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' for the first time in my life , it felt like someone actually gave a shit . '

Elijah nodded knowing what she meant. The teen didn’t have many friends. Sure the football guys acted like his friends but outside of practice they didn’t interact at all. “I know what you mean babe.” @pxrfectporcelain

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I'm drunk too and I don't know what's wrong but if you wanna talk I'm here and idk how to cheer you up but listen I keep thinking of ASHTONS ass and his simple minded "let me be a good ball too cheer her up" and his dimples and his laugh and bad jokes and him still seeing that it isn't helping and him all "babe all jokes aside I'm here so you can talk or vent or do whatever just let me know you're ok please" and ok idk about you but Little forehead kisses the small gesture means so much to me

like ok Ashton just leaving the littlest forehead kisses and all until you’re smiling and him all “ok that’s what I like to see” and “listen when I get done the show were talking and drinking so you better spill those feelings I don’t need my girl carrying the world on her shoulders alone” ok I’m sorry I’m so bad at these



Babe you’re all I got in my sights

You can’t convince me that Spark doesn’t baby his eggs like the mother hen he is

  • me:*takes a deep breath*
  • me:i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever:yes, you love Bokuto Koutarou, we know, you love Bokuto so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Bokuto Koutarou, we KNOW, you love Bokuto, you fricking love Bokuto, okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE BOKUTO KOUTAROU. WE GET IT.

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Thank you all so, so much for your kind responses. <3 Clement is PRESH. 

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listen up yall andrew minyard is five fucking foot tall he’s a little angry pup he’s so smol and fierce he literally cannot reach ANYTHING that is somewhat higher than neil’s head so where the FUCK are my headcanons

When your best friends are major dorks but you love them anyway ‘cause they’ll do anything to make you smile. 

I haven’t the slightest clue what this show is even about or what their relationship even is but I’m already so invested in it I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Because I’m an awful friend, this is a very, and I’m talking VERY, late birthday gift for @cartoonnachos and also just a small little gift because I’m so proud and happy of her and excited for her in general. 


made in the a.m. // i want to write you a song

“I Want to Write You A Song” is the 12th song on One Direction’s fifth studio album, Made in the A.M. It was cowritten by John Ryan, Julian Bunetta, and Ammar Malik.


Imagine Dean getting jealous at a bar.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: Fluff, implied smut, jealousy

Word Count: 1,500

A/N: Requested by @shadowandsoul for my 2.5k drabbles celebration (These are basically gonna be imagines, I can’t help myself.) She says: BABE OH MY GOSH CONGRATS!!! You deserve it all and so much more!!! 😘 can I pleaseeeee have a Dean Drabble where you’re at the bar after a hunt and you have guys hitting on you and Dean gets jealous? Because let’s face it jealous Dean is a hot Dean. Love you!!!! Thank you so much for the request sweet pea. Hope you like it! I’m going to go ahead and tag folks like usual because these aren’t gonna be any different than my regular fics. You’ll just get a lot more than usual over the next little bit.


It wasn’t often that you got to just let loose and enjoy yourself. You and the Winchester’s often spent more time worrying about other people than taking care of yourselves. Tonight was a rare exception. Tonight you were leaving your worries behind. Fuck them. For one night, you were going to forget. You were determined.

“Whoa,” Dean mumbled letting out a low whistle as you stepped out of the dingy motel bathroom. You had taken extra care to put yourself together tonight. You didn’t often get to flaunt what your mama gave you. You had actually taken time to apply makeup, but not a lot, and do more with your hair then wad it into a not on the top of your head.

“I know, right?” you said with a sly smirk. “I’m definitely gonna relax and have a good time tonight,” you added with a suggestive wink.

There was a flicker in Dean’s eyes and an almost imperceptible clench of his jaw. If you hadn’t learned to recognize every little change about the man, you never would have noticed. He was your best friend. You were just about the only person he opened up to. He couldn’t help but let a genuine reaction flash across his face before hurrying to hide behind a tough, manly exterior. You saw right through that smoke screen.

“What is it, Dean? Too much makeup? May hair look funny? My ass too big for these shorts?” you laughed, doing a double take and checking yourself in the mirror attached to the dresser. You turned and smiled at Dean, and you were met with a smile.

“You’re perfect,” he whispered, swallowing thickly. You furrowed your brow trying to decode his words. Sure, Dean was your best friend, but those words had never come out of his mouth. Not once in the 8 years you had known him. He noticed your eyes searching him, analyzing what he had said, and he stood quickly and headed for the door. “Let’s get the hell out of here, woman!” he exclaimed, pretending he hadn’t said a word.

You chuckled to yourself and followed him to the impala, Dean’s words nagging at the back of your brain. You tried to shake them off. Tonight was about having fun, not about trying to figure out what the hell Dean had meant when he said you were perfect.

