed some pretty amazing shower sessions with your boyfriend Josh in the past, you had to admit that sometimes being alone was just as pleasurable.

As you rinsed yourself off and stepped out of the shower, you looked in the mirror, drawing a smiley face in the foggy glass simply for your own amusement, then snatching a towel and wrapping it around your body. You walked out of the bathroom and stepped into your bedroom, picking up your phone and eyes going wide. “Fuck,” you gasped.

“Something wrong, sweetheart?” Josh raised an eyebrow, turning around to reveal his outfit, a fine tuxedo with a tie to match your outfit. “Oh gosh.”

“Yeah,” you gulped nervously. “I’m going to make us so fucking late. In fact, I think we already are. Geez, I am so sorry.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Josh reassured.

“Not it’s not,” you argued, crossing your arms over your chest. “Dammit I even called to make sure you were already dressed when you came home from work and that I’d be ready for you to pick me up and I just feel-”

“Sweetie, it’s fine. Really,” Josh insisted, sitting on the edge of the bed across from where you were standing, nervously biting your lower lip. “We have dinner with Tyler and Jenna every month. I’m sure being a little late once won’t totally ruin our relationship with them. They’re very forgiving.”

“No, no, no,” you shook your head, closing your eyes tight, cursing yourself over and over in your head. “You don’t understand. Jenna’s been trying to get these reservations for months. It’s one of the fanciest restaurants in town and they’re constantly busy, I can’t believe I’m already running late.”

“Y/n, trust me. It’s going to be okay,” Josh explained.

“Why didn’t you knock on the door and tell me?” you groaned.

“I just got home,” he told you. “I thought you were just in the bathroom or something. I didn’t know you were taking a shower.”

“I’m so screwed,” you muttered under your breath, running a hand through your hair. “Please call Tyler and tell him we’re on our way. I’ve got to get dressed.”

“Babe,” Josh eyed you up and down slowly. “I’m telling you, honest, it’s fine.”

“Shut up and call him,” you insisted, rushing over to your closet and trying to find the dress you had agreed on wearing for over a week now. Your stupid ass ruined everything, and it was something you and Jenna had planned for almost forever, everything down to the smallest detail. You felt like crying, but forced yourself to suck it up, try to clear your mind, forget about it, and instead, use as much time as you had right now to change things and make it right. You were so angry at yourself, knowing you had already fucked everything up. You fumbled for the dress, finally picking the hanger out of the closet and taking a step back when you felt two arms snake around your hips, pulling your back so it was pressed against his chest.

“I think you need to lose the towel, sweetheart,” Josh whispered in your ear.

“I think you need to prioritize,” you narrowed your eyes, turning around and pushing him back.

“I am,” he nodded. “You’ve always been my number one priority.”

“Jenna’s going to be pissed,” you grumbled.

“No she’s not,” he rolled his eyes. You discarded your towel and Josh instantly smirked, eyes gazing at your exposed body. “Besides, we’re already late anyways.”

“Exactly. That means we need to hurry the hell up,” you argued. You paced over to the dresser, tugging it open and bending down to pick up your bra and underwear, Josh raising his eyebrows and eyeing you carefully. “Oh stop it. We don’t have time for this.”

“We always have time for this,” Josh reminded. You glared at him and slid on your panties, watching as he skillfully removed his tie from around his neck, then the suit jacket.

“We’re supposed to be getting dressed,” you snapped, fixing on your bra as he began to unbutton his shirt. “Not undressed.”

“I know,” he shrugged, undoing the last button and tossing the dress shirt across the bed.

“Josh,” you hissed, grabbing your dress and stepping into it, pulling it up towards your body as he unbuckled his pants, unzipping them, slowly sliding them down as you adjusted your dress. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“You tell me,” he winked, kicking off his pants and walking over to you slowly.

