I hate being an international fan. I’m always confused. Like what schedule are they doing right now? What music show are they on today? Where are they? What time is it? What day is it?? What are they saying?? Why are they laughing??? Why do they hurt me like this???! How did they manage to take over my whole damn life??!!


Jimin is friends with Shinee’s Taemin, Exo’s Kai and Chanyeol, Wanna One Sungwoon. Jungkook is friend with Got7’s Bambam and Yugyeom, NCT’s Jaehyun, Seventeen Mingyu. Taehyung is friends with Shinee’s Minho, ZE: A Park Hyun Shik, BTOB’s Sungjae, EXO’s Suho and Baekhyun, GOT7’s Mark, VIXX’s Hongbin. Jin is friends with B1A4’s Sandeul and VIXX’s Ken. Namjoon is very close to Got7’s Jackson too. Jhope is friends with BAP’s Zelo, Bigstar’s Sunghak, and Ha Sungwoon from Hotshot and also Got7’s JB. Suga is friends with Super Junior’s Heechul. And there are MORE I didn’t mention.

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BTS are literally close with all the big male groups rn. They all love and support each other. Most groups meet up during music shows and award shows and get close. V said “When Suho was hosting a music show, we’d say hello a lot, and our promotions often overlapped. If you meet someone a lot for a show, it seems like you just get close somehow. You smile and support each other.” Most of them keep in touch despite their busy schedules and meet up as soon as they can. Jimin, Kai and Taemin even designed their squad logo and Jackets.

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So I don’t get it when fans attack BTS! My ask is full now of ARMYs being sad because of fanwars, and this happens more EVERY YEAR around this time *cough* award shows *cough*. How would you feel if the people who like you are also the ones hating on your dear friends? Seriously, Kpop is music too. It’s meant to bring people together not start WWIII. 

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Yes, there is competition to win awards and so on but competition is in school, work, and sports … Does it mean you will curse at your classmates if they got better grades? 

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Why not instead turn it into a motivation to do better next time while being good sports and congratulate the winner.I mean we should all be like this.

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I know how people online hide behind anonymity and can become bravely rude. I know how anger makes us say things we should have never said. but all fandoms please take note including ARMY: Even if your words get forgotten with time that stain on the fandom’s name and image just gets more apparent and ugly. At the end of the day, are you helping your group or ruining them? 

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Imagine all the great stages and collaborations we could have gotten and the opportunities we could have opened to our boys if we stood together. 

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I always heard "It’s impossible for fandoms to get along”. Did anyone even try? I will not ask for everyone to magically act kinder and support each other just like our idols do. Nor become all friends. Just ONE thing: Let’s ALL be respectful. If you feel stressed go listen to your group’s music not start arguments. I am sure it can be soothing. If after all this you still want to carry the hate I will not fight you. There is “Nothing more left to say, don’t even apologize. No need to see each other ever again, this is my last goodbye”

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Have a great week everyone ^^ 

By @mimibtsghost

K-Pop trends that need to be left in 2017:

  • Asking for a different member of a group on an idol’s vlive
  • Asking idols who aren’t comfortable w speaking English to speak English
  • Shitting on girl groups or female idols
  • Hating an idol just bc they have a s/o
  • Hating on an idol’s s/o
  • Stalking an idol or having a complete lack of respect of idol’s personal space
  • Fandom wars
  • Over-sexualizing idols and/or sexualizing minors
  • Calling idols “daddy” in real life/idols social media accounts
  • Talking to idols about ships (ex: jikook, baekyeol, etc)
  • Cultural appropriation and the defending of said cultural appropriation
  • Telling idols to die or kill themselves
  • Telling idols they don’t deserve to be an idol or be in a particular group
  • Homophobia in general

Feel free to add more k-pop trends that you want to leave behind in 2017!

How can you expect male idols to have perfectly sculpted abs ready to be revealed at all times?? Seriously how comfortable would you be if someone asked you right now to lift up your shirt on camera for thousands of people to watch?? And don’t tell me “it’s part of their job” or some bullshit like that. Their job is not to spend all their available time between schedules and promotions working out and managing their diet so that you can objectify them. grow up

FYI most people who find happiness from Kpop or Kdrama don’t fetishise Asians. Most people who find happiness from Kpop or Kdrama don’t want to be reborn Korean. Most people who find happiness from Kpop or Kdrama don’t throw random Korean words into every day life. Most people who find happiness from Kpop or Kdrama aren’t racist pieces of shit. Quit shoving us all in an insulting category and let us enjoy something that gives a lot of us a reason to smile.

Cut that shit out, don’t make me feel like shit for finally finding something that can make me happy.

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Kpop rant.

The majority of Idols are gonna date, have sex, get married, have tattos, have a friendship with the group that you don’t stan, have kids, go out and have fun. It’s the idol’s personal life, at the end of the day, what really matter is the decisions that they make, not the fandom’s. The fandom doesn’t have a say at the idol’s personal life, ESPECIALLY when they are in a relationship, it’s them and their partner who has the say in the relationship.


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can blogs NOT use other kpop groups in the tags where it is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. like if you’re posting something about just one certain kpop group (e.g. a photo of a member) and other kpop groups have NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR POST. then don’t put other kpop groups in the tags below. thank you

Honestly if you’re a kpop fan and you choose not to respect the 1st gen and 2nd gen groups who literally paved the way for kpop then you need to re-evaluate bc your faves look up to them. I’m tired of kpop fans bashing on old groups or making up things about their ults “breaking boundaries” and then not respecting the actual sunbaes in the industry.