Okay so I saw someone make an interesting observation on twitter. Daehyun posted a video yesterday of pre-debut ot6 dancing, along with the hashtag “lets not forget our roots”. Then this morning Himchan posts an ot6 photo back from Warrior era. Also if you wanna go super far, the security warning, remember back in ta-dah when Zelo was a robot and would shut down randomly? So anyway the op of this thread suggested that maybe B.A.P is doing a throwback era. Like at first I was like…but we think the boys filmed on jeju how would that tie in…but then I was like…wait. I mean B.A.P could definitely go back to their roots without doing the same exact concept. 

Jeju is also apparently known as the “island of the gods”, taking after a legend about demi-gods who lived on the island. What if the concept is B.A.P being demi Gods? This could easily relate well with Warrior, and Power concepts, but done in its own way. I mean….what if they go super throw back and we get another group dance break!? 


Seriously please support them. Watch the mv, share it and love it!. IF you don’t that is fine but please….Lets not get all pissy about the concept being one you don’t like. I get everyone is entitled to their own opinion but lets not keep doing this. Or bringing negativity every time teasers or a MV is posted. We all know B.a.p like to try different concepts. The least we can do is support them whether its a bop or not. If you can do all the streaming stuff please do. But if you can’t don’t force yourself it won’t hurt any of us. Just please if you are willing, give this comeback LOTS of love and attention. B.a.p care so much about us and love us alot. I just hope we can show them the same this comeback. I mean Himchan is already saying they like it so it must be good. I have trust in our boys ♡