{Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook} Excerpt from unreleased interview video

(T/N: not sure if similar content has been posted before?? this was found in my drafts so I thought I should post it anyway… apologies if you have already seen this somewhere else…also since this is not primary translation from Korean I do apologise for any secondary translation errors! The official video without the unreleased parts are be found on KBS World TV 28:36 - 47.15

– January 2014 –

Since Jinyoung is involved in song producing, MC Yoo Hee Yeol asked the members if anyone has ever pointed out to Jinyoung, “this song doesn’t really suit B1A4” Everyone laughed after hearing this and said that usually they won’t directly point it out like that but use a different method to express it. For example, “it doesn’t seem to match the album this time if this song is recorded”, “this song doesn’t seem to suit our current image” or “this song is not in season” etc. After Jinyoung heard this he would bitterly go, “Ah I see..” or something similar.

Then MC asked if there were any songs that were scraped because of this, the members said the song “Good Love” was one of them. At first they felt that this song was a bit too deeply emotional, and didn’t match with B1A4’s style at the time so it wasn’t recorded. Only later on as they all grew older and became more mature, they recorded the song in the album.

MC then asked what they each thought their strong points were. Channie said that he likes challenges, for example the diving competition he volunteered to participate in. At that time the company was worried if there would be any problems and it was Gongchan who willingly said he wanted to participate. When the show stopped airing, he felt that it’s a pity. Sandeul said that his strong point is that he is always full of energy. Jinyoung’s answer is the same as before, that he is a motivated and positive person.

Members were asked who their role models were, Gongchan picked his granddad since he has learnt a lot from him. Whenever he sees his granddad he says to himself that he would want to live like his granddad in the future. Then MC asked Channie what his granddad does (for a living). He replied that he was a farmer in the countryside planting cucumber, cabbages etc. Sandeul’s answer to this was his vocal teacher who taught him singing in high school. He said that he has learnt a lot of other things from his teacher aside from singing. Before he used to be in contact with the teacher but recently he’s been busy and so there isn’t much time to contact him. He also said that if he get a holiday he’d go look for him first. Jinyoung’s role model is his dad. He said that even though his mum and dad are married for so many years, his dad remembers his mum’s birthday every year and will cook miyeok soup (korean seaweed soup) for her. He then said that in the future he wants to be a tender and caring man just like his dad. Baro’s role model is also his own dad. Lastly CNU said his role model is Usher. Everyone laughed, since everyone else’s role models are like teachers or dads or granddads and only CNU said Usher. MC Yoo then let CNU to leave a video message for Usher on TV. CNU said (in English) something on the lines of, “Hi Usher, I’m B1A4 CNU. How are you? Welcome to Korea come here~~ I love you" 

Then the question was what kind of person they each think they are. Channie said he is very difficult to understand and that he doesn’t even know what kind of person he is, but slowly he is starting to find himself. CNU said that he’s not very clear of himself either. Then Baro said that if he has a girlfriend he would melt 10 gold coins and make it into a golden ring for his girlfriend. Sandeul questioned whether 10 gold coins are a bit too much and Baro in response answered that he would put it on all her fingers. MC jokingly asked if it’s the linked type of rings. Baro agreed and said that it’s the type where the ring is wore on all 4 fingers. 

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