“Joshua,” you stated his name more forcefully this time, trying to stay serious and angry. “Put on your goddamn clothes. We’re so fucking late.” It took every particle within your being not to stop and stare at his chest, the way his muscles accentuated his tattoo sleeve, how wonderful he looked, how you just wanted to run your hands down his skin and kiss him all over. No, you couldn’t think about that. You had to get to the restaurant and you needed to do it now.

“Mmm I think I’d rather stay in for the night,” he insisted. “I mean, my clothes are off, I’m kind of comfortable, and you look really lovely in that dress. Kind of makes me want to see what’s underneath again, for a longer period of time than the last maybe. I mean, you did get dressed sort of quick-”

“Goodness gracious, Josh!” you finally lost it, rage boiling up inside of you, fists clenched at your sides. “We plan a dinner for how many weeks and then we can’t even get there on time, much less get dressed? This is ridiculous!”

“You’re cute when you’re angry,” he smiled, managing to somehow look past all the fury overflowing from inside you.

“Shut up,” you maintained your glare, glancing down for a split second to realize he had a hard on before flickering your eyes up to meet his, still trying to fight the temptation.

“Come on baby, you know you want to,” he sighed, slowly moving his hand down his chest to his boxers. He dipped his thumb underneath the fabric, outlining the waistband, slowly moving it lower, exposing his hips. “I’m already hard.”

“Fuck it,” you instantly placed your lips on his, both of you sharing an open mouthed, passionate, desperate kiss. He quickly went to work on the zipper of your dress, tugging down the fabric and picking you up out of it, placing you onto the mattress of the bed and laying down on top of you.

“Shouldn’t have even bothered getting dressed,” he mumbled in between greedy kisses.

“I should’ve known,” you chuckled, kissing him one last time before his lips trailed down your neck, nipping at your skin and gliding his tongue across the pain and replacing it with pleasure, leaving hickeys as he traveled towards your breasts, unhooking your bra and sliding that off of your shoulders before grazing his teeth past one of your nipples, massaging your other breast with his hand.

“So beautiful,” he barely breathed as he placed kisses on your chest.

“Shit,” you gasped, tilting your head back into the pillows as he started to move lower, palms slowly gliding down your stomach, pressing soft kisses to your belly, then your waist, and lower, until his thumbs hooked the waistband of your panties and slid them down. Before you could even say another word his mouth was on your core, licking stripes up and down your folds, making you let out a loud moan. “Holy fuck, Josh.”

“That’s right, y/n,” he mumbled, moving his hand over your entrance and slowly inserting a finger, pumping it in and out, flicking his tongue against your skin. “Say my name.”

“Oh god, Josh,” you moaned even louder, him inserting another finger and picking up the pace, his tongue tracing circles over your clit, making you grab fistfuls of his hair, tugging at it desperately. You were so close to cumming when he pulled away, making you whimper for more, and he licked his lips, smirking as he slowly sucked your fluids off his fingers, remaining eye contact with you the entire time.

“You want this, baby?” he stroked a hand over his clothed cock. “You sure you don’t want to go to the dinner? I mean, if you really insist, I’m pretty sure you were set on going. I’m sure we can just-”

“No,” you shook your head. “Josh, don’t tease me.”

“I don’t know,” he looked away innocently. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s best we just go back, apologize, still try to make it.”

“Shut up,” you demanded, turning him over onto the mattress so you were straddling his hips, tugging down his boxers and sliding them off his ankles, tossing them off of the bed. “I want to fuck you so bad. You keep tempting me, keep teasing me, I can’t take it anymore. I need you.”

“Then do it,” he stared at me, brown eyes intimidating and overwhelming yet so fucking tempting. “If you want it so badly babe, all you need to do is fuck me. Fuck me good and fuck me hard.”

“Whatever you say,” you smirked, carefully taking his dick in your hands and lining him up with your entrance before pushing down, sliding every inch inside of you, gasping and tilting your head up, listening to Josh let out a soft moan.

