As promised, ONE more gruff who didn’t quite get finished in time to be in the shoot with the first three. This guy has a scaled belly, and medium length foot feathering, which is sorta my favorite of the permutations we’ve tried so far.

Despite what the photos are trying to tell you he is in fact a navy blue, not black. I need a new light, and a new camera, haha. This guy is fully articulated down to his hooves, with the same range of movement you’d expect in an ungulate.

An exotic “sheep-eating” plant, so-called because it kills and “eats” sheep, has bloomed for the first time at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden Wisley in the U.K.

The plant, known formally as Puya chilensis, has been at the garden for 15 years. In that time, it has reached a height of 10 feet and grown its signature base of razor-sharp, hook-shaped spines.

Per a BBC report, in its native habitat of Chile, the plant uses the spines to ensnare sheep and other small animals. After they starve to death and decompose, the animals nourish the plant through the soil, acting as a gruesome fertilizer.


I’m sure this has a non vaccine explanation. I mean vaccines are good for us right? FUCK NO! kweyolempress and its almost extinct because it was barely ever in this country most of the polio diagnosis from back in the day weren’t even polio look it up. Anyway have a good day and go get your shots.