BTS reacting to you staying up all night because of your depression

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bts reaction to you being up all night, because your depression hits you again?


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“Babe; are you okay? What’s wrong? What happened?”

Worriedly; He’d stay up with you until you fall asleep, not caring about his busy day tomorrow. His mom mode would activate and he’ll take care of you until you were okay.


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Because he dealt with this some years ago; He’d just comfort you and stay by your side. He’d bring you anything you ask him and will calmly talk to you. Once you’re asleep; he’ll stay awake for another hour to make sure you’re okay.


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He’d panic but quickly realise that he should calm down because you were already stressed enough. With much worry; He’d run around the house to get everything you need, He’d cuddle up to you and wipe your tears. Waiting for you to fall asleep; he’ll talk quietly and will tell you stories.


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He knows how to deal with this; He’d stay calm and collected to make sure he didn’t freak you out even more. Even though he was so worried deep inside; He’d remain silent and would made sure you’re okay until you fall back asleep.


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This has happened a few times ago; now, he knows what to do. He’ll cling to your side, he would start humming quietly and wipe your tears away from time to time. He’d reassure you that everything is okay and that he’s there.


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Even after all these times; He’d still be pretty clueless. He’d make you a warm cup of tea and give you lots of blankets, he’ll sit besides you, not saying a word. Once you’ve calmed down more; he’ll scoot closer and run his fingers through your hair.


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He’d actually know how to handle this; rushing around and getting everything you needed like last time. Water, blanket, medicine; everything you wanted. He’ll start singing your favourite song while he’ll rub your back, looking at you with worry.

“Let’s take a picnic out to the park when you get home today,” Dean murmured when Cas’s alarm went off. “I’ll make everything, just come home and change, ok?”

Cas burrowed back into Dean’s naked warmth. “Can’t I just call out?”

“I still gotta open the store,” Dean said ruefully, “or I’d be all over that.”


“Yeah, bummer. C’mon, babe, get up. You’re gonna be late.” Dean tickled his hip under the covers before reaching around for a shameless grope.

“Oh, right. Now I really want to get up and go to work,“ Cas said sarcastically.

“But you’re awake now, right?”

“Yeah, yeah.” He pulled himself out of bed, turning back to look at Dean. “Time to redye your hair. It’s looking less voodoo blue and more bad-do blue.”

Dean barked a laugh. “Ok, I’ll fix it. Promise. Go to work!”

Cas grumbled all the way to the bathroom but was smiling when Dean kissed him goodbye.

Work went quickly, at least, and he hurried home to change out of his suit and into more comfortable clothes. Dean appeared with freshly dyed hair as he was putting on his sneakers, and they headed to the park.

“The Impala is looking extra shiny today,” Cas remarked, admiring the way the sun reflected on her glossy black paint.

“It’s her birthday. Gotta have my baby looking her best!”

“So she’s fifty today?”

“Yup!” Dean grinned. “She’s a hot old girl, huh?”


Dean parked close to the grassy area of the park away from the swings and playgrounds. He and Cas laid out a blanket and enjoyed the feast Dean had prepared - fried chicken, mac salad, deviled eggs, Caesar salad, and of course, pie - and admired the Impala.

As they finished the food, Dean reached across the blanket and took Cas’s hand. “I know I say this a lot, but I am so grateful for you. I wouldn’t have half this good stuff in my life if -” Dean’s voice broke and he blinked rapidly in the light of the setting sun. "I wouldn’t have her,” he whispered.

“You make it all worth it,” Cas told him, squeezing his hand. “All of it.”

He leaned in for a kiss, enjoying the taste of cherry pie on his husband’s lips. When they pulled apart, Dean stared at him for a bit, a familiar expression of wonder in his pretty green eyes.

Cas shifted until he was leaning up against Dean and laid his head on his shoulder. “Happy birthday, Baby,” he smiled at the car.

“Yeah. Happy birthday, girl.”


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