“Oh fuck y/n,” he bit down on his lower lip. “Ride me, baby. Fuck me so good.”

“You don’t have to say it twice,” you narrowed your eyes, thrusting your hips and pushing him even deeper, moving up and down. His hands gripped your waist, pushing you faster, harder, putting you at an even quicker pace. With every thrust you grew closer, your legs trembling, gasps and moans starting to get harder to restrain. Josh was a mess too, and you could feel from the way his movements began to get sloppy, more desperate, both of you barely hanging on.

“Shit,” he moaned as you both orgasmed, riding out waves of euphoria as you both came, your sweaty and exhausted body soon collapsing on top of his, the two of you trying to regain a steady breath. “Dammit you feel so good, y/n.”

“Totally worth it,” you let out a light chuckle, his arms wrapping around you and placing a soft kiss to your forehead. “What are we going to tell Tyler and Jenna though?”

“We’ll figure something out,” Josh reassured. Just then, his phone rang from the nightstand and you both stared at it. “Maybe I should get it. It’s Tyler after all.”

“Yeah,” you sighed, reaching for it and then handing it to Josh. You were surprised there weren’t any missed phone calls or texts.

“Hey Ty, look I’m so sorry-” Josh began to say but Tyler was already speaking.

“I’m so sorry, look, Jenna and I got a little distracted and I guess we weren’t keeping track of time. We didn’t make it to the reservations, I’m so sorry dude, you must’ve been waiting forever,” Tyler quickly explained. Josh blinked for a few seconds, staring at you and then laughing. “Wait. You’re not mad?”

“It’s kind of a funny story,” Josh stifled a laugh. “Me and y/n never ended up making it either. We sort of had the same predicament you guys did.”

“Ah, I’m not sure it was quite the same,” Tyler insisted with a small chuckle. “I’m sure you both had quite the uh, distraction though, too.”

“Believe me, I did,” Josh grinned. “Anyways, we’ll do dinner some other time I’m guessing?”

“Sure,” Tyler decided. “Anyways, you two enjoy your uh, whatever it is you’re doing.”

“Why? What were you two doing?” Josh raised an eyebrow inquisitively.

“Watching a movie,” Tyler stuttered.

“You sure it was a movie?” Josh persisted.

“Oh shut up,” Tyler argued, you could practically hear the eye roll from on the other side of the line. “Dinner next week work for you?”

“Yeah,” Josh nodded. “See you later.” He hung up the phone and then set it on the night stand before turning towards you again.

“So, we’ve got the rest of the night to ourselves I assume?” you asked.

“You bet your ass we do,” Josh smiled. “You know what that means?”

“We put our clothes back on like normal people and go out to dinner ourselves?” you raised an eyebrow. “Come on, Josh. I didn’t buy that dress for nothing.”

“You always looked best undressed, sweetheart,” he insisted. “I was thinking something a little different.”

“Then what?” you narrowed your eyes.

“I was thinking we should just stay in for the night,” he winked. “That means we have time for round two.”

cassiebones  asked:

Okay but Lena being convinced that she’s dating Kara and holding her hand and cuddling with her and Kara thinks that they’re just friends so she doesn’t think it’s odd until one day Lena pecks her goodbye and calls her “babe” and Kara practically combusts on the spot and is like “what? Oh ok...”

It’s not that she doesn’t want to be dating Lena.

She does.

Rao, she does.

But Lena’s called them friends before, and to Kara, that means that she only wants to be friends.


So Kara lets herself love Lena the best way she can. 

In all ways.

But only as her friend.

So certain things… certain things stay in her imagination.

And she thinks it’s her imagination when one day, Lena kisses her on the cheek – Kara’s heart leaps, as it always does – and tells her, “see you tonight, babe.”




Kara’s heart leaps and it twitches and for a moment, she’s flying. 

She must have misheard.

Or maybe she hallucinated.

