David Mazouz - Bruce Wayne [ biracial tunisian, white ]
Jada Pickett Smith - Fish Mooney [ multiracial afro-creole, jamaican, barbadian ]
Morena Baccarin - Lee Thompkins [ brazilian latina ]
Jessica Lucas - Tabitha Galavan [ biracial african-canadian ]
Tonya Pinkins - Ethel Peabody [ african-american ]
B D Wong - Hugo Strange [ chinese-american ]
Chris Chalk - Lucius Fox [ african-american ]
Jamie Chung - Valerie Vale [ korean-american ]
J W Cortes - Alvarez [ puerto rican ]

Update: I’m aware there’s confusion over Morena Baccarin’s inclusion, as some consider her poc (including herself I think) while some don’t. If anyone knows anything more about it please let me know and I can modify this! 

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I found out Henry Wu is gonna be returning for Jurassic World and being a reader of the books where he plays a much more prominent role than in JP1 the movie I was like “Oh cool, that’s neat that they brought him back” and then I saw he was being played by the same actor and was thinking “Wow, I wonder what he looks like now, must be pretty ol-”

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Damn, son…

In anticipation of tomorrow’s #Gotham ~ here’s to a swift Penguin rescue in the near future! Tho Dr.Strange sure is polite, not sure I like his treatment methods… @gothamfox @camrenbicondova @robinlordtaylorofficial