Manik couldn’t let Kitty & Grim have all the fun! Exclusive freestyle for Xmas.

Have a great Xmas everyone & keep an eye on the blog for a very special announcement on New Years Day!

B.B. Manik Interview

After a stellar 2010 that saw B.B. Manik’s freestyle mixtape Meautiful Busic finally released, the Raw Riddim Record label had a rather quiet year. We met up with RRR’s CEO to find out why that is & what he has planned for 2012.

Raw Riddim Blog: Hey B.B.

B.B. Manik: What’s up? Thanks for having me.

2011 was a quiet year for Raw Riddim. Why was that? & what can we expect from the label in 2012?

Well, the plan was to follow up Meautiful Busic with my official debut, but it’s been stalled whilst I work on other things. I’m tryna bring out a mixtape before years end, but I’m not promising anything! 2012 should bring: a Raw Riddim family EP, the Ash Price mixtape, a Grim Burton EP & my album.

Wow, making up for lost time, then! When’s the Curtis Khan project dropping?

I’m in the process of sorting that. I think he’s hoping December, but we’ll see. I wanna make sure the promo for that is on point, it needs to be huge.

What can you tell us about it?

Pretty much all tracks are produced by Curtis. I’m on it, I think he’s aiming to get Kitty [Cowell] on it, too. It’s gonna be nuts. I’m doing the photography for it as well!

Oh, yes: the photography! When did this start?!

I bought a nice camera to document all the great gigs I was playing & I ended up just really getting into it. Rankin’s got nothing to lose sleep over, but I’d like to think I’m quite skilled with it. I look forward to getting more creative with what I shoot.

I hear you have a few other side projects in the pipeline? The clothesline?

Yeah, it’s called BBOC. it stands for “Big Boy On Campus”, which is an alias of mine.

You previewed the line a while ago [the original promo images debuted two years ago], what’s taken so long?

You know how many lines have emerged AND died in the time since I launched the label? I didn’t wanna just rush it out & be another label. Everything about the label has to be the highest possible quality: from the garments, to the models & the website.

When are you hoping to launch? & what can we expect? Just t-shirts or?…

The launch should be in March. They’ll be tees, hoodies, caps & chains. The designs are insane. A lot of people have worked really hard with me to make sure this rocks. Shout out to Jared & Gustavo.

We’ve heard about Curtis’ album. What about yours? Any surprises?

It’ll be entirely self-produced & at the moment, it’s still early days, but it should be about twelve tracks long. One track features the entire Raw Riddim crew & I’m speaking to a few people about guest spots. It’s called “B.B. Manik Is The Super-Hero”.

Where that title come from?

Super-Heroes will be a continuing theme through all my albums and mixtapes.

And the mixtape you mentioned earlier?

It might drop in December, but don’t hold me to it! Production from Swizz Beats & The Alchemist, among others. Lil Wayne’s on there, Travie McCoy’s on there & it’s full of exclusives. I can’t wait til people get to hear it. There should be a Raw Riddim family mixtape out in December, too.

It’s time to wrap this interview up, but is there anything you’d like to add before we go?

I want to thank everyone who stayed patient with us during our quiet year. We’ll be on the road all through next year & we’ve got a ton of releases. Abbie Norml’s debut album is on the way. Grim Burton’s debut EP is gonna be NUTS. Ash Price will be releasing mixtapes, videos & popping up on everyone else’s projects, plus Kitty Cowell is always working on various projects. As soon as the Curtis Khan All Or Nowt album drops, you’ll know it’s back on.