Maybe there’s something in her brain that’s being attacked by some alien, maybe she should get herself to the DEO, maybe –

“Kara? All good?” Lena asks, and Lena is touching her arm, and her face is so close, and her breath smells of red wine and perfection and –

“Lena, I… did you… I… you know what, never mind, yes, yeah, later, dinner plans, our dinner plans, I’ll see you for them. For the dinner plans, yes.”

The skin behind Lena’s eyes scrunches slightly and normally Kara finds it attractive but today it’s increasing her panic, her confusion.

Her being convinced that she’s having some alien-induced visions, because Lena Luthor cannot possibly have just called her – 

“Babe, what is it? Did I… did I do something wrong?”

And now Kara’s stomach really sinks, because that’s worry in Lena’s voice, that’s panic in Lena’s eyes, and suddenly both of Kara’s hands are on her upper arms because no, no, no, she cannot panic like this, question herself like this, not because of Kara.

“No, Lena, of course not, I just…” She steels herself and she breathes and she lets herself fall, just for a moment, into Lena’s eyes. “You called me ‘babe.’ And I… no, no, shh, it wasn’t wrong, you didn’t do anything wrong, Lena, I… it felt nice, but I… maybe it felt… too nice, or… I don’t know what I’m saying, I’m sorry, I – “

“No, Kara, please, tell me. Whatever it is you’re thinking, I want to know, so we can deal with it. That’s what relationships are built on, right? Communication, and… and trust?”

“Rela… friendships. Friendships, huh?” Kara chuckles and adjusts her glasses.

Lena squints.

“Kara, if calling you babe is too fast, that’s fine, that’s okay. Or… or if you’d prefer another pet name… I often think of you as… as my darling, in my head, if you’d prefer that to babe… I just… I thought… I’m sorry, Kara, truly, I didn’t mean to – “

“Wait, Lena, I… what – what?”

“Kara, you’re my girlfriend. You’re allowed to tell me what you like and don’t – “

But Lena doesn’t finish her sentence, because Kara’s lips are on hers, and Kara’s breath is her own, and Kara’s pulse is her own, and…

“You can call me babe all you want,” Kara whispers into her mouth, and Lena swoons, and Kara steadies her with strong hands and a trembling heart and soft, soft lips.

“Excellent,” Lena smiles into Kara’s mouth, and they dive into their first kiss with just as much synchronicity as they dive into everything else.


Concept: Meeting Your Family

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A/N: Look how fucking cute he is!!

Warnings: None :)


- Harry would be so nervous even in the days before he actually meets them.

- He’d be interrogating you for every little detail about your family members.

- “Harry I don’t know what ever single one of my cousins studied at school.”

“But babe I need some material so I can impress them when I talk to them.” 

- Lots of eye rolling because he’s being so ridiculous.

- “You’re a world famous singer and actor, I think that’s impressive enough.”

- Nothing you say is calming him down though.

- It’s the morning of and he’s already changed his outfit five times.

- Make that six.

- “What about this babe?”

- “H, it’s a beautiful suit but this is a backyard barbecue, not the Met Gala. Dress in something more laid back.”

- He disappears into the closet again muttering about how he doesn’t know how to do “just laid back.”

- Five more outfit changes

 - “Is this chill enough?”

- The way he says it makes him sound like dad trying to be cool. 

- He’s in a floral patterned button up short sleeve shirt and his favorite jeans.

- Yeah as chill as $600 jeans could be, you think. (Normally you would tease him about that but you know he would just freak out if said that now).

- “Maybe not buttoned up all the way to the top? You know I love when you let it flow loose.”

- “But what if they don’t like my tattoos?”

- He’s been worried about that all week. 

- “Babe, you realize you have short sleeves on? They’re seeing them on your arms anyway.”

- He shakes his head and claims chest tattoos are whole other ballpark than arm tattoos.

- Whatever that means.