You’d been at the bar about an hour, and you hadn’t had to buy a single drink. Two guys in particular were vying for your attention. One was a tall blonde with a square jaw and soft eyes. He was tall, not at as tall as Dean, and well built. He looked like he probably hadn’t experienced much in life outside of the little town you were currently holed up in. His name was Jake or Jeff. You couldn’t really remember.

You couldn’t remember because of the other man that kept earning your attention over soft eyes. The other man had piercing green eyes, eyes that had seen too much in his young life, broad shoulders that looked like they carried the weight of the world, and short dirty blonde hair you could spend an entire night running your fingers through, moaning his name. Every time you had started up a conversation with soft eyes, green eyes would come up behind you while you were shooting pool, bend over behind you and guide your shot. Usually you wouldn’t let guys do that sort of thing, but there was something about his solid form pressed firm against your back that you just couldn’t resist. Every time his hands grazed your hip, helping you steady your shot, your heartbeat quickened.

Green eyes was Dean. You didn’t know what the hell was going on with him. Shit, you didn’t know what the hell was going on with you. You had never had Dean react this way towards you before. You had watched him be this way with countless women. Fuck, you’d helped him pick up those women before. Tonight there was something altogether different about Dean. He was possessive. Each time soft eyes even looked at you, Dean was right there. Solid and pressed firmly against you.

Eventually Jake or Jeff, whatever the fuck his name was, stepped away to get drinks. You were holding a cue stick and surveying the pool table for a shot. Dean was immediately at your back. He swung you around and pressed you hard against the pool table, lifting you by your thighs and setting you on the edge of the table.

He settled himself between your legs and leaned in to whisper in your ear, his breath tantalizing on your neck. You had to fight back the shiver that shot up your spine. “How about we stop playing this game, Y/N?” he whispered, his lips grazing your earlobe. You couldn’t help but lean into his touch, your eyes closed, letting everything that was Dean overwhelm your senses. Whiskey and leather. His hands gripped firmly on your hips. His breath hot. His words filled with lust and desire.

“What game, Dean?” you asked innocently, bringing your hand up to rest at the base of his neck as you stared into his eyes as if challenging Dean to come clean about what he had been thinking all night. You felt his hand slide under your shirt, his fingertips blazing against the smooth skin of your back.

He swallowed thickly as his fingers dug into the soft flesh at the small of your back. “Every time you laugh at him, or graze his arm,” he hissed, his lips only millimeters from yours, “I want to bend you over this table and show him that you’re mine. Prove to you that I’m the only man you need,” he finished, his chest heaving as his eyes darted down to your lips, parted and glistening.

“Prove it,” you uttered, taking a chance. It wasn’t until tonight when Dean had become possessive and protective of you that you realized just how much you needed that. You needed Dean, and his jealousy had made you suddenly, painfully aware of that.

Without warning, his lips crashed against yours, desperate and needy, yet slow and calculated. His lips swallowed yours as his tongue slipped into your mouth, lapping at your tongue as if trying to memorize the way you tasted. Dean’s hands moved to your thighs once more and ran up them so that his hands were tucked just under your ass, his fingertips digging in as he pressed himself against you. You gasped when you felt his erection pressed firmly against your core and pulled away looking into his eyes.

“Let’s get the hell out of here, Dean,” you begged, your voice thick with lust as you wiggled your hips against his.

“God yes,” he breathed, kissing your lips once more and pulling you off the pool table pressing you firmly against his hard chest. The two of you broke away and he grabbed your hand dragging you toward the door.

“See ya, Jeff,” Dean smirked and winked at soft eyes as you followed him out the door.

“It’s Jake,” you heard him half-heartedly correct, knowing full well he had just lost you. You had to stifle a giggle against Dean’s shoulder. Dean chuckled, clearly proud that he was walking out with you.

You got to the impala and instead of getting in, he pushed you roughly against the door, kissing a trail down your neck. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you,” he mumbled against your neck. “Then tonight you came outta that bathroom looking the way you did, and then the way you flirted with that dick. I just couldn’t take it any more,” he growled, gently biting at the juncture of your neck and shoulder. Your hands were once again in his hair, your head tossed back against the impala to give him better access. “You have no idea the things I want to do to you,” he hissed.

“Show me,” you begged, thankful that tonight Dean’s jealousy had gotten the best of him, changing everything. Afterall, Dean was your best friend. You couldn’t think of anyone you loved the way you loved him. Then it hit you like a ton of bricks. You were in love with Dean.

As if reading your mind, Dean’s lips came to rest just inches from yours as he whispered, “I love you, Y/N. I’m in love with you.”

“Me too,” you confessed. This friendship with Dean was never going to be the same, and you couldn’t be more happy.

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