- Plus he claimed having it all buttoned up makes him look more sophisticated.

- Sure Harry, sure.

“Babe hurry please, we are going to be late. I don’t want your family to think I’m rude.”

- “It’s okay Harry, my family knows I’m late to everything, they’ll know it’s me not you.”

- That doesn’t stop him from hovering over you.

- Making you drive there because he’s too damn nervous.

- “Wait we have to get your mom flowers!”

- “Thought you didn’t want to be late?”

- “I’ll just be a minute.”

- Detouring to the nearest flower shop because you know it will make him feel better.

- Harry getting flustered when you don’t know what your mom’s favorite flowers are.

- “Y/n, you really need to figure this information out.”

- Him coming out with the biggest damn bouquet you’ve ever seen.

- “Did you buy every flower they had?”

- “Wanted to get a variety so there has to something she likes in here.” 

- Shaking your head because he’s ridiculous and over the top but so incredibly thoughtful and you love him for it.

- Harry getting more and more nervous the closer you get

- He’s shaking his leg, rubbing his palms over his thighs

- You’ve never seen him like this???

- Performing in front of thousands of people? No problem. Meeting a couple new people? A total mess. 

“Shit I can’t do this,” he says as you park the car in front of the house.

- “Harry look at me.”

- Having to grab his face and turn him towards you.

- “You are intelligent, kind, funny, and a total sweetheart. My family knows how much I care about you and they know how happy you make me. They already think you’re great, this is just going to prove it to them. Just be yourself, I promise they’re going to love you as much as I do.”

- Well almost as much, no one could love Harry as much as you could.

- Harry smiles and kisses you softly. 

“Thanks love, needed that.”

- He’s putting on a brave face now, but you know he’s still nervous.

-  But the second you walk into the backyard, his charm flips on.

- Seriously you think you are hallucinating or something, there isn’t a single ounce of nerves in him. 

- How does he even do that?

- You don’t know, but you don’t care. You were just happy he wasn’t freaking out anymore.

- Harry makes it around to all your family members, easily winning them over.

- He cracking jokes, stealing glances at you as if to say, “Look, y/n, I’m doing it!”

- And they all love him.

- Seriously, every single one of them has pulled you aside to tell you how amazing he is.

- You’re filled with such warmth and joy. 

- You knew they would love him, but seeing him fit in so perfectly with your family made you fall in love with him even more.

- When the party is over, no one wants Harry to leave

- You swear half of them would probably take him over you 

- And honestly? You would respect that decision 

- When you finally get back to the car Harry is beaming

“Well that wasn’t so bad,” he says as if he wasn’t the one who was freaking out for d a y s.

- You roll your eyes because you’ve literally been telling him he had nothing to worry about all week.

- But noooo he still had to bug out about it.

- “I hate you.”

- You’re smiling so brightly though.

- Because as ridiculous as he was, you love him with all your heart.

- And you can’t wait for him to officially be a part of your family.

Bts reaction to being y/n’s first bf


“Really?! Well I am a great first boyfriend, especially because I am worldwide handsome.”

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“But, you’re so beautiful y/n. I am the luckiest man in the world to be your first boyfriend.”

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“What?! But you’re so sexy babe. I’ve got you all to myself though and I can get a bit selfish at times.”

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“Woah, I feel loved even more now, I’m going to be the best boyfriend ever.”

He would smile all day and prance around everywhere, the man was beyond happy.

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Doubt would fill his mind, he was probably a bad first boyfriend. After all, he was always busy and he couldn’t spend much time with you.

(however, you would think he was the best bf in the whole wide world, you couldn’t ask for more)

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“I’m your first boyfriend..?” He looks at you in surprise and shock, he thought he had been one of many.

“Yeah boyfriend, don’t forget girlfriends though.”

“Wait, what?!”

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“Well I am the best so there’s no need for you to bother, I’ll be your first and only boyfriend y/n